Capricorn in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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Seems to be imprisoned when discussing long karmic programs, serious karmic plans for the distant future, in situations of administrative and organizational activities.

It seems to him that he falls out of all big karmic programs, where he simply has nothing to do, in particular, from all collectives organized for a practical purpose.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

How to approach him – remains a secret. It reacts to force with rigid resistance. The first blow must endure, so Aries can’t with him.

Soft and hypersensitive Cancer “comes to his head” because its water imperceptibly removes it layer by layer, it does not hit him, but crowns him.

Capricorn is an awkward enemy, mostly aware of his strength, he does not complain but waits.

The inflexible, rigid, unsocial, fundamental life battles he won alone. He does not listen to advice, he isolates himself from the environment by thinking and thinks. It is known that he does not undertake any undertaking until he has thoroughly thought about the causes and possible consequences.

No matter how important something is to him, he will not run into it. When he thinks of everything and finally starts, it is impossible to stop him. Slowly but steadily achieves the set goals.

Everything around him amazes with fanatical persistence. If Saturn is endangered, it can be dark, reckless, and destructive. But even the good aspects of Saturn cast a shadow of pessimism.

Even in the most ideal conditions, Capricorn does not believe that he can do something easily without obstacles. This rock will never unconditionally believe in its power. He will interrogate, he will doubt, he will suffer unnecessarily, but he will never give up.

He will stubbornly persevere in his life’s anguish. Surrounded by ubiquitous melancholy, deprived of euphoria, he survives the destruction of every empire. He does not react to insults, from the outside he acts as an unobtrusive observer of the colorful earthly world, which is based on incorruptibility, as a unique shelter.

Capricorn most serves the existence of that absolute meaning, so he does not waste energy on changeable, sensual passions.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, has traditionally been called a great teacher, and his teaching is primarily aimed at recognizing the essential difference between external values ​​that we receive from others and true, internal values, which we can inevitably find exclusively in ourselves.

Seriousness and reliability are undoubtedly important qualities for a successful business career, so it is not difficult to explain the omnipresence of Capricorns at the top of the list of successful ones when it comes to various jobs.

Regardless of the determination, he will fight for one of the leading positions that is for sure. These people persistently, but unobtrusively, reach their goals.

Although slow, they will not give up halfway, because they are incredibly ambitious. They also impose high standards on the environment.

This strong work energy spontaneously forces others to get the most out of themselves. Organized, efficient, cold-blooded, but above all just, Capricorns are the types of ideal leaders.

Only if Saturn is badly expected can they be arrogant, unapproachable, dictatorial, and insensitive to any kind of cooperation.

Retired and shy, the Capricorns remain lonely for a long time. Saturn hinders the expression of true feelings. They live love unobtrusively, without giving up, tormented by the eternal fear of being hurt and rejected.

They skillfully cover up vulnerabilities with self-control. Like Cancer, they are extremely attached to the family, although they mostly perceive it as their property.

In turn, these collectives constantly strive to sacrifice this person to themselves, loading him with the most difficult, monotonous, monotonous and uncreative work, which, at first glance, is decisively indifferent who exactly does.

This leads a person into a depressed, depressed, indifferent state, from which there is only one way out: persistently, inventively and as impersonally as possible to fulfill their duties, trying to find in them the secret traces of karmic programs – of one’s own and of other people.

Working out gives wisdom and prophetic abilities, a vision of large areas of karma, but it requires long and hard work and a lot, and most importantly, long self-sacrifice, such as a person with a different disposition of the 12th house is not capable of.

In captivity, this person is in ascetic conditions, and he needs to strive not for comfort, but rather to determine his general goals, tasks and obstacles that need to be overcome on the path to liberation, or rather, to comprehend the karmic revelations that await him in the depths. Mine of self-denial.

This person treats the unfortunate and rejected with understanding, but rather dryly, offering a specific thoughtful plan of help, and at a low level demanding from those around him similar plans (and their strict implementation) for himself; such a person can make a whole charitable organization work for himself, and this will not be enough for him.

Secret enemies are initially thought of exclusively as external ones; it is very difficult for a person to believe in the cunning of the programs of his own sub consciousness due to the excessive materialism of ideas on this topic; in any case, the fight against hidden enemies will be long and difficult.

12th House – Meaning and Info

The 12th house contains deeper levels of our mind. The mechanisms underlying our thoughts and actions, our thinking.

In this house, you can find his hidden psychological problems that we hide from society, and work on them. These weaknesses are often patterns of self-destruction, and if not eliminated in the soul, they will surely strike back in our lives.

Home is closely related to karma, and many of the hardships (or even rewards) that it brings are the result of past or even future lives.

It is also an open gate, to these other lives, meditating, praying and living a dignified life, you can send energy through these gates to your other incarnations.

The twelfth house governs our dreams, sleep patterns, and the times we sleep.

It is also called the home of the unconscious and secret. It denotes our secrets, fears, places of solitude and confinement.

All that is hidden, secrets and skeletons in the closet are things of the house of loss. Behind the scenes, illegal work, illegal business and confidential documents are also categories that fall under the influence of this house.

In addition, the house is responsible for the secrets that we can reveal both in ourselves and in the collective unconscious.

Vedic astrology JyotishDom also operates monasteries, shelters, hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers and all institutions that impose restrictions.

This does not necessarily mean that a person will be limited in freedom, he can work in a similar institution.

Another might be an artist who spends a lot of time alone so that he can work better, be inspired and use his imagination. Imprisonment and loneliness cannot be taken literally, it may well be a metaphor.

The house controls all large animals, as opposed to house 6, which controls small pets. People with harmful planets or planets that get adverse effects from “pests” are advised to stay away from large animals, as accidents can occur near them.

On the contrary, when fertile planets are present, a person can receive a lot of joy from large animals or even succeed in business that concerns them.

He represents the freedom of the soul from the shackles of worldly attachments. “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die,” is the motto of the twelfth house. Liberation is wonderful, but as soon as we start losing things, it becomes painful.

Generally, when planets are present in the 12th house, it is necessary to understand the meaning of their placement. The twelfth house is full of mysteries and you cannot literally interpret the planets.

The sun in the 12th house is an indicator of privacy. This usually makes someone lonely and the restriction will be imposed on them and not others. Such people can be quite shy, preferring not to be the center of attention.

The sun indicates an interest in psychology and the occult. A person will play the role of a psychologist in relation to others, even if there is no special education or knowledge. His advice can be as good as that of a professional.

If the Sun is somehow associated with career houses, 6 and 10 houses, a person can work in a prison, hospital or other place that restricts other people.

If the Sun is associated with the 9th house – the house responsible for religions – a person can choose to live in a monastery.

Moon A person with a Moon in the 12th house is always extremely sensitive to external currents, intuitive and inclined to hide his emotions.

Such placement can bring the gift of clairvoyance. The sentimental character of a person will make him strive to help people whom he considers martyrs, on the other hand, he can become a martyr himself, giving too much to others and not caring for himself. A person’s imagination is very strong and he often dreams.

The moon can disrupt his sleep, bringing quite a lot of dreams, which in the case of bad aspects can turn into nightmares. In addition, many nights can be sleepless and full of thoughts.

Capricorn in 12th House – Meaning and Info

If a person has 12 houses in Capricorn, he will have a constructive and loving style of character. This presents a certain danger, since cognitive dissonance may arise in consciousness, processing psycho-logical problems.

But at the same time it is possible to highlight the positive property, which is included in discipline. Man stubbornly works, always reaching the goals of life. The 12th house in Capricorn is the character of a person.

Worse, if this is an open type office, where it is constantly distracted and held. Even worse, if the boss doesn’t specify anything, and the goals seem vague. Then a person simply cannot know what the final goal is, what his role in the process is and where it all goes.

Sometime will be able to cope with the obligations, but the indicators will gradually deteriorate. In this way, the background is able to bring oneself to a depressive state. Persons are not recommended to be in labor collectives, occupied by practical work.

In them, she becomes a victim of her own, fulfilling the orders of the higher people. A person is assigned the most difficult responsibilities, requiring efforts, but he himself is not able to stand for himself and refuse.

They are transformed only into a faceless cog of the global system without a chance for the realization of personal ideas.

Therefore, it is recommended to select a professional activity associated with creative work. This will allow you to realize the internal potential, engaging in your favorite activity.

Although for the perfection of a good gift, it is imperative to inadvertently commit self-sacrifice.

The man should be in his secret desires and curb the urge to receive material treasure. Instead of them, they tend to strive for spiritual food, the intake of which is guarded by higher forces.

With a negative scene of the development of a character, such a person begins to compel the surrounding people to sacrifice him.

For the sake of health, it is clear-cut, without provoking an unhealthy pace. Instead of words of sympathy, the personality presupposes a well-thought-out plan, designed to solve the problem.

This behavior for the outsider may seem indifferent, therefore, it is not without reason causing condemnation. A person who has 12 houses in Capricorn feels himself surrounded by mysterious enemies.

However, this is an illusion, the intrinsic problems are the hidden programs of suspicion.

They tend to be excessively selfish. The preference of one’s own interests can lead to expressed mental oppression, which makes it necessary for a person to engage in charity.

Helping the unhealthy will restore mental equanimity and restore happiness in life.


The main advantage of a person is the ability to keep secrets.

Therefore, she is able to take on secret projects without giving out any information about the ongoing activity.

In a person’s work, it is necessary to create a quiet study, since, in general, he begins to feel the state of being alone. What then leads to psychological oppression and loss of vital interest?