Midheaven in Virgo

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Midheaven in Virgo commonly indicates an optimistic, attention-to-detail spirit and full concentration on professional development.

Very analytical and tactful approach to career is typical with Midheaven in Virgo.

Medium Coeli in Virgo indicates a character ready carefully to observe each problem from every angle; the same is for opportunities and plans.

Medium Coeli Virgo appreciates discipline, precision and order.

We know Virgo is the sign associated with perfection, strictness, organization and responsibility.

Midheaven in Virgo makes for good odds in terms of systematical and gradual professional success.

The opposite of Medium Coeli in Virgo is the Lower Midheaven in Pisces, which means there is a strong need for peace and tranquility found in family life.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli meaning

Before we go deeper into Midheaven in Virgo analysis, let us talk more about medium Coeli and its importance in analyses of natal charts. Midheaven or Medium Coeli literally translates as ‘middle of the heaven’.

It is one of the astrological angles that are seen in a natal chart. They are essential elements of each personalized chart analyses.

In common horoscope related talk, no one mentions Midheaven; well, rarely one talk about other elements than their native zodiac sign, let alone more detailed pieces of a natal chart.

Midheaven or Medium Coeli is important to all astrologers and it might as well be important to you, if you are seriously interested in an in depth interpretation of your own astrological background.

Medium Coeli is the highest point on the ecliptic and it is identified with the Tenth house in modern, Western astrology. We will talk more about this house and its connection with MC.

Midheaven represents success, professional potential, career and everything related to it. In our modern, busy days, everyone would like to know if stars are inclined towards their professional success.

Midheaven indicates the type of success that would fulfill you as an individual. It stands for ambitions, for public recognition, reputation, fame and glory. It represents our career opportunities and goals. Midheaven is often related to our ideas about our possible career path, in younger years.

Not only that, but also it stands for figures and personalities we admire, respect and look up to.

It is a very important element, because it shapes who we are in public. Midheaven symbolizes our short biography, to say so. It decides upon our attitude towards self-development, in professional sense, in the first place. It shapes up our attitude towards business in general, towards career goals, work and all related to it.

On the other side, it is responsible for our reputation in society.

This means that Medium Coeli is the key factor in defining how we look to other people and what they think about our professional attitude. The highest point of the ecliptic is symbolically the highest peak we strive for. It defines our own idea about what success is, in the first place. This is why each one of us has different ideas about it.

The element of the sign in which the Midheaven is found in a natal chart explains what motivates us to work on our professional plan. Whole one might confuse the factor of Midheaven as something that has to do with our personality traits, it is not exactly like that.

Midheaven mostly stands for our public persona, rather than for our character and temperament as they are.

Medium Coeli is, in a way, our own spotlight, place where we are in focus, recognized and visible. The opposite angle, Immum Coeli or the Lower Midheaven, is our privacy, the place we search for sanctuary. Both are, of course, important and the greatest wisdom is to find the right balance between the two. It is impossible to keep away your Midheaven from the eyes of the public.

It represents what people know about us before we told them anything; it is literally how they see us. This is especially important for people who actually are public personalities, such as all sorts of performers in the entertainment industry, politicians, leaders, notable scientists or anyone else who has gained popularity.

Midheaven shapes up the impression people get about a person.

Medium Coeli definitely decides on the type of people we are attracted to, primarily in professional and idolatry sense. It decides on our role models, people whom we admire and respect; those that are ideal in our eyes, in professional and self-development sense. It is about the people we would like to be alike. Midheaven represents our heroes and idols.

Midheaven stands for our ideas of the ideal reputation. I describes the reputation we would like to gain, but also the one we unwillingly embrace at times (sometimes, it could be closely related just to one event or situation, not the whole life).

For example, you are a famous sportsperson, but then it happened you got notorious for a romantic affair or so.

This astrological angle also has to do with parental heritage; it tells about expectations of our parents, in terms of our profession and career. It later transforms into what the society wants from us and what role it expects us to play.

Our parents are the first authorities we meet in life and Medium Coeli also represents our attitude towards authorities in general.

It is, of course, also a matter of our professional and self-development.

The Tenth house and Medium Coeli

Let us now talk about the Tenth house, which is the place where Midheaven sits. It is commonly described as the top of the Tenth house, in modern Western astrology.

Therefore, the two are necessarily seen together. It is also very important to learn what planets are there in your Tenth house and what aspects are created.

The Tenth house is usually referred to as the house of professional success, career and professional status.

It is also related to one’s road to success and his or hers attitude towards the idea of success, but also towards profession, business and work as it is. Each one of us has a different idea of these and everyone’s path in professional sense is different.

There are, no doubt, people of amazing capacities who have never managed actually to use their potentials to the fullest. Some people are fortunate in the eyes of others; those with favorable starting point and an easy road to success.

There are, perhaps, the greatest of all; those who have risen like phoenix from the ashes, fallen and reborn, people of great courage, but also of incredible potentials and the wisdom to use them.

It does not solely depends on how the Midheaven stands in your birth chart and what planets are there in your Tenth house. Not at all, the most important factor is you. You are the one to choose, to use, handle and take the best of your own capacities, potentials and opportunities. Knowing your Tenth house and Midheaven can greatly help with choosing the right direction.

If you carefully analyze your natal chart and look up for elements in your tenth house and see what aspects they create, you could better choose in life. Sometimes, the Tenth house and Midheaven could direct you towards doing things you find irrelevant to your public image and your professional development. However, those things could be of crucial importance later on.

It is also good to know details about Tenth house, in order to avoid potential dangers related to your career. It could help you realize what your advantages and weaknesses are and how other people could see that and make use of it. By knowing what your Midheaven predisposes you to, you could work on perfecting of what has been given to you.

The sign your Midheaven matches tells a lot about your professional attitude, your reputation and your career development, perhaps. It tells a lot about how you see it all and what would satisfy you, in terms of professional development. It tells about how you would like others to see you, as well.

The Tenth house tells about possible accomplishments, rewards and acknowledgments of your work and achievements.

Midheaven in Virgo – Perfectionist Improvers

Midheaven in Virgo makes one very detail oriented, dutiful and workaholic. Key words for personalities with Midheaven in Virgo are ‘useful’ and ‘cost-effective’. These are people who dream about being respected as personifications of productivity and efficiency.

They nurture their perfectionism and see that nothing miss their eyes. Virgo Midheaven is analytical, systematical, perfectly organized, tidy and responsible.

These people are modest; they do not seek for glory, gilded frames and spotlight like Midheaven Leos, for example.

They want others see them as people who are willing to work and whom nothing is too hard, when it comes to their job. They show great level of professionalism in whatever occupation they choose; it is all about order, work and discipline for Midheaven Virgos.

They are extremely good at organizing things, making lists and plans. They passionately enjoy counting and calculating, measuring and sorting; things that great majority of people would rather avoid. Midheaven Virgos tend to be deep into their occupation; they are fully dedicated to their search for perfection.

Other representatives of zodiac rarely achieve the level of professionalism and perfection such as Midheaven Virgos do. Once Virgo Midheaven people get to know their job to the last detail, they are ready to leave less important things to others; generally, they like to be in control.

Midheaven Virgos do not command and demand directly; they control from the background, tactfully and with great precision. They always know what are they about; they are great strategists and their minds are practical.

Midheaven Virgos could be very controlling and strict, which could be great advantage in the professional environment.

On the other hand, they are not tyrants who manipulate people from ill intentions.

Their greatest vision is to make the world the better place for all. Who else, but brilliant Midheaven Virgos, would be better for such a mission?

Positive Sides

As for positive sides, Midheaven Virgos possess qualities others could only dream of. They are the most responsible and dutiful of all other representatives of zodiac signs. Moreover, the dedication and commitment they express when it comes to work lead them to brilliant achievements and almost to perfection.

They do things with great efficiency and precision, without scattering their energy around and losing focus. They are, perhaps, the most focused people of all. The primary goal of Virgo Midheaven people is to improve the world. Yes, it is exactly so; they would like to improve the whole world.

At the first sight, some of the occupations Virgo Midheaven often choose, do not appear so ‘world-changing’. They could work on some minor position in the area of the customer service industry; they like to be of help and assistance, but only if they see a piece of their vision in it.

Their job must be something of practical use. Moreover, they will be brilliant in whatever profession they choose. Criticism is also their thing and Midheaven Virgos do have high standards of expectation from people in general.

It is about honesty, loyalty, being true to your cause, being dedicated, determined, and focused.

These are the greatest qualities of Midheaven Virgos, but also the ones they expect from others to fulfill.

Negative Sides

With such strict and professionally oriented personalities, there have to be negative sides. Although people find them reliable, worth of respect and definitely trustworthy, people might try to avoid working with Midheaven Virgos because they could be too judging.

If it happens they have reached some more influential position, they could be overly demanding, obsessed with perfection and very judgmental.

Midheaven Virgos truly believe that their criticism could only improve things. They lack basic empathy and cannot understand why it is impossible to be so.

It could be hard to deal with a person who rarely smiles, but focuses solely on perfecting their work.

Some degree of looseness is sometime needed, even in working environment. Ideas such as ‘casual Friday’ thing or else, would not please and Midheaven Virgo, unless they turn in into an obligation and a rule.


Midheaven Virgos are effective, dutiful, very organized people, praised for their sense of responsibility, discipline and order.

They have high standards and self-expectations. Once they reach some level of standards they see fitting, they would stay true to that or try to improve.

For example, if you are a brilliant inventor and people praise your work, it could seem to you as a disaster not to keep up to that level of inventiveness.

It could be a hard thing to do, but Midheaven Virgos are dedicated to search for perfection in profession. Their vision is making this world a perfect place.

Of course, it is not possible, but these people would do their best, believing in such a cause.

Whatever career they choose, it has to be practical, applicable in reality and of assistance to overall humanity.