Pluto in 8th House

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Astrologers say that our destiny lies in the stars. As a matter of fact, not only astrology relies on such a claim, taken in a wide perspective, as all spiritual paths dwell upon ideas that lie beyond our physical and only earthly experience.

According to astrology, macrocosm reflects in the microcosm. In case of natal astrology, which is what we are interested into, the whole universe reflects in a single individual’s life. How amazing is that, don’t you think?

Each natal chart is unique, like a piece of sand in the desert, like a flower in the field, a snowflake…our lives might appear similar, even the same, but that is far from truth. Natal charts reflect our uniqueness. These diagrams form a full circle, divided into twelve fields.

Each field represents an area of life and, depending on a chart; these units do not have to be of the same size.

What interests us the most are planets and signs interacting with the houses. We could understand this interaction as a marvelous theatrical performance of our fate; houses were the stage and scenes, acts, even, planets were the actors and signs, their roles.

As you see, natal charts are quite complex and fascinating. In this text, we focus on one particular combo, regarding houses – planets interactions, Pluto in its mysterious Eighth House.

Eighth House in Astrology

The House of Death, the house of Scorpio, the Eight House is by far the most mysterious and the darkest astrological house, many would agree, although there were potential malefic matches, such as the Twelfth House.

Eighth House was also the house of the occult, the esoteric, the house of everything that was considered forbidden, taboo, different and, well, dark. Our deepest impulses and desires, even those we are afraid even to think of, all lie inside the eighth field.

Some authors claim the eighth field was the most powerful astrological house. The truth is, the eighth field certainly possesses some kind of magnetic energy, some complexity and layers that were difficult to explain.

Just as the Scorpio stands for a mysterious sign, associated with magnetism, the occult, the taboo, carnal desires and pleasures, dominance and control, hidden power, secrets.

This field is associated with possessions, with others’ resources and using them, in one way or another. One’s access to others’ resources and the management of such resources would greatly depend on the planets found inside the eighth field.

Natives with an emphasis in the eighth field are likely to have some use of others’ resources. They could be quite powerful, but they could also be very manipulative.

Great power, especially covert, hidden energy always comes with a risk for a distorted image, distorted set of values and morals. For this reason, this house is associated with criminal activities, with dark and gloomy places, with shady businesses.

On the other hand, it could be different; the native with an emphasis in this field often feels a deep inner need to lead a life of morality and virtue.

Much has to do with the concept of control and power. People with planets in the Eighth House have to deal with their karmic burden in, perhaps, a more direct way than other people. They are often haunted by guilt and/or responsibility.

For example, they maintain certain relationships out of guilt. They are also likely to be attracted to what is unreachable or hardly reachable. It is common for them to fall for someone who was taken.

The House of Karma

The eighth field has much to do with possessions, with communal goods and with losses, material ones, in the first place. This house tells about how the native deals with these.

The Eight House is, indeed, the house of loss. Material loss could, taken to the extreme, be associated with death.

The native’s very likely high interest into the metaphysical is just one of the mechanisms to deal with losses, to understand them and overcome them.

The Eight House is associated with the very concept of death, but death does not mean much alone; this is also the house of rebirth, regeneration, transformation, renewal.

Something dies, in order for something new to be born, figuratively speaking. The eighth field is a transformative and karmic one. Through this field, the native grows, spiritually, in search for his or her place.

This is the field associated with the concept of energy; the subtle energy that permeates the entire world, the visible and the invisible.

People with emphasized Eighth House often have a potential for healing; they were especially sensitive to energies around them and they could even use them. They could heal others, for they are capable of feeling the pain and suffering of others. They could be psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and else.

Sometimes, they sacrifice much for the sake of others. Other times, some other people may sacrifice everything for them, depending on the chart. These people dig deep into the area of the obscure, forbidden and secluded. They are attracted to mysteries like moths to the flame.

These natives typically feel as if they were different from others, especially if Sun was, for instance, in their eighth field. The Eighth field is a Water and a succedent house.

The natural ruler of the Scorpio house, the Eighth House was exactly Pluto, with Mars as a co-ruler. We shall talk about Pluto in the eighth field, in order to see how the Eighth House ruler affects this field when in a natal horoscope.

The eighth field was also the house of endings, many suggests, as it deals with loss, sacrifices and death.

However, not everything about the Eighth House was that dark. At the end of the day, it stars the cycle of regeneration.

Pluto in Mythology

Pluto was one of the ancient Roman gods. He was the lord of the underworld realm, god of death and the afterlife. His counterpart was Greek Hades. Hades and Pluto were not the same in character, but they represent the same figure in Greco-Roman myths.

Pluto was not associated only with death, but also with abundance and prosperity, sometimes portrayed with the cornucopia, the ‘horn of plenty’.

After all, his domain were hidden depths of the earth, where precious minerals and other materials could be found. These depths were also associated with layers of the ground much needed for a plentiful harvest and fruitful crops.

As the god of death, Pluto was strict, quiet and solemn, but not an evil or cruel deity. He was merciful towards noble and virtuous people.

Pluto in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Pluto is considered one of the malefic planets, although this is under consideration, just as the case is with other modern planets, Neptune and Uranus. If in difficult aspects with personal planets, these are likely to be considered malefic or of malefic character.

Pluto is a ‘modern’ planet, since it was discovered fairly recently, in 1930. It has never completed a full orbit around the Sun, from our point of view.

This dwarf-planet, of a disputed status, so to say, is distant and, in astrological terms, it falls under the category of transcendental, collective planets. Transcendental were the three last planets in the system,

Pluto included. In astrology, we treat Pluto as a planet, like other ones. This class of astrological planets refers to the impersonal, to what is beyond purely personal.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and both planets rule the sign of Scorpio, with Pluto being the dominant ruler. Pluto has much to do with the concept of power, but, unlike Mars, its energy is hidden, covert and more subtle, in a way, more difficult to spot directly.

While Mars could be a fearless warrior, bloodthirsty and impulsive, Pluto is a dangerous, deadly assassin from the shadow.

Pluto is associated with powerful positions, as well. Powerful and influential figures, leaders, prophets and other people of strangely addictive auras were very likely children of Pluto. Pluto is also the planet of mafia, of criminals and terrorists, of spies and manipulators in big games, but also of detectives, investigators, of surgeons and healers.

In general, Pluto has to do with dark stuff, but it greatly depends on the chart on which side you would find yourself.

On a deeper layer of meaning, Pluto represents a karmic journey of the native; it represents the path of transformation and definitely not an easy one.

Pluto represents change and rebirth, breaking chains and letting go of old patterns, old habits, old systems, all in order for new things to take place; more likely, new self. Inner, intimate transformation is always the most difficult one.

The Planet of Transformation

The problem is that it requires of the native to face the worst of the fears, the darkest and the most troublesome character traits, the deepest impulses of all sorts. It has to be mentioned that Pluto is also associated with lust, carnal impulses and potency, power and dominance, with the animalistic.

Now, most of us resist the change, because we are first unwilling even to accept what Pluto forces us to realize.

Pluto then responds by shading all of our life with turbulence and trouble; the native often has to lose something in order to realize what is worthy and what is not, and also in order to start anew.

The moment the native comes to realization of these processes and of the importance of this inner change, Pluto blesses with the enlightenment and releases the pressure; the sun shines again and the native is reborn.

The analogy with Phoenix, the mythical bird chasing the Sun and burning to the ashes each day, then rising again, new and reborn, from the ashes, beautiful, to start its chase all over again, never giving it up, illustrates the effect of Pluto upon the native’s fate very vividly.

Pluto, regardless of its ‘darkness’, does not let you lose; it has an unbelievable potential for healing and regenerating, just as it expresses destructive powers.

Pluto in the Eighth House – Pluto in 8th House

Pluto in the Eighth House is at home.  Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and the Eighth House is the House of Scorpio, the house of death and rebirth.

Qualities of the Eighth House are those Pluto carries. Pluto inside the Eighth House is an interesting combination, which many would consider mystical, enigmatic, powerful, obscure, and sometimes even dangerous.

Well, the potential of Pluto is both creative and destructive, while the eighth field itself is also the field of transformation, rebirth and karma.

People who have Pluto inside the Eighth House are most likely magnetically attracted to anything forbidden, taboo, mysterious and dark.

These natives are fascinated by things that most would find dangerous and scary. They see power in the darkness, but they also see light in that same darkness.

Although this might sound perplexing, we could call them people of a dark light.

These natives dare reaching for energies that are beyond what is rationally acceptable. They would be interested into spiritual practices, occultism and esoteric knowledge, magic and rituals, healing practices, alternative medicine, alchemy, astrology, prophesies and else.

They enjoy exploring the dark side of the human being, but that should not be mistaken for pessimism, misanthropy or else of the sort.

People with Pluto in the Eighth House are likely to have very intense intimate connections, they often have strong libido and are interesting into exploring.

Intimate experiences are never shallow or taken for granted; they love burning out in the flame of passion, because, to them a connection between lovers should be fatal, overwhelming, consuming, absolute. They accept nothing less.

Pluto in 8th House – Being in Charge

These people crave for deeply intimate and intense connection with others, especially when it comes to romantic partners. However, there is always present the fear of intimacy, which typically comes from the fear of losing control.

Let us give you an illustration in a Scorpio lover; these people are often mysteriously and magnetically attractive, for their aura and overall person.

One is easily seduced by their ‘love magic’ and the native Scorpio believes he or she was in control.

However, once the native develops the much-needed deep bond and obsession with the lover, they swap places and the native becomes the one under control.

This happens with Eighth House Pluto’s, so they, on a deeper level, actually are afraid of commitment and bonds.

Their love life is often complicated. Besides, all kinds of non-traditional and unconventional intimate experiences may attract them. Pluto in the Eighth House would always have to do with control, dominance, possession and power.

Power struggle is common in all their relationships and it often involves material resources.

For example, the native literally fights for the control over finances with the partner; it is unbelievably important to him or her to feel in the position of control.

These natives do not like to share power. They are very possessive, but no one should think of them as thrifty or stingy people.

They could sacrifice everything they have, overwhelmed with their passions and they would not regret it. This is an interesting, mighty position of Pluto. The power of Pluto in this field could be successfully used for healing.

These natives could be of tremendous help to others, if they channel their energy into healing, physical, spiritual, and mental.