Cancer in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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In Cancer, these stories about themselves can reveal several topics, from relatively primitive (but no less important) to very highly developed.

In a good situation at a certain stage of development, Cancer switches to the story of how he learns to notice and recognize his needs and meet them.

It is from this moment that he has a chance to become a “good Cancer”, a leader in his life.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

As a rule, these are frankly boring stories about how many hours it takes Cancer to sleep, how it is affected by different products, with whom it is easier for him to relax, how many structures he needs in life and what responsibilities he will fulfill on the contrary, select.

And a little more interesting stories about how Cancer is changing his life to share these needs. The next class of stories is stories about relationships with loved ones.

As I wrote above, it can be relatives, loved ones, friends, or even colleagues. Cancer must have relatives, and these relatives must play an active, important role in his life, so that in his history he felt at home.

People who are patronized by the sign of Cancer are those who are born between June 22 and July 23. It is a symbol of the fusion of gametes, a symbol of motherhood and growth, development and perfection.

Patronizes all people born during the reign of this sign of the Zodiac people Moon, night celestial body of the Earth. Belongs to the category of the element Water.

But it is the Moon that has the strongest influence – it makes cancer people vulnerable and sensitive.

At the same time, such people depend too much on the conditions of upbringing, on the environment, and on the attitudes of the people around them. Cancers, both men and women, are insidious and cunning, and there are patriots, devoted to everything around them.

According to some astrologers, this sign of the Zodiac belongs to the category of the most emotional signs.

But at the same time, most of them are secretive people who do not want to share their emotions and feelings with others.

These are people who love diversity, who strive for more friends, who try to benefit from everything that happens in their lives. Purposeful, sometimes very determined and self-confident, caring and touching, reliable and persistent, stable, never betray loved ones and too attached to the family – that’s what they are, people born under the auspices of such a Cancer.

Usually Cancers are endowed with a whole bunch of abilities and talents. They are strategists and tactics that are useful for men, they are cunning and insightful that is important for women. But with all this, Cancers are still too dependent on materiality’s, on material values, on success and luck.

Often the representatives of this sign get higher heights to professional activity, often become rich, prosperous people.

But the most important quality is caution and prudence – cancer can anticipate danger, ensure the safety of loved ones, and anticipate all scenarios.

11th House – Meaning and Info

It’s not just a career or a father, it’s always what’s on top of the mountain, where Olympus is and where the Gods sit. Behind X we have the nature of the XI house which represents society and the model of social life.

It arises from these two previous models, that is, from IX and X. We are also, to an exceptional extent, predetermined by circumstances structured in the personal unconscious, which is the XII house. In interpreting a horoscope, we must know to which age and society the nets belongs.

If someone lives in Afghanistan, we cannot say that they will divorce or have a lot of free stories, which the emphasized XI house gives, because that is not a trend or a model of the society in which that person lives, especially if it is a woman’s horoscope.

The most successful people are those who combine IX and X well, because the one who is able to turn all his theory into a point, to have both wide consideration and focus, is an excellent organizer.

Whoever starts living his story from IX, finishes college and thus ensures that he is IX himself, has more opportunities on earth. Then he does not think and does not function on an ordinary level.

If the III house is the primary thinking, the XI house is the third of the ninth. Whoever wants to think through the XI house must have the IX. That is why astrologers must have a good education because astrology is an applied philosophy. Without cosmopolitan breadth, one cannot think from IX, since all knowledge comes from the whole.

The eleventh house is also the house of the first step in science, when one becomes a master. If we go even further, the third house from the eleventh is the first again, and that is a doctorate when natus is born as a completely new being and revives its full potential.

In the broadest sense, the 11th house is as God thinks, since it is the third house out of the ninth, and it contains all the cosmic laws studied in astrology. The XI house gives us liberation, but it is impossible to access it because it is in heaven.

It can only be accessed from the ninth house. It can be the thinking of an academic citizen who will come up with and discover something new, or the thinking of a theologian, a man who has gone to the essence of thought in religion.

Anyone who thinks from IX, with the emphasis on having to apply IX, gives practically applied cosmic laws that come out of that IX.

The eleventh house is a great theory, like any philosophy, but its applicability and ability to turn it into everyday language, to make it the third house that is always practical, is astrology because it is based on cosmic models.

To be a good astrologer it is not enough to just touch XI but you need to have a source where it all starts.

If astrology is one day recognized as an academic field, it will be defined at the Department of Philosophy because that is its real place.

It can find space for itself as an applied philosophy with all the necessary academic attributes. It has a metaphysical basis, as does theology, but that does not diminish its value.

A large number of university-educated people with knowledge from various fields, which is applicable, terribly accelerates the course of events. Information changes quickly, everything develops quickly.

That level of going from IX to XI constantly gives victory over time, because to the extent that we can establish ourselves in IX we defeat time, as the main model in tradition and history.

All the time written down through myths, through the collective unconscious he lives in the X house, which when he leaves creates something advanced that creates the future.

In X we have the basis of old but stable factors, and in XI the creation of a new one. Every society is defined by striving for something new.

A large number of people, which is always the symbolism of the XI house, the symbolism of Aquarius and social life, have some intention, plan and aspiration to achieve something.

The support for that is X. In a practical sense, every political party, every party is in the symbolism of the eleventh house, but the tenth gives it support. Whoever wants to achieve the goals of his party, must come to power. And who will win? Well the one whose party (XI) is connected with the state (X).

The eleventh house is a house of trend that lives in one society and at one time. If Natus manages to connect well with her, if in Natal she is favorably placed with him personally, he will have a much better chance than some of his ancestors had.

Today it is incomparably easier to get rich than 100 or 200 years ago. Why? Because there are many more people, because XI is the second house from the tenth. What makes money from a profession? Idea, information of a new trend.

Today, trends are changing. Today, fashion is changing. The XI house is much stronger today than it used to be. The XI house is always stronger in every larger city than in the countryside, and in every developed country than in some less developed one.

The eleventh house gives us support, since it is in natural sextile with natus. It is the house of man and human sign – Aquarius.

If we look at the symbolism and go deeper into the nature of Aquarius, we will see Ganymede, the first mortal to become immortal.

He is the first man to climb Olympus to become a cupbearer to the Gods.

Therefore, this is something that gives you great support, that connects heaven and earth, which is a chance for every person. The eleventh house is fast and sudden, fast rhythm, etc.

Cancer in 11th House – Meaning and Info

That is why it is a chance to achieve something. Regardless of the fact that every state is proclaimed to move forward, a huge number of states and the collective unconscious are just spinning in one circle without any real option, dealing with their myths, history and standing there.

That is why a person with a good XI house should always go to those countries and spheres where that potential can be realized. And what is that potential? The second house (Taurus) of the tenth is just XI, and she says the wealth is in the ideas. Information and ideas bring more than working with real estate.

Since the XI house is the eighth of the fourth, forget the story of its origin because its goal is the cosmos – the true origin of man. This is not a story for Cancers, who are too devoted to personal and intimate tradition.

House XI will tear the family to pieces, which is a tendency in any modern society where family and patriarchy no longer function.

The opportunity to change our destiny comes from the first mortal to become immortal. It can come from the nature of the XI, through Uranus, Aquarius, the ruler of the XI house located on the ninth degree, etc. It can all be a joker offering liberation.

Some people are great with the past, and some people have a need to move forward. Someone is ahead, uncomfortable in the future, if the XI house, or the XI series is uncomfortably placed.

Then from that divine nectar that pours from Aquarius, from XI, no more nectar comes, but everything falls like a blow of fate.

Then these are sudden unexpected problems, a fall, a crash, or the end of what he has in X. It could be the end of his career, his job, or a blow on some other level.

The eleventh house is the personal happiness of each individual who says: “I am ahead of my time”.

Here, no one will sacrifice themselves for the good of the family, because that patriarchal model XI is not supported at all.

She is focused on herself, to be well, believing that it will be better for others as well. She asks why anyone would stay with a person they no longer love when someone else comes who will love her, which is a problem in relation to the family category.


In a cosmic sense it is selfishness that is better than human love. It carries distance, equality towards everyone, without any emotional nature. She feels what is good for everyone without bias.

That is why it is the house of friends or comrades, so the idea of communism came about through XI, to which it was a model.

But if there is no strong IX that offers cosmic answers, it is not possible to make an XI with the ideology of Marxism, because then the whole structure collapses.