Leo in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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Where the Lion is on the map, the Native is endowed with very high ambitions.

For example, standing in the 10th house he will give high social ambitions, in the 7th house – the desire to have a better partner and an inner orientation towards an “ideal marriage”, in the 1st house he makes him feel like an exceptional person.

Leo – Meaning and Info

With immense generosity, provided that she is with someone you admire. If she meets her partner when she is young, she will be her exemplary companion: she will keep the house like a fairy, will receive with elegance and will be supportive towards her husband.

But if he disappoints her, she becomes a conqueror, an Amazon ready to claim victims and seduce as much as possible.

The Leo man has charm, style, a beautiful posture, and a thick chin with a vertical line in the middle, a sign of will and power.

Among the men of Leo there is Apollo – who embodies classical Greek beauty: harmonious features, fine and muscular body, straight nose – but also Hercules: powerful body and large jaw.

Leo is self-confident, sometimes too much! This is a man born for success. Nothing bores him more than mediocrity, and he has a tendency to always put himself at the center. Napoleon, Mussolini … all men of the Lion! Business, politics, economics, luxury, advertising … all areas in which he excels.

With generosity, talent, but also a certain self-centeredness. He will make you feel strong and al sure, but at times it will seem to you that he is not really capable of loving, of giving … He will want at his side a beautiful, elegant woman who will serve him to enhance himself.

He will choose an unconditional admirer, who helps him to always feel like number one. He hates having a more successful woman by his side. And sometimes he gives in to betrayal…

2nd House – Meaning and Info

And, accordingly, there are very high ambitions in the subject of money when Leo gets into the second house.

At the same time, Leo, as a rule, has a favorable attitude towards the area of ​​life for which he is responsible.

So, managing the 2nd house and not having significant defeats that change the final judgment, Leo gives a very good and stable (fixed Sign) financial position.

The Sun, if it is an element of the 2nd house, but at the same time does not control it (that is, if there is some other Sign on the cusp of the 2nd house), it may not give stability, you will need to look at the Sign on the cusp.

But Leo, by itself, because of its fixity, is able to endow the affairs of the house with which it controls a sufficient degree of stability. Second-home Leo is characterized by high material needs, which, at the same time, are quite well realized.

If the Sun is in the second house (now this is more about the Sun than Leo), then this means that a person needs to gain financial independence. This is a vital moment for his personality, which must be realized in order to feel his own value and integrity.

Interestingly, despite the importance of their own earnings, in women’s charts, the standing of the Sun in the second house very often gives income from men – from a father or from a husband.

BUT it is important to note that despite the fairly good content (unless of course the Sun or the ruler of the 2nd house have any serious defeats), it is still important for the native to gain financial independence!

In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the task of incarnation, and in this case, the task of incarnation falls into the second house! Those. To show your own Sun – which means yourself, your talents, and your personality in gaining your own material wealth.

The lack of personal income, independent of the efforts of a husband, father, or any other person described by the Sun, deprives the Native of the opportunity to feel his own strength and significance.

As a rule, the lion’s 2nd house, which does not have any serious defeats, does not give prolonged periods of lack of money, and indeed situations of austerity or a catastrophic lack of money.

It is clear that “there is never a lot of money,” and the owners of Lion’s financial inquiries of course understand that there is always something to strive for.

Again, life is a long thing and situations are different, but in general, an unaffected Leo, like Taurus, rarely encounters a real need.

In their social group, Leos are most often ranked above average. They have enough money both to maintain life and to receive joy from it. Likes to pamper himself and others who are pleasant to the heart. Generous enough, unless of course the Sun or the 2nd house in general say otherwise.

He may not be very careful in his spending, wanting to impress more than he can actually afford. When we considered second-home Cancers, we said that, being very well financially secure, due to their numerous reserves (although they may not have such stable sources of income as Leo).

They can, as they say, “become poor”, they tend to talk about the fact that there is no money, or even bypass this topic. But Leos, on the contrary, tend to be demonstrative in this matter. Can show and demonstrate much greater wealth than they actually have.

In this sense, Leo is a little bit off-kilter (in principle, this is a natural manifestation in the affairs of the house for which Leo is responsible).

The second-home Leo (or the Sun) is somehow ashamed to say that he is without money, he will “cheer up” to the last and try to impress a wealthy person even when in fact there is nothing in his pocket.

But nevertheless, it should be noted that with such indicators of the horoscope (if there are no significant lesions), people are rarely truly and at the same time in a state of lack of money for a long time. Yet, as a rule, these are fairly wealthy people who have enough for life and for the pleasures of it.

People with a strong Leo dominance in socially visible topics (10th house, 2nd house, ASC) are usually thought of as people without corresponding problems. I often hear people say – “yes, in principle, I don’t shout that I am the richest, or the most successful, people just decided and think so.

Without my efforts on this subject.” Indeed, the position of Leo in the listed houses does not mean that a person will talk about his success at every corner. Not. But you don’t have to say everything in words, many people “read” from our poses, facial expressions, and clothes of course, etc.

Some of the ASC Lions really walk proudly with their heads up, not noticing those around them from their height (even if it is 150 cm), thereby creating a feeling of pride. But part, and to my happiness, in my environment – a large part, ASC-nigh L’viv – oh

Leo in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

So in money – some of them will really demonstrate their superiority over those around them endlessly talking about their untold riches or drive expensive cars (while possibly borrowed for 20 years, and refueled with gasoline, for 200 tinge, only to have enough to travel to nearby hairdresser).

But the part will just be smiling and not fidgeting for every penny, which, again, will create the feeling – “does not count money!”

As for immunity, Leo is responsible for vitality. And people with a strong dominance of Leo, or with Leo, belonging to the houses of health (1, 2, and 6) with an unaffected (or at least not severely affected) Sun, as a rule, people of a strong constitution.

They, IN PRINCIPLE, do not get sick often; they are generally in good health. Such people are often perceived as strong, healthy, strong people.

The sun is the giver of life. If you remember, we have already met with such a term when talking about the moon. The Sun is the first giver of life, the Moon is an additional one (recently, the Moon has been considered the main heeler for women, and the Sun for men).

But if the Moon does not give any great strength, and super health, it still gives the strongest desire to survive in any situation. That the Sun – on the contrary, giving a sufficiently strong constitution, good health, high body resistance and stable immunity, is not able to endure overload.

The sun and moon can be compared to a man and a woman. The sun is a man. It is believed that men are the stronger sex, they can lift more, carry further. The moon is a woman, considered weak, gentle, and dependent.

For example, in sports, different standards are set for them – they cannot be physically compared. But at the same time, women live much longer. Men break down easier and faster. A woman can cry all her life because of nonsense.

But at the same time, to survive in those situations where a strong, brave and mighty man breaks down. Such qualities of survival to a woman are given by the Moon – ever changing, adapting, pliable and at the same time stable in its changeability (which men call not logical J – they just rarely look at the sky and our main “Lady”).

And men with their external strength and power, not the ability to change under the influence of external factors, but on the contrary, striving to change the external world (like the Sun), turn out to be defenseless when their own strength has dried up, and a person cannot adapt to its “loss”.

Therefore, outwardly strong and mighty men, in whom there is a lot of life visually, literally die in “organized groups” in our country at the age of 50 to 60 years. And everyone says “how is that?! He’s so strong! He still has to live and live! ”

But … at some point the heart (the most important solar organ) failed, and the man suddenly and unexpectedly dies for everyone.

And women – outwardly weak and fragile – live quietly up to 85, preserving, as a rule, all the functions necessary to maintain an independent life.

It’s the same with immunity. Lunar – not so hot, from an external point of view, but gives tremendous vitality.

And Solar, or Lion’s immunity, with all its ability to resist disease, to be healthy and strong, at some point fails, and that’s it, there is no man.

The sun, due to its shiny shell, makes it difficult to see the upcoming problems.


It is a place of submission and surrender – in ancient times it was the House of captivity, of slavery.

Today it is the House of those who enslave us or bind us in a non-pejorative sense, such as being chained to work or service and the slavery of having a domestic animal or a simple pot at home.

In this place we talk about what makes we suffer a certain loss of freedom due to obligations.

This is the House of obligations that leads us to carry out physical or mental activity, which makes us give energy in exchange for something: money, comfort, service, etc., thus becoming the house of permutations.

This sector tells us about our obligations, the job we perform best, the personal role we take on with preference, what should be in our care, what we are sufficiently gifted for and that we can perform, as well as our psychological attitude towards work-related issues.