South Node in Virgo

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In evolutionary astrology we work with the perspective that your soul chose exactly the moment in which it had to come to this world because, at that moment, all the conditions were in place for you to reach your maximum potential in this lifetime.

A course in miracles says: “Everyone has the right to miracles, but first a purification is necessary.” That purification is indicated in your natal chart with the south node.

South Node– Meaning

The sign, astral house, ruler and aspects of this mathematical point tell us a lot about your previous life and the errors of perception that you made, errors that now, in this incarnation, you have to correct.

In Kabbalah, this is the opposite point of what is known as “tikun”, which means “correction”. Every time we unconsciously try to repeat “the mistake”, the Universe will show us in various (often painful) ways that we need to get out of that comfortable zone.

We feel the energy of the south node as comfort, stagnation and security, because it is what our ego knows, what we are used to BEING.

For practical purposes, the south node is like a planet, because it is a force in the psyche, the force that pulls us into our known zone of attitudes and tendencies. We must be very aware of when we are exercising too much with that energy.

Although the energy of the south node is something that we must consciously release, it is important to keep in mind that what we have to release is the LOW ENERGY OF THE SIGN IN WHICH IT IS FOUND. That is to say, it’s less conscious qualities.

I give you my own example: I have the south node in Libra, which means that I must let go of my need for everyone to be happy and in harmony to feel at peace. It is important for me to learn to accept that conflict is part of a life, if I intend to live it on my own terms (north node in Aries).

However, in that south node there are also gifts that I bring naturally and they are the HIGH ENERGY OF THE SIGN, which I must not lose.

In the same example: my natural gifts with the south node in Libra are harmony, the desire to create conciliation, my thirst for justice, the desire to relate and the appreciation of beauty in all aspects of life. These are talents brought back from my previous life that I have to consciously use in my current life.

Every time we have eclipses, regardless of whether they are in our nodes or not, our natal nodes are activated. In north node eclipses – like the one we had recently – we are called to the task of integrating energy from our north node and in south node eclipses we are called to the task of releasing energy from our south node.

Again in my example: my north node is in Aries and the eclipse we just had “almost forced” me to see a truth (it was a full moon) and be crudely honest with myself (Aries energy) about a very important relationship to my, in which, to maintain harmony, I was not being entirely genuine with what I felt.

Now, with the eclipse of the south node, I know that what is going to be about is to sow new beginnings (it is a new moon) in my relationship that help me to release past patterns of addiction to approval and resistance to breaking the harmony (low energy of Libra).

All this combined by the current nodes (the north node in Leo requires courage to speak from my truth) and the south node in Aquarius (it asks me to drop outdated beliefs that come from the society in which I was raised). It sounds confusing, but it’s like a big puzzle: as you put the tiles in place, you realize the big picture.

Now it’s your turn. You are going to explore the energy of your south node to know what you have to let go of in this lifetime. We go by steps: If you haven’t already, locate your nodes. Here I made you a very complete tutorial so that you can identify them.

Learn about the energy of the sign of your south node (which is what we are seeing this time). Take note, especially, of the low energy of the sign. In this article I leave you the information about the essential energy of all the signs.

Write down keywords, such as: South Node in Libra: approval addiction, resistance to conflict, fear of what they will say and so on. Identify the keywords of your cosmic task.

Identify the astral house in which you have the south node. That spot on your card represents your comfort zone. In my case, with my south node at house 5, my comfort zone is the area of creativity, passion and romance. I have to be careful not to be lenient in those areas of my life so as not to “repeat” in my south node.

For something more advanced, locate the ruling planet of the sign of your south node and look for what sign it is on your chart.

Virgo – Meaning

Had Virgo not belonged to the changeable signs, persons born in this sign would be dull and monotonous, but in this case the fickle Mercury enlightens their resourcefulness and sharpened sobriety.

Virgos do not accept life unconditionally, solely with adaptation. In these people, perception and intelligence are expressed through some skill or speech.

There are two types of Virgos. The other, lower type, abuses innate intelligence, turning it into immorality, stubbornness, chatter, impulsiveness, nervousness, disorder, irrationality and impulsiveness.

Still, the types where we have a positive influence of Mercury dominate, so Virgos are mostly creative, using their skill, intelligence, reason and strength properly to achieve higher goals. Both men and women of this sign communicate only through objective recognition of things and clear expression.

Virgos are restrained, modest and inconspicuous. They will rarely try to attract attention with eccentric performances. They avoid gathering people. Obligation is more of an obstacle for them than fun or sports.

Their qualities are intelligence, shrewdness, the gift of critical observation, purposeful and useful thinking. They trust the practical mind more than the emotions. In the negative version Virgos are petty and meticulous, discouraged and afraid of the unknown.

Virgos are constantly on the move. They are adaptable to change and are happy to put their tireless energy in the service of others. They are clear and a little shy. They are attentive and infinitely active. They precisely define and fix their goal.

The job cannot fully satisfy them because they still have unspent energy left. They are very intolerant of people who are slow, careless, and impractical.

Because, Virgos are fast, precise, accurate and above all practical. But it is precisely because of these good qualities that they analyze and criticize everything, so it can easily happen that they exaggerate in their criticism.

On the other hand, Virgo is always ready to help others. She is not a person on whose shoulder we will cry, but if we need help with practical things, we are free to turn to the Virgin – and be carefree! Her need for perfection is also a dangerous trap.

Because of the need for eternal perfection, he falls into problems from which it will be difficult to get out.

He can think all night about how he will solve them and what he will do. Her mind is always struggling with a problem – if there is no problem, she will find it. Virgos have little illusions about life and about people, even when they are in love. They are never blindly in love.

Most Virgos are aware of even their flaws and shortcomings, although they will intentionally close their eyes to them. They simply cannot get rid of their passion for endless analysis that leads them to become overly critical, pedantic, nervous, grumpy, and dogmatic.

Many Virgos keep some strange diets to improve their health. It is good to have a Virgo on hand if you are sick – then you will surely have all the medicines you need.

South Node in Virgo – Meaning

The northern knot in Virgo is the position of a fictitious karmic planet (also called Rahu) in this sign of the Zodiac, which indicates what function a person has in life. In other words, Rahu’s task is to show the native the strategy of his life, what he needs to do in this incarnation. However, this is not all.

The lunar nodes Rahu (North) and Ketu (South) are not real celestial bodies, but their karmic conditioning has a strong effect on a person’s life. The nodes accompany each zodiac sign for about one and a half years. And the time of full turnover is 18.68 years.

Complete free will is the prerogative of highly spiritual individuals endowed with holiness. And all other people, unfortunately, are endowed with a set of certain rights and obligations.

I must say that many have developed a not entirely correct understanding of karma, but this means responsibility for their words, feelings and actions during this and past lives. The position of the knots serves as an indication of our karmic lessons and life mission.

No people are exactly the same, and the knots reflect many differences, including the characteristics of the physical body.

In addition, they suggest why some people succeed easily, while the path of others lies through difficulties. The moon symbolizes the soul, and the sun is the symbol of the Spirit.

With the help of nodes, these peculiar keys, you can find answers too many questions. The task of the South Node is to show our basic capabilities and settings, taking into account the accumulated karma.

Life consists of interactions – personal, business, family … Knowing the zodiac sign of a partner, you can identify his subconscious attitudes, strengths and weaknesses in interaction with others and build harmonious relationships.

There are no “bad” and “good” combinations of zodiacal signs, and the idea of a half is not to find a similar one, but to find someone who is in many ways a compensation.

By following these recommendations, you will learn to better understand your partner, you will be able to maintain the feeling of falling in love for many years and avoid fatal mistakes that will definitely destroy your relationship.

Rahu, or the North Node, determines the direction and meaning of the path planned by the Soul for this incarnation, life challenges and lessons. Indeed, without development and movement, there is no real happiness.

If a person remains in old beliefs, marking time, not wanting to change, life has convincing arguments to “bring him to his senses” and make him move forward.

And she does this through the people we meet and the events that take place. When a person realizes why the circumstances have developed this way, accepts the event as a lesson, then he can move towards the next goal. This level of development usually corresponds to old souls.

Compliance with the life program is checked at the moment the Lunar Nodes return to their position. The first turnaround ends in 18.68 years – the time of the first check comes.

The second occurs in the 37th year. If a person’s path follows an incoming node at low energies, then he is in mortal danger.


So how do you build strong relationships and prolong love for years to come? What if you feel lonely in a relationship?

How to find out the secret fantasies of your partner and diversify your sex life? These are the questions we often ask ourselves in a relationship.

We have prepared for you a selection of secrets from a certified astrologer to create relationships with each zodiac sign, built on trust, love and acceptance, without conflict and betrayal.