Cancer in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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First, Cancers can be terribly sensitive, and not only react painfully when they are neglected or rude, but also depend on their experiences for a long time, or even shake themselves emotionally.

So what was a small insult in the afternoon, in the evening turns into an irresistible, monumental tragedy.

Any ailment can also be presented by a hypochondriac-Cancer as a national disaster and a reason for nervous breakdown.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

In order not to spend all their days in a puddle of tears and snot, Cancers are forced to protect themselves from emotions that they cannot afford, but with them (unfortunately!) And from life in principle.

Thus, they become shy, closed, and / or ill-contacted, including with themselves.

If Cancer is rather an extrovert and cannot live without frequent communication, he will communicate a lot and cry often. If Cancer is more of an introvert, and needs a lot of loneliness to recover, he risks turning into a closed village that never shows living emotions.

This need to protect your vulnerable emotional body from strong and lively feelings for a while often leads to the fact that Cancers experience many events too late.

Fortunately, they love to dig into the past, to remember the events of many years ago and to be nostalgic, so that they suddenly remember how someone actually offended them at school and seriously worry about this couple of days.

They are not outright angry, but friends and relatives are annoyed by the fact that their friend Cancer cannot stop reminding them of how he was in pain, when twelve years ago they, for example, did not invite him to some an important trip. Or they told him something delicate. Or still somehow offended.

The boys of this sign, who later become men, deserve a special mention. They are often wild, impulsive and completely uncontrollable.

Emotions overwhelm them, and society provides few ways to deal with them constructively, and as a result, this emotional flurry in childhood results in frantic behavior and low self-control, and in adults there is a passion for fear.

First of all, a good Cancer is one who has become a leader in his own life, the captain of his ship. A strong and responsible person for his decisions. He will both work with his emotions and take care of himself and others in such a way that none of the participants in the process will feel like a victim or a debtor.

The decisions he will make will be based on the feelings and emotional needs of Cancer, rather than on rational arguments, but this is good: only such decisions he will not sabotage.

Cancer is also able to be qualitatively attached and be very loyal to family and friends. The most important connections for him are relatives, but their participants do not have to be real relatives.

Cancer’s relationships with close friends, former partners, or even colleagues can be just as cordial, close, and warm. Any self-respecting Cancer can, if he thinks about it, list the list of people he could call his family.

These are the people he (as a rule, after several years of communication) let into his heart and made part of his inner circle.

Cancer’s well-being depends very much on how wide this circle is and on how relationships with people who are part of it develop.

This circle is a great place to receive acceptance and care, to calm down and express love without fear of being rejected.

10th House – Meaning and Info

However, space experiences its collapse at the borders, and the collapse of space is time. This is the point at which nets gets the 10th house, which is the key destiny for natus, because destiny primarily depends on time – it is Saturn’s house, to which he is naturally attracted throughout his life because it controls gravity.

Natus grows up naturally in the 10th house, which represents him just as the 1st represents him, because Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

It describes the place of natus in the collective and the collective unconscious in which all collective beliefs live.

There are also all the memories of genetics, all the memories of the unconscious from the area from which the person originates, and everything that will be the role of natus in the collective unconscious, what will be remembered, how everyone else will see it and what will be its trademark.

Today, the 10th house is associated with the profession and the way a person will express himself, but it was not always a profession, because man was not a being who primarily expressed himself through the profession.

Common to all times is the family that Natus will create with the ground floor, as the fourth house out of the seventh.

The nature of the 10th house is like the nature of the Northern Moon Node, while the nature of the Southern Moon Node is similar to the nature of the 4th house – that is, the family from which the natus originated, which it will definitely leave one day.

From the nature of the 10th house, the natural disposition of the natus can be seen, so each natus is the 1st, and over time it becomes the 10th. To a greater or lesser extent, it will gain some public name, greater or lesser popularity.

The first house is intimate, below the horizon and cannot be seen because it partly touches 12, while the tenth house is the one that represents natus in the part in which he managed to achieve something.

Thus, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are the key houses that describe Natus, where the 1st and 10th houses are the ones that describe him personally, and Houses 4 and 7 talk about his relationship, describe his ability to experience intimacy and establish a relationship with the other party.

Predestination did not arise at the moment of man’s birth, but before that moment – natus is predestined in the prenatal phase, from the 9th to the 1st house and the 10th house is the passage through which he buys everything that was his deeds while he was on earth.

In the 10th house, the natus from the top of the sky observes the opposite, which is 4, which describes what the natus was bound to while he was on earth – it is a mirror, the sky that is the mirror of the earth.

In the formation of natus, in the phase of passing through the 10th house, destiny is acquired, what a person is destined for is acquired, the time in which he will be born is defined, because he collectively unconsciously expresses himself at certain times.

With the same horoscope and the same model, if the natus was born at a different time, the destiny would be significantly different, objective things would happen differently because it contains collective memories, which primarily oblige the natus to something.

The house is destiny like gravity – anything can be thrown, but it finally always falls to the same point. The main myth that defined life is the myth of the origin of time in which time either Chrono’s (or Saturn) eats its children – that is, everything that arises in time, in time and disappears.

Cancer is also able to be qualitatively attached and be very loyal to family and friends. The most important connections for him are relatives, but their participants do not have to be real relatives.

If series 9 is connected to series 10, in any way (Saturn with Jupiter, ruler 9 with ruler 10 or with Saturn, ruler 10 with ruler 9 or with Jupiter), it is a description of what natus was created for what gravitates.

In astrology, it is monitored which planet has the greatest weight, which defines the most natus to lead the ruler of the 10th house and Saturn towards him in time.

Natus was created to do something, and everything that is related to the 9 series will say how purposeful it is, such as every great mission that needs to be realized is defined through the relationship between 9 and 10.

The tenth house determines, brings into shape, and is very valuable to the one who will create heaven on earth if it is supported by 9. But if it is not, or if it is in a bad aspect with 1.

Then the part of the myth in which Saturn or Chronos is revived he devours his children, so the time of life is determined, it is not completely finished.

Cancer in 10th House – Meaning and Info

Primitive situations are those in which there is a person in need of care and must be a caregiver. Cancer can overwhelm pity for those who need love, food, help, compassion, and opportunity.

Overflow to such an extent that they will unconsciously try to protect themselves from these feelings and as a result will begin, for example, to hate such unfortunate people.

Or they will suffer terribly and worry about them. Or they will try to solve their problems, that is, become those who care.

Cancer can tell a lot about all this. Even more elementary, but a much more complex story for Cancer, is a story about his own unmet needs, suffering in this regard, and how he needs love and care.

Even when Cancer falls in love, despite the full force of new feelings, his loyalty to his “family” still often remains stronger than attachment to a new person. Of course, as long as this new person does not manage to enter the inner circle.

This is a good defense mechanism, because by the time it can happen, the acute phase of love is over, and a new person can be considered more or less objectively.

And about (self) protection: Cancers have a luxurious instinct for self-preservation. They can protect other people well, but only because they can present themselves in the place of another.

Even after rocking on an emotional swing, getting into bad company, or experiencing hellish drama, Cancer, as a rule, can stay a millimeter before the situation becomes truly dangerous for him.

Although more often he does not lead to this. In the works of Cancer, they know better than other signs to cover their ass, and can teach others to do the same.

Is natus exactly that Zeus, the only child who survived and managed not to be eaten by Saturn or not – if Jupiter (or ruler 9, or something from series 9) is in a favorable relationship with Saturn, natus plays that part of the story that it has a purpose in life and who will remain remembered over time, who will live beyond time.

Having a well-placed 10th house provides Natus with security, whether it is about the stability he will get from the collective unconscious, and above all from the state (because for Natus is the people in whom the 4th house was born, but the 10th house is the state).


What does not exist in the natal chart is the general sky, the general climate, culture and tradition, the general collective unconscious that rules at one time in one space.

It is understood that he knows this in order to adequately fit the symbolism, because astrologers only fit the astrological symbolism, shaping it according to the collective unconscious. This is where the mundane comes from.