Sagittarius in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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Aspects of Sagittarius, this person will be an adornment of the team, if you give him the opportunity to freely squander his energy, enthusiasm and wit in all directions.

Another thing is that group work involves at times restraint, concentration of attention and effort, and sometimes caution and fluency, which is given to Sagittarius with great difficulty.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

Very high social ambitions, moreover, a person often wants everything at once and quickly enough.

For him, realization is not separately money or respect, but both at the same time.

It is important for him to take a distinguished position, to be respected, known (at least in his profession), and at the same time, to receive a good reward for this.

MS in Sagittarius can be considered a good indicator – it gives patronage, support, luck.

At the same time, more often than not, of course, a person, for his part, must also invest, BUT, Sagittarius makes it possible to be appreciated.

Such a person is often promoted faster than others to more significant positions, his abilities and skills are noticed, which allows him to quickly move up the career ladder.

That is, luck here does not lie in the fact that a person “lies on the stove,” but everything comes to him by itself, no, of course. He earns his status, but at the same time, the situation, for its part, also favors him.

For example, the same Capricorn will prove for a long time that he has the right to be promoted, and Sagittarius will be offered him after seeing his first successes.

It should be noted that in order to move up the career ladder, it is very important to have a higher education – it will greatly facilitate growth and provide opportunities for faster advancement. This position is perfect for any kind of public activity, as it gives popularity and attractiveness.

Let me remind you that a person is not obliged to do only one thing all his life, he can change jobs as many times as he wants, and they can be very different, but all of them, at the same time, will fall into the signification of his 10th house (according to the scheme described at the beginning articles).

And one more remark, before I start naming the spheres – the 10th house can win back as a profession in itself or as a place where a person works – you can be a lawyer, or you can work as a programmer at a medical university and that will be enough.

11th House – Meaning and Info

They have many acquaintances who have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. Often among the recipients of such individuals, one can meet the representatives of other cultures.

For them, the social status of a person with whom they communicate is important.

Because of this, they rarely make contacts with famous and influential people, for example, show business stars, political figures, famous writers and others. They quite optimistically look at the world around and with confidence look into the future. Thanks to this, it is easy to start new business, sometimes very ambitious.

A man, born when 11 is at home in the Sagittarius, has wide views and is free of practicality from any hazards.

The reason for this is that he communicates with people who live different Often, his close acquaintances are the representatives of large corporations, which have a greater influence.

Part of this influence is transferred to him, which opens up certain possibilities for him. For the group, such people do not have any kind of functional value.

They are her decoration and a source of inspiration. From them always builds up energy, which is eliminated by other members of the team. In a group it can be difficult for such a person to work.

The reason for this lies in the fact that in order to achieve the goals in the process of co-operation it is necessary to demonstrate the maintenance of In the process of work, this person is more distracting than he will help.

Sometimes it is better to leave a person in peace, especially if they are busy with something. These people are pretty easy to accept different ideas.

Alone their ideology and temperament often takes over the responsibility for the bliss of the group.

They practically never manage to make any decisions, and the work they perform often requires correction.

If such a person will work on his personality and develop, he will be able to become the one who picks up people around for some reason.

Yes, it is quite difficult for them to do something specific, but to push others to great accomplishments is a simple matter. Because of this, they can be awesome musicians.

However, when people reach the peak of their development, they invariably begin to build new friends.

This can be a big problem, since they can often hear from them deceit and undeserved message. In view of their developed habits and quick adaptation to people who cause trust, they easily make friends and keep warm relations with them all their lives.

Sagittarius in 11th House – Meaning and Info

The defeat of Sagittarius gives significant difficulties in the team – a person constantly speaks too loudly and all the time is not right, runs somewhere, brings something or carries away, someone leads or takes away, tired of everyone with his activity, which, in addition to noise, turmoil and harm brings nothing to the collective and the common cause.

Here, working out follows the path of harnessing one’s energy and coarseness; a person must understand that not all of his manifestations and energy are accepted with a bang, and that the interests of the group may, to put it mildly, differ somewhat from his own.

The main problem of this position at home is the predominance of ideas and temperament over responsibility to the group (and oneself) and a dislike for difficult, inexpressive and low-energy types of work that everyone has to do at least sometimes.

Working out gives the ability to infect the most dull and depressive members of the team with your energy and teach them to work accurately, and to live happily (in their understanding).

With friends, this person is outwardly open, energetic, and cheerful; in someone else’s trouble, however, his consolation and help may turn out to be much less ardent and effective than one might think.

Rarely burdens others with requests, seeks to do everything himself. We are obsessed with the idea of ​​universal brotherhood and unity of views.

Likes to act as an equal among equals, having a group instinct, but does not seek to rule.

His interest and sympathy for human problems extinguishes his personal interest, causing respect for him. He is affable, benevolent, does not like to act contrary to public opinion.

Outwardly open with friends, cheerful, self-love takes for granted.

Will never leave a friend in trouble. In friendship, he is devoted, reliable, but he is inclined to spend a lot of energy on occupying a prominent position in society and talks too much about the future.

Speaks too loudly, sometimes not what is needed, tiresome, brings confusion. Can wear fancy clothes, shocking others, because he is ahead of everyone in fashion. Intuition, imagination are highly developed, ideas are often ahead of the era. Adventure travel, travel friendship.

Let me remind you that when we talk about a boss “living” in our 10th house, we certainly mean the entire set of bosses who will meet us on our professional path.

And, of course, they will all be different, but looking at the 10th house, we can see WHAT it will be important for us to see in our boss, so that he is “suitable” for us. What traits in bosses in general, we will like in the presence of defeats, which will strain us.


With harmonious aspects, there are too many friends and those who want to fall into this category, and a person can spoil himself and begin to select them according to the principle of practical use, taking self-love for granted.

Fascinating propagandist, agitator. He enjoys being with nice, upbeat friends who inspire him with respect. Has many friends. He will adorn the team if he shows his energy, enthusiasm and wit. He knows how to infect the dullest members of the team with his energy, teach them to work accurately, to live happily. He is energetic and active in solving social issues.