Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When you want to find out more about some person or discover how well you two would get along, you can use astrology as a means to determine that in precise details.

One of the most accurate ways is to do a comparison chart between your natal chart and the natal chart of the other person.

That way you can see the planetary placements in each other’s chart as well as to determine the aspects between your planets.

These placements and aspects can tell you if you are compatible with this person or not.

If the aspects between your planets are good in general, then the relationship between you has a prospect of being a good one. If the aspects are predominately bad, then it is likely that the relationship between you two won’t be a lasting and harmonious one.

To make such an analysis, you need to make the natal charts for both yourself and the person you’re interested in.

For that, you need to have the exact birth data (place and date, and exact time of birth) for both the person and yourself.

If you don’t have this information, then you can still do a comparison analysis, but using your horoscope signs instead.

It won’t be as precise as when you have your natal charts, but it can give you some valuable insights into your relationship with this person.

All horoscope signs have some general characteristics. By comparing the characteristics of your horoscope signs, you can determine whether you are compatible with this person or not.

In this text we will compare the characteristics of a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman, to see how compatible these two are. 

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is usually very fun to be around. These men have all kinds of stories related to their experiences which can keep your attention for a long time. The number of different experiences this man has gone through in his life, will amaze you, and you will sincerely admire him for the energy he possesses.

This man really has a lot of energy. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and these men are often fiery. They are all about action and movement, and experiencing some new things.

These men are driven by the success of their actions, and always have some new goal to conquer. They are born optimists and never allow the circumstances to get them off the road, regardless of how bad they might seem. They are also gifted with good luck, which follows them even in the most unbelievable situations.

Their mindset predetermines them for success. They have almost blind faith in their abilities and that faith and a bit of silliness and proneness to risk are the ones which bring these men to the top.

Typical Sagittarius men are often superficial, lightheaded, and absentminded. They are not very emotional either. They enjoy the company of other people, and they often don’t mind who they spend their time with as long as the person keeps them company.

They believe that they can find something interesting and worth their attention in almost any person they come across and they especially love meeting new people and communicating with complete strangers.

These encounters expand their experiences, and these men find great satisfaction in that.

They are passionate and love women’s company. They enjoy being friends with women, as well as dating them. Because they are all about expansion, they can often be prone to dating multiple women for the thrill of new experiences. These men can control their emotions, especially because they are not overly emotional.

Such behavior keeps them from attaching too much with the people and women they encounter.

The main reason for such behavior is their need to keep their independence and freedom intact. They keep their contacts superficial as long as they can because they want to have their options open.

These men are often afraid of commitment and they tend to avoid it. Only when they find themselves deeply in love with some women, they consider making a step towards committing to her. That is a great sacrifice for these men, and they need to be completely sure that the woman is “the one” worth such a sacrifice.

For the woman they love, they are willing to change their complete lives and never look back.

These are rare moments in the Sagittarius men’s lives, but they do happen.

Of course, if the Sagittarius man has some other planetary and zodiac sign influence in his natal chart, his attitude towards commitment and serious relationships and marriage unions could be completely different, but a typical Sagittarius will consciously or subconsciously avoid that subject.

Many Sagittarius men go through their entire lives without seriously committing to any woman. Many of them get married because they want to have children but keep their freedom and continue behaving the same way as they did before the marriage.

The Sagittarius man is very open-minded and easy-going. He doesn’t have a problem approaching people, and women in particular, and making acquaintance with them. Their approach is always sweet and non-threatening, somewhere between friendship and mild flirting.

These men enjoy communicating and they usually don’t think about getting a girl or not. Their nonchalant approach is what does the trick and makes the woman fall for them.

That puts these men in a position to have a lot of options for dating. Many of them can’t resist becoming promiscuous and changing a lot of partners. The sign of Sagittarius is not the most faithful sign. These men seek excitement and they can reach it to some extent, by having many partners.

When they do choose to commit to one woman exclusively, they become devoted and loyal to her. If you are chosen, you will need to adapt to their character. They can be forgetful and absentminded, and you will need to remind them of their choirs.

You will also need to be tolerant of their need to have time for themselves and allow them to spend it as they prefer. If they choose not to use that privilege and want to spend all their time with you, you are truly a lucky woman.

Libra Woman

Libra is an air sign, which is ruled by the planet Venus: the goddess of beauty. These women are often very beautiful and have an immaculate personal style. They have an eye for beauty, and they know how to accentuate their most beautiful personal features.

People, especially other women, often admire them for their style and impeccable appearance.

Not all Libra women pay as much attention to their looks, but if you think about all the Libra women you know you will realize that they all share the love for beauty in different forms. And they are all good looking, or at least very sweet.

These women are often the epitome of kindness and thoughtfulness. They are very attentive not to offend anyone with their actions and words, and are more than willing to help others.

They are often worried about other people’s opinions about them and their actions, which is a trait that reveals a lack of confidence these women (and Libra men as well) suffer from.

They often look for the approval of their actions and decisions, and they often have a problem making decisions, and we don’t mean about major life decisions which most people have problem making.

They have issues with all kinds of decisions, like going out or staying at home, which brand shampoo they should buy, etc.

Their indecisiveness is something which often blocks them from using their full potential, and preventing them from taking actions towards the achievement of their desires and goals. They have a tendency of giving up before they have put in effort into achieving something because of doubts and fears.

Because of these personality traits, these women often look for support in people who are close to them, and some go even further asking everyone about their opinion on some matters.

They often gather enormous amount of opinions on a matter believing that they would help them make a better decision, and in fact this multitude of different opinions causes even more confusion and indecisiveness about which way to take.

Even when they make a decision, these women tend to go back, questioning if it was the right one, and often change it, if that is possible.

They look for men who are strong and confident and able to support their insecurities. They don’t have a problem of letting the steering wheel completely to their man and allow them to organize their life together. These women are good wives and mothers.

They can make their men proud of them and eager to present them in public.

These women prefer going out and love action, and are usually not very fond of being at home. On the other hand, they are very adaptable and willing to please people, and can even become home types because they are willing to please their man and spend as much time with him.

They have a gift of arranging their homes beautifully and making them places of comfort and relaxation.

Libra women are not very passionate and prefer tenderness to passion, but with the right man they can relax and enjoy their intimate moments. They enjoy openly demonstrating their love and enjoy when their man openly expresses his devotion and love for them. They are usually faithful, truthful, and honest.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman is often not a good match.

This man often doesn’t have the patience and the understanding of her insecurities and indecisiveness. This man loves women who are independent and know what they want, and she often is quite the opposite.

This relationship can work out fine if there are some other bonding factors between their natal charts, but if there are both typical representatives of their signs, there are bound to be some issues between them which could lead to misunderstandings, accusations, and conflicts.

These two share a love for outdoor activities, communication, going out and meeting people.

These can be the bonding parts which bring these two together, but for a more serious commitment which the Libra woman wants and the Sagittarius man often tends to avoid as long as possible, these two are not a suitable match. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman can work out if they are not typical representatives of their signs.

Even if there is tremendous love between them, issues will arise because of their character traits.

She needs someone to support her making decisions and trusting her abilities to achieve. He often doesn’t have the patience and persistence to do that, and he might get bored if he needs to do that constantly.

There need to be some other planetary placements and influences of other signs in their natal charts for these two to function properly and maintain a structured union such as marriage.

But they will both need to put in the effort. If they are both willing to do that, this union might last.

She will probably do the organizing part and remind him of his choirs, while he will put his optimism into work and support her in her endeavors. She is usually not jealous and will allow him to keep a part of his independence and freedom in some form, and he will be grateful for that.


As friends, these two might be a good match.

He might get annoyed by her indecisiveness and insecurity, and she might find him insensitive, unreliable, and absentminded at times, but they have some common interests they share and bond them to spend time together.

Cool Facts

The Sagittarius man can appear very attractive to the Libra woman, with his open approach and he will certainly be impressed by her beauty and good looks and inspired to conquer her.

When the infatuation begins to vanish, they both realize that they have a lot of issues they need to overcome and they begin questioning if they are worth the effort.


The relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman is not the best of unions, but these two can have a lasting relationship if they are willing to compromise and accept each other’s bothersome traits.