Juno in Aquarius

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Juno is the third asteroid discovered after Ceres. It was discovered in 1804, by the astronomer Karl Harding. Juno was first considered a planet, like the other asteroids, until it was later reclassified as an asteroid.

Juno is the name of the ancient Roman goddess, which was the goddess of childbirth, marriage, women’s sexuality, etc. She was the queen of other gods because she was the wife of the king of gods, Jupiter.

Juno was a devoted wife to her husband and was well-known for her loyalty although her husband didn’t deserve it.

The mighty god Jupiter was known for cheating on his wife and his numerous affairs, and Juno was aware of that. She was considered an ideal wife. Juno was also considered the protector and patron goddess of Rome.

In an astrological sense, Juno symbolizes marriage, long-term relationships, commitment, compromises, loyalty, devotion, betrayal, infidelity, partnerships and relationships which need effort and balancing, etc.

This asteroid’s placement in our natal chart indicates the areas where we need to balance things.

Juno has the energy of Venus/Pluto and Libra/Scorpio. The placement of Juno in our natal charts is significant and shows us where we have the potential to grow and prosper.

This asteroid reveals the way we could make the most of our connections with other people, especially regarding romantic relationships. Juno also reveals the areas where we feel the need to be respected and appreciated.

Juno is usually related to relationship issues, mostly to marriage and long-term relationships. This asteroid symbolizes marriage unions and commitments. It also describes the traits of our ideal marriage or long-term commitment partner.

When Juno is making important aspects with Juno or the planets in the chart of a person we are interested in romantically or our current partner that could be a strong indication of a serious lasting relationship or marriage with that person.

Juno is a very important factor in relation to marriage and long-term commitments. It is usually found in significant aspects in the natal charts of people who are soulmates and people who are destined to be together for long.

This asteroid describes our future long-term relationships and marriages.

Juno helps us realize the ideal traits we look for in our ideal mate. That is very important because we usually choose our partners based on the traits and needs of our Mars and Venus.

These traits are often not enough and they satisfy only our physical and emotional needs. They usually don’t satisfy the needs we have for a long-term partnership which could be completely different from the previous two and certainly not enough.

The reason for that is the fact that Venus and Mars describe the traits we seek in a partner to satisfy our emotional and physical needs. The Juno fills the rest of our needs in an ideal mate.

This asteroid describes the person you could imagine spending your life with. That is a person, who will accept us with all our flaws and mistakes and won’t try or need to change anything about us. We will feel the same way about that person as well.

One thing is important to note. Juno was a loyal and devoted wife, but she was constantly stressed and worried about her husband’s behavior and affairs. Her confidence was ruined and she was very disappointed.

That is why Juno also describes our insecurities and doubts in romantic relationships.

Juno indicates the areas and situations which could provoke our jealousy and make us feel insecure and doubtful in our relationships.

It also describes the issues and circumstances we consider to be a deal-breaker in a relationship and the things we are prepared to tolerate in a long-term relationship or marriage, but which could potentially cause the breakup of that relationship.

Juno also describes how tolerant we are and our ability to be patient to wait for the right opportunities to establish a relationship. Juno in our natal chart should be carefully studied because it gives us all the clues in regards to our ideal partner which we only need to follow.

If we pay attention to the information Juno is giving us it is likely that we won’t make any mistakes in choosing our partner.

We should be aware that the people who attract us the most usually aren’t our ideal partners.

Juno is helping us to make a difference between something which is only a physical and romantic infatuation and genuine love, support, comfort, and longevity. Juno indicates what we subconsciously need in a partner and when we realize that, recognizing the right partner becomes easy.

Juno in Aquarius Man

Men with Juno in Aquarius are very independent and don’t allow their freedom being jeopardized with their relationships.

These men are often opting for an open relationship or marriage and they don’t consider fidelity in marriage an important thing. Their partner should be a woman who finds that acceptable and has a similar view on these issues.

These men cannot stand clingy and dependent women, and are attracted to women who are independent and have an organized life with a lot of activities and people around.

Their ideal woman doesn’t expect to spend every moment of her time with this man, but instead has a lot of activities and willingly finds time in her busy schedule to spend it with this man.

Juno in Aquarius Woman

Women with Juno in Aquarius love their freedom and independence and don’t like possessive and controlling men.

Their ideal relationship is one where both partners maintain their full freedom and continue the lives they had before the relationship with occasional compromises to make the relationship work.

They desire their man to be a complete personality with a career, friends, activities outside of their relationship and someone who won’t try to change her life and limit her in any way. If a man tries to restrict her, their relationship cannot last.

These women usually don’t have a traditional outlook on relationships.

They don’t need to marry their partner and they are happy being in a relaxed relationship where there’s mutual respect between them and their partner who is their friend in the first place.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Juno in Aquarius: independent, freedom-loving, intelligent, friendly, easy-going, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Juno in Aquarius: unfaithful, detached, not very emotional, unpredictable, etc.

Juno in Aquarius – General Info

The ideal mate for people with Juno in Aquarius is independent, detached, and not very emotional, seeks and gives freedom in a relationship.

Their ideal partner understands the need for a private space each of the partners should have in a relationship and is willingly accepting that.

These people don’t like their partners being dependent on them or being clingy in any way. It often happens that their partner is younger than them (in some cases older), or is somehow strange or different from most people.

They cannot be with a partner who is very conservative, or too predictable. They want someone who is unusual and very smart.

Their partner should be someone who is able to keep them interested and be quick-witted.

They should also be a bit emotionally distant because these people don’t want to be smothered by their partner’s feelings and devotion.

They want to preserve the unpredictability and the intensity of their relationship and that is something which makes them more interested.

Their ideal partner should have a life of their own and a bunch of interests because they also have theirs and they don’t want to give up on their previous life to merge themselves with their partner.

It is normal for them to keep their activities the same and find in the middle with their partner. They prefer their partner to be their good friend and that is the base for an emotional relationship. They are not traditional and they usually choose not to marry officially.

These people cannot tolerate a partner who tries to limit their freedom and tries to control their behavior and tell them what to do.

Their freedom is an imperative for these people, and if they need to give up on some part of it for their partner, the relationship most likely won’t last long.


People with Juno in Aquarius are relaxed when it comes to their personal relationships.

These people (both men and women) don’t like any kind of restrictions, especially when it comes to their relationships.

Usually, they don’t put much value on fidelity, and are prone to having open type relationships and marriages where both partners have the right to see other people as well.

These people value most their freedom and independence and any person who tries to limit them or somehow try to control them, won’t remain long in their lives. They don’t like partners who are dependent, insecure, clingy, and focus their entire lives and activities around their partners.

If a person doesn’t have a life and isn’t able to inspire the person with Juno Aquarius with their individuality and unique intellect, it is most likely that this person won’t ever notice them.

They are attracted to partners who have a lot of things going on in their lives. Their ideal partner has a lot of activities, a career they are devoted to, a lot of friends and hobbies, and is willingly making time to be with this person.

They want someone they could be inspired with and someone who keeps them interested and motivated to invest their time and energy in their relationship.

Their partner should be someone with unique qualities and interests. They often choose for their partners, people who are eccentric, unpredictable, or in some other way different from most people.