Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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When someone asks you about your horoscope, you probably tell them about your native zodiac sign, which is, essentially, the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth.

The ruling sign, however, does explain neither your personality nor your life to the fullest. It gives you basic characteristic, it affects your temperament and character, but there are other elements to consider.

According to astrology, planets affect our destinies and personalities. It is true planets definitely affect the life on earth, but what about individual people’s lives?

Astrology is a very old discipline, as old as our civilization is. Western astrology originates from old Persia and Greeks and Romans spread it throughout Europe.

Although not an official scientific discipline, astrology has all elements of one. It still inspires admiration and respect, even in the modern, logical and scientific world.

Astrological analyses of horoscopes are more detailed than what you read about your zodiac sign; it is generalized horoscope. Your birth chart could, however, reveal many things about your personality.

Natal chart represents planets as they were distributed over the astrological sky at the time a person was born.

Each planet, sign and filed in the chart has its specific meaning.

Together, these create complex and unique image that is your personalized, individual natal chart. Moreover, it is rather about potentials than concrete information.

This means that even the two persons, born on the same day, at the same place, even at exactly the same moment cannot have the same destiny.

This is because it greatly depends on us how would we use our astrological potentials, not to mention there are always side factors that influence it. Mysterious and powerful forces of the universe connect us all.

Sun Sign

Speaking about elements in a birth chart, planets are considered the starting point, in a way. In Western astrology, we rely on our Solar system and planets it is consisted of.

The first five, including the Sun and the Moon, without the Earth, are personal planets. The Sun is the first and crucial one.

Although technically not a planet, in astrology the Sun is taken as one, just as the Moon is, along with some planetoids.

The Sun has always been ultimate symbol of light, life and vitality. In astrology, it represents the same. It also represents our conscious mind and our reason. The Sun gives us will for life, ambition and motivation.

It rules over our basic personality traits. The Sun sign is who you are; it is your Ego. This is why the most common question regarding horoscope is actually about one’s Sun sign.

The sign the Sun is in a person’ natal chart shapes up our attitude towards all ideas mentioned and it defines the course of our actions, for some part. It is our manifesting, active, but fixed nature and quality.

The field the Sun is in a natal chart represents the area of life in which we are about to be challenged, for the sake of fulfillment and eventual success. We should prove and confirm ourselves in that field.

Sun in Aries

People with the Sun in Aries live as if there is no tomorrow, if you consider the tremendous amount of energy they invest in everything they do. These people see everything clearly.

They have well determined goals. They dare taking initiative and even risking; although they never do it for the sake of mere fun. They have a goal to reach and an ambition to fulfill.

Aries people are born warrior-like and they want to be victorious.

These people see the world as a battlefield and a game of challenges. They are courageous and daring; many would call them quick tempered and aggressive. This aspect of their nature they find difficult to control and soften.

Depending on other aspects in a natal chart, they would try to do so or they would care not at all. What is very good about them is that these people are positive and optimistic, no matter the odds.

They believe nothing can stop them and this idea drives them forward. Aries people are very self-oriented; they often neglect others and could be reckless.

They are, however, honest and open; an Aries would never lie to you or try deceiving you. They despise little tricks and playing with people’s emotions. They never let others manipulate them or tell them what to do.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our sub conscious world, the world of imagination and, in the first place, the realm of emotions.

The Moon embodies the idea of emotion as it is. In a natal chart, it shapes up our impressions and reactions about things happening to us, things we see and absorb, people we meet and share something with and beyond. It supports our intuition and creativity.

This nightly Luminary is closely associated with the element of Water. Its nature is changeable and transformative, which is an essential touch in each individual’s horoscope.

The Moon, if in good aspects, helps us adapt to certain situation and go smoothly through the life, keeping our emotional self rich and unharmed. If in bad aspects, it makes one overly sensitive, moody, too inconsistent, capricious, insecure and irritable.

It is interesting to note that Moon especially affects people born under the Water signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In fact, it is said that the Moon has greater influence than the Sun, in these ones.

Nevertheless, the Moon always represents our deepest needs, including those we are unaware of. Understanding the position of the Moon in a natal chart could be of precious use.

Moon in Sagittarius

People with the Moon in Sagittarius are romantic idealists and great philosophers.

They have optimistic and wide view on the world. They are free-minded, ethical, moral and they always promote independence in creating and liberty in expressing opinions.

These people have their own well-set principles of morality and justice and they stand for it.

They are idealistic, convinced that there are objective major categories such as the Justice and the Good. They believe people are genuinely good beings.

Moon Sagittarius absorb the world through their idealistic philosophical filter. They strive to widen their horizons, however and are eager to discover and learn more.

Many of Moon Sagittarius interests are oriented towards digging deep into the essence of the reality we live in. Moon Sagittarius are optimistic in searching for clues, not easily disappointed or discouraged.

They enjoy learning, but also teaching. They love sharing knowledge. They are not only intellectually active; in order to know the world, to feel it, they need real experience.

Moon Sagittarius are adventurers. They are charismatic, dynamic, but not hasty and rushing or aggressive in their intentions. They dream about the ideal love, which combines intellectual stimulation, spiritual fulfillment and physical satisfaction.

What is more important, they never lose hope they will eventually find it.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon people are adventurous type of people, open to new experiences and learning. They are full of optimistic energy and eager about everything new that is to discover.

These people are intelligent and in search for knowledge. Although both signs here are fiery and dynamic, clever Sagittarius adds some reason to Aries risky decisions.

They are individualistic. They think well about the humankind, but they see people as a collective, most of the time. They are of high self-esteem and prefer to inspire others and lead them.

They are not meant to follow, especially with so much energy and revolutionary ideas on their minds. They are outgoing and feel free to share their opinions with the world.

The need to experience life on their own skin is particularly strong in Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon. They believe any experience teaches a valuable lesson and they have to feel it themselves, in order to get something out of it.

They are deaf to words of precaution and others’ advices. They are capable of dealing with all kinds of situations and people on their own.

Good Traits

Brave, outgoing and optimistic, these people want to see the world from all angles.

They possess incredible charisma, enthusiasm and eagerness for new things. They believe progress is achieved solely through one’s own experience.

They are highly intelligent, responsible and serious, although still possess incredible sense for humor.

Overall, they appear easygoing, adaptable and positive.

Bad Traits

They could become too intense, authoritative and stubborn. They have amazing qualities that could turn bad, if brought to extremes.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon often instinctively impose their opinions over others.

They are domineering and it is an easy thing for them to do. However, they so underestimate others and reject people, because others feel less important in their presence.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

In love and marriage, Ares Sun Sagittarius Moon are dynamic and active just as in other areas of life. It means they need their space and freedom.

They are loyal and committed to their partners and very unlikely to cheat or to break up, once they have found the person they fell in love with.

However, it takes time for them to find such one, because of their idealistic expectations.

Best Match for Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon

Best match for these open-minded, free-spirited and energetic people definitely has to be someone who possesses the same amount of will for life, discovery and adventure.

They need someone who can follow their pace and understand their need to have their personal space.

The best match is someone as adventurous as they are, but maybe only a bit more down to earth, to ground their idealism in reality.


Outgoing and on the move, Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon are some of the most energetic representatives of the Zodiac.

They enjoy challenges, they prefer learning through their own experience, they are open-minded and philosophical.

These people often bring out revolutionary ideas. Sometimes they are arrogant and think superficial of themselves.