Biblical Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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Our dreams are often a manifestation of everyday actions and events, but in many cases, they represent important messages, warnings and advice from our inner being.

If we learn how to interpret them and follow their guidance, we could gain much and have a powerful ally in life.

Some dream symbols have different meaning and significance in the Bible and because of that they are interpreted differently in the Biblical sense than in terms of modern dream psychoanalysis.

Biblical Interpretation of Rabbits

Rabbits are symbols of good luck, speed, fertility, family, abundance, sexual activity, and happiness.

Rabbits are rarely mentioned the Bible. According to the Bible, rabbits are considered unclean animals and one of those that shouldn’t be eaten by humans.

Rabbits are also a symbol of the religious holiday Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The relation is merely symbolic because the custom which relates rabbits to the Easter holidays has origins in German pagan legends and stories. The Easter eggs symbolize the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Biblical Meaning of Rabbits in Dreams

Dreaming about rabbits in general – Rabbits in dreams are usually a good sign. They symbolize success and positive outlook on the future and life in general. If you dreamed about rabbits, such dream might be asking you to pay attention to your sex life.

Maybe you are not satisfied with it and you need to work together with your partner on improving it.

Dreams about rabbits might also indicate worries and concerns about your family. They might also symbolize your timidity and shyness.

This dream could be revealing such traits and suggesting you should try to change them because you feel they don’t serve you well and block your progress and success.

A dream about rabbits could also symbolize intuition and using it to avoid some danger or other inconveniences. Such dream could also symbolize your fear and quick reactions. It might also be a sign of cowardice.

Maybe you don’t have confidence in your abilities or feel insecure about something. Maybe you have a tendency to run away from things instead of confronting them and dealing with them.

In some cases, a dream about a rabbit or rabbits could symbolically represent some person in your life with such traits you need to deal with patiently and with care. In some cases, it signifies being afraid of sex and avoiding it.

A rabbit in a dream is also a symbol of prosperity and improvement of your living condition and increase in income.

Dreaming about a white rabbit – A white rabbit is a good sign in general. It symbolizes luck and love. If you had a dream about a white rabbit, it is most likely a sign of faithfulness and loyalty in love. This dream is often a sign of positive changes in life.

In some cases, such dream reveals your desire for parenthood. It could also be a sign of wealth and prosperity.

If the rabbit was caged, the dream also has a good meaning and symbolizes your future abundance. Expect income from unexpected sources.

Dreaming about a black rabbit – If you dreamed about a black rabbit, such dream could symbolize your disappointment and dissatisfaction with your behavior and attitude towards others.

Such dream could also refer to your fear of intimacy and closeness with other people.

Dreaming about a grey rabbit – If you saw a grey rabbit in your dream, such dream could indicate someone trying to manipulate you into doing something you don’t want and consider wrong. This dream warns you to be cautious and recognize these malevolent attempts.

Check every detail before making some commitments and making decisions. Look behind the façade some people have.

Dreaming about a rabbit biting or scratching you – If you dreamed that a rabbit had bitten or scratched you, such dream might be warning you to pay more attention to your love life. Maybe you have neglected your partner and that worsens the relationship between the two of you.

Dreaming about a rabbit hole – If you saw a rabbit hole in your dream, such dream is often an encouragement to have faith in the best possible outcomes of your actions. This dream is informing you that you don’t have a reason to fear the future, but instead take action to move towards your dreams and goals.

Dreaming about eating rabbit’s meat – If you dreamed about eating a rabbit, that dream could indicate good fortune and increase of your wealth and finances soon. This dream could also indicate feeling you are better than others. Maybe you try to control others or you think you are always right.

If that is the case, this dream is a reminder to change your behavior and attitude. No one likes people who boss others around and always have to say the last word.

Try to be more cooperative and make compromises. Such dream could also indicate problems with a close friend and even the end of your friendship.

Dreaming about a rabbit running away – If you saw a frightened rabbit running away, such dream is not a good sign. It might announce some danger you might find yourself in soon.

Dreaming about chasing a rabbit – If you chased a rabbit in your dream without catching it, that is often a bad sign. If you actually caught the rabbit, that is a good sign, signifying success and fortune, as well as winning over your enemies.

Catching a rabbit in a dream could also be a sing of redemption and apologizing to someone you hurt without meaning to because you couldn’t control your behavior.

Dreaming about chasing escaped rabbits – If you dreamed you were trying to catch rabbits which escaped from a cage, such dream could be a sign of some minor problems and issues you are currently encountering, but issues which block your progress in private as well as professional matters.

Dreaming about dogs chasing a rabbit – If you observed dogs chasing a rabbit in your dream, such dream usually isn’t a good sign, possibly indicating that you will provoke some conflicts in your close surroundings.

Dreaming about rabbits playing – if you observed rabbits playing in your dream or if you dreamed about playing with a rabbit, such dream is often a good sign. If you have children, it could indicate good times spent in their company. It is also a sign of happiness in your family.

Dreaming about dead rabbits – If you saw dead rabbits in your dream, such dream isn’t a good sign, possibly indicating loss and illness.

Dreaming about shooting a rabbit – If you dreamed that you shoot a rabbit, such dream could be considered a warning about your safety during traveling, so you should pay more attention to your security when you are on a journey.

Dreaming about killing a rabbit – If you killed a rabbit in your dream, such dream could warn you to pay attention to your behavior because you might experience ruining of your reputation due to your inappropriate behavior. You should control your reactions and emotions.

Such dream could also symbolize material loss, decrease of your finances and resources, or not being able to achieve success.

Dreaming about many rabbits around you – If you saw many rabbits around you in a dream, such dream might be a suggestion to relocate to a bigger city because you feel that your current place of settlement isn’t big enough for you.

Such dream could also be a sign of marriage in the near future. It could also be a sign of success in business or successful outcome of some endeavors and projects you are currently engaged with.

Dreaming about someone taking care of rabbits – If you observed someone taking care of rabbits in your dream, such dream might reveal your interest towards this person, whether to have only a sexual affair with this person or an actual romantic relationship.

Dreaming about a rabbit crossing the path in front of you – If you saw a rabbit crossing your path, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It might be an announcement of problems and losses in the near future, and experiencing misfortune and sadness soon.

Dreaming about baby rabbits – If you dreamed about baby rabbits, such dream might reveal your childish behavior in some serious life situation. Maybe you are confronted with some challenges and issues you are not dealing with properly and maturely.

This dream reminds you that it’s time to take responsibility for your actions and be aware that you are jeopardizing your reputation by not paying attention to your behavior and how others feel about it.