Midheaven in Scorpio

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Midheaven in Scorpio indicates perseverance and tenacity in achieving already set professional goals.

However, this position is marked by distinctively tense attitude towards authorities, which could cause difficulties in making planes realized.

There is also a problem related to expression of ideas, although Scorpio is a sign with many talents. The planet that rules this Midheaven is distant and mysterious Pluto.

Immum Coeli or the Lower Midheaven is in Taurus for Midheaven in Scorpio.

This indicates a need for finding comfort and stability in circle of family. Midheaven Scorpio people have need for emotional support of their dearest ones, particularly when it comes to their career goals and professional development.

They do not need anyone to decide in their place or do anything, but they need their love as a driving fuel.

Medium Coeli in Scorpio is rather an intriguing combination. If you or someone you care for has the Midheaven in Scorpio, this might be of interest to you.

Moreover, there are some valuable information that could help you understand your attitude towards success, work and authority. Let us first learn something more about the Midheaven in general.

It would help us better understand what it means when you have Medium Coeli in Scorpio (or in another sign).

Medium Coeli is not often mentioned in common horoscope related talk; most of people simply stick only to their zodiac sign.

However, your astrological chart could reveal much more beyond your native sign.

The Midheaven is one of very important elements to look out for in a personalized horoscope.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli Meaning

The Midheaven is an astrological angle; the others are the Lower Heaven or Immum Coeli, Ascendant and Descendant. Each one plays a role in your natal chart and your horoscope.

The Midheaven is the cusp of the Tenth astrological field or house, which something we will talk about in detail later on. The Midheaven is the highest point of the ecliptic and it astrologically represents one’s professional maximum.

Medium Coeli is often referred to as a short biography. It is so, in a way. It represents your desires for success, the idea of success you have, your perception of career, work, goals and else. It is related to your oldest childhood dreams related to career; the Midheaven is literally, what you wanted to be once you grow up.

It represents the first authorities we have ever met and their influence in terms of future profession.

It is, of course, about the parental guidance and influence. It is about their expectations from you, in terms of career. Depending on your nature and on your complex astrological chart, you could follow steps of your parents or choose something different. You could be rebellious from an early age or you could find what your parents imagine to be the best for you suitable and fitting.

The Midheaven represents our maximum and our full potential. It stands for what we might become, if we do everything according to our astrological destiny, which is impossible, meaning we could see it as an ideal image of ourselves.

It represents our capacities, ambition, our attitude towards business, work, success and the idea if success.

The Midheaven shapes up your own, intimate idea about what success is; everyone has their own idea of success, which is why each one of us is satisfied by different kinds of achievements in life.

Medium Coeli tells us about what drives us to success, what motivates us and why. It is about our perception of glory, popularity and fame; it defines our reputation. Although the Midheaven is about personal goals, it is more about the outer appearance of these ideas. It is about our public image. Medium Coeli affects the way other people perceive us.

We could say that Medium Coeli is our spotlight, while Immum Coeli is cozy, velvet privacy; one is about our presence, the other is about our intimacy. Medium Coeli is about what people think about us before they have ever met us in person.

If someone is already quite famous, their Medium Coeli tells about what kind of impression they make and where people ‘classify’ them.

The Midheaven is our image and it is not necessarily the best image; it is also about notoriety, shame and scandal, literally anything that puts our persona in focus of the public eye. The Midheaven is also about the figures we admire and look up to; our idols and heroes.

It determines the type of heroes that attracts us; it gives answers to why is it so. It tells about social status and our tendencies about climbing the social ladder.

Tenth House and Medium Coeli

The nature of the Tenth house is very similar to what Medium Coeli represents, only wider, since MC is the point that crowns the Tenth house, to say so. The Tenth house represents career, professional goals and status, job, as it is, attitude towards work.

This house represents how one achieves his or hers career goals. It symbolizes our professional potentials.

However, astrology is complex and the Tenth house could be very useful to know about. Planets and signs found in there greatly affect one’s professional development and everything we have mentioned so far.

Favorable and bad aspects decide on whether someone would easily reach their goals and use the majority of their potentials or not.

Effects of the Tenth house, Medium Coeli and all the aspects created are easily visible in real life. There are misfortunate people who have amazing creative and intellectual potentials but they lack something else, so they never achieve any notable degree of popularity and fame, nor are they rewarded and praised for their talents and achievements.

Some people work hard and eventually achieve something great; others fail.

Some people are greatly satisfied with minor, more intimate successes, so they feel good and accomplished without being put on pedestals. There are also people we could consider naturally fortunate; to whom everything seems easy, who are popular, loved and even worshiped.

There is, of course, the other side of glory. Some people gain negative publicity, deserved or undeserved.

The Tenth house could tell us a lot about this. This is important, because it could direct you towards using potentials you definitely have, your talents and qualities. On the other hand, which is of essential value, it could help you avoid major mistakes, wrong moves and behavior.

It could help you save your energy for channeling it through what you actually do the best.

However, all of the Tenth house reveals is worth nothing, if you actually do not use it. One might have amazing background and starting point, but miss out amazing opportunities due to not working on their qualities.

Sometimes planets, signs, and Medium Coeli could inspire us do things that seem not in connection with our initial plans, but eventually it leads to success.

There are so many elements to look out for and interpret. The Tenth house is also directly associated with acknowledgments, rewards, prizes and everything that has to do with our work as seen my others.

MC is our reputation, status, our tendencies, in terms of career, our readiness to pursue our goals and the nature of the pursuit as it is.

Midheaven in Scorpio – Intuitive Investigators

As we have said above, the Midheaven in Scorpio is an intriguing position, with distinctively good and bad sides. Scorpio is the sign that is considered enigmatic, exotic and proud.

Midheaven in Scorpio easily grabs attention of others, even if it does not have a golden aura like Midheaven Leo, for instance. It is exactly the opposite; the mysterious veil around a Midheaven in Scorpio is what attracts other people. They are intrigued and interested.

Midheaven Scorpio people could be incredibly charismatic, elegant and known for their dignified attitude, great talents and the sense of elegance.

They do things with precision and enjoy any kind of investigation. They are born to be researchers, detectives, psychologists and so on. They enjoy digging deep into another’s personality and they have the gift of impeccable intuition. This could bring them to heights.

They could feel the right opportunity, as well as the right moment to retreat. However, it is their natural pride and stubbornness that sometimes makes them work against their reason; they tend to cross limits and are fearless.

Midheaven Scorpios are of sharp tongue and quick, highly sophisticated minds.

They could become excellent negotiators or political figures. Their bite is dangerous and far more deadly than their carefully chosen words, if it comes to that.

Midheaven Scorpios are capable of seeing through others’ intentions and rarely could anyone manipulate and trick them. They are also naturally intriguing to others. As we have said, Scorpio is an exotic, dark sign, with some irresistible and fatal charm. They are aware of that and would use it if find suitable.

However, they have high sense of morals and honor and they would never ever use their skills and gifts in order deliberately to hurt anyone who has nothing to do with them. Others cannot easily take them out of place or offend them, either, because these people highly value themselves.

They are the type of personalities for suited for dangerous and dark professions.

People with the Midheaven in Scorpio keep their private life to themselves; no one really knows what they are about, but are equally intrigued by these mysterious personalities. This is exactly the type of popularity a Midheaven Scorpio wants.

These people do not go around bragging about their successes; they let people recognize them as successful.

They also love to be seen as dark and exotic, even dangerous. Their reputation could be either positive or negative and a Midheaven Scorpio would enjoy it. Their reputation is of someone unreachable, cold and distant, fatal and dangerous; no one knows what emotions are hidden behind their polished, frozen and elegant dark façade.

People with Medium Coeli in Scorpio often choose an occupation that has to do with something that lead them to personal transformation and it is usually a shocking event or something hard o deal with, such as an illness or even death.

Their profession could have to do something with it; they could be excellent police investigators, for example, but also dark, eccentric artists or so.

These people are the greatest friends and enemies to themselves. They do not like working with others and they do not like being told what to do.

At some point, they would get in a conflict with an authoritative figure or literally with someone who is equal or above them in professional and social hierarchy. They are not afraid of any authority, but of themselves.

Positive Sides

The Midheaven in Scorpio offers incredible set of opportunities for working in areas that require sensibility for things dark, mysterious and enigmatic.

Those could be dangerous, yet thrilling occupations, like professional negotiating, police forces, politics or else. Those with aspects more inclined towards their imaginative mind could become artists, psychiatrists, psychologists, researches.

People with Midheaven in Scorpio have very professional attitude towards everything they do; we could, perhaps, put them in the line with perfectionist Midheaven Virgos.

Midheaven Scorpios also possess analytical mind, the eagerness to dig deep, to connect things and solve mysteries.

They are extremely good in that. They have the sense of responsibility, order and loyalty.

They are highly moral and they usually choose occupations that both contribute to overall society and compensate something they personally miss.

Although they are indeed reserved and distant, these are people you could fully rely on, if it happens you work with them.

Most of the time they are either in charge of the situation or they are solo players.

Negative Sides

As for negative sides of Midheaven in Scorpio, first comes first, it is their unwillingness to bow in front of the authority or to consider other people’s opinions.

They think they know the best and hate being controlled. Sometimes it is good, but other times it could be a great disadvantage. Their own vanity could cost them success and actually solving a problem.

They could act self-destructively and literally, no one can stop them. They would stubbornly hold an opinion until it definitely leads them into failure.

They are capable of standing on their feet again, on their own, but it could cost them a great price. They are hard to work with and followed by reputation of unreachable and strange.


Medium Coeli in Scorpio creates an intriguing professional personality. These people are truly not to miss out, even if they are not pompous and directly attention seeking.

However, they enjoy being talked about, especially in a mysterious tone.

What we did not mention is that Midheaven Scorpios sometimes lack the ability fully to express themselves and it happens if the aspects are bad, considering MC and the Tenth house.

Even if it is so, these people always find a way to channel their energy.

They are predisposed for great things, because Scorpio is one of the more ambitious signs and possesses that vibe.