Cancer in 4th House – Meaning and Info

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Cancer is a cardinal sign and included within the water signs.

Of the zodiacal signs, their character is the least clear; they can range from withdrawn, unsociable and boring to dazzling, attractive, and admired by others.

Sometimes he is too dreamy, which is why he mistakes the real world with the utopia he has built in his head: the refuge of the fantasies he adores.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

Cancer have an extraordinary memory and also possess an innate talent for the arts and letters. They are also ambitious and can easily change their profession, friendships, etc.

The Crab lives his life taking two steps forward and one step back; he is curious but fearful, he is brave but sensitive, he is fickle but conservative, come on, the best exponent of the spirit of pure contradiction!

When it comes to love, in her relationships Cancer is also a mixture of contradiction; if he is in a stable relationship, he truly loves, sincerely, although in his inner self that does not mean that he cannot have sex with other people. In addition, he is characterized by a tenderness, emotion and imagination that make him a very, very special lover.

This sign has some very important characteristics, such as love for their loved ones, loyalty, and a very protective character.

Cancer and Cancer are like a hen with her chicks, they protect them and give everything for their family and friends.

They love to live in family harmony and put all their hearts so that they do not lack anything. They are loyal and therefore will never turn their back on a loved one in bad times.

At the same time they also like to feel needed by others, so they can be a bit demanding and suffocating; this is especially noticeable in the relationships between a Cancer parent and their children.

The refuge of a Cancer person is his home, and that is why the house tends more to the cozy than to the dazzling. They are people who are proud of where they belong. They may seem cold, but when you meet them they are sensitive souls. They like to enjoy social events, but they also enjoy moments of solitude a lot, sometimes they prefer not to be disturbed.

A negative characteristic can be cyclothymic, if you argue with them they can explode with rage and after a while ask for forgiveness.

They are people with a lot of imagination that together with their marked emotional tint can lead to the brightest ideas.

Those born under this sign are excellent friends because they enjoy this maternal / parental gift that makes them faithful and protective people.

Even when they are not parents, they will put into practice that emotional depth that makes them people who defend tooth and nail those they love and give everything for them.

Cancer establishes deep ties with his people since he loves home and family. He takes great care of the people around him. He is loyal and does not turn his back during adversity. While he may be your main critic, he will defend you from others tooth and nail.

It is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. He loves from the bottom of his heart and puts his heart also in bed and sex. They are loving people, they like to express their affection. His ideal is home and a family.

Cancer is, as we said, a very emotional sign, although you have to ruffle them a bit because they are too balanced at the beginning.

That is to say, they look polite, polite and can even seem cold, but when they fall in love, they give themselves up. They have to be conquered, it is not easy to win their heart and they are not about going from couple to couple, they seek a sincere connection.

As they are people who like to give, they are attentive and are always listening to the other to please him. They seek to keep the couple alive and protect them. They adapt easily, but be careful, they are not looking for someone who looks like them, but to complement them.

4th House – Meaning and Info

What is my affective base? What are my family roots? How do I feel rooted in the world? What qualities bathe my childhood? These are the questions that the Natal Chart answers by analyzing the 4th House.

House 4 is the house where our unconscious background from the family resides.

The psychological inheritance and all the influence of our ancestors is reflected in the 4th House, along with the configuration of the Moon (see Moon in Astrology).

The planets found in House 4 are the fundamental tools we have to create a home and care for our own.

Our first identity is given by the ruling sign of the 4th House and the planets that occupy it. You also have to examine the natal Moon (sign, houses and aspects with other planets). This House gives a subjective vision to the individual.

What is here distorts the impartial perspective of reality. Therefore, it is a very important House for personal integration due to its psychic meaning.

In House 4 reside the feelings and ways of being customs of the collective that we have adopted, learned in childhood.

A person with the Sun in House 4 places great importance on safety, and is always protecting the family from it. A Moon in House 4 can indicate a clear attachment to the familiar and the known; it is scary to face new situations.

A Mercury in House 4 indicates that his word is colored by his emotional sensations; the sign will reaffirm it but a priori subjectivity predominates in its way of thinking and communicating.

Mars in House 4 has to do with a childhood with aggressive overtones or with a lot of substance of desire. Possibly the person felt invaded and has developed a defense mechanism within him.

Venus in the 4th House is someone with qualities to take care of children.

Jupiter in House 4 is the person who lived in the home enjoying great space, where it was easy to trust life.

Saturn in House 4 speaks of a certain loneliness in childhood. Possibly the mother was cold and she did not provide the emotional security that the child expected.

This field should be worked for inner growth and personal development.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in House 4 correspond to people with special or transpersonal sensitive qualities.

Childhood was full of “strangeness” such as secrets, drastic separations, confusion or deceptions … It is scary to contact intimacy.

Cancer in 4th House – Meaning and Info

The home life of the Cancer native in the 4th house will usually tend to offer him a lot of emotional satisfaction.

Very often, the native works exactly within his own home and creates everything with great pleasure. He has wonderful relationships with all members of the family.

He always supports any member of the family or family tradition. He negatively accepts changes in the way of life at home.

When this energy is negatively manifested in the letter, the person may be a bit selfish, anxious or nervous. To get what they want, they have to make great efforts and sacrifices.

Such an individual’s house is cozy and beautiful, something like a fairy tale cave most likely, his home gives him a sense of security.

Such an individual is inclined to take care of relatives and is condescending to family misunderstandings. Loveless marriage does not interest him, so it is likely that in that case, celibacy can be chosen.


The native with Cancer in the 4th house is very emotional and sentimental, adheres to all traditions. He badly needed strong kinship roots, although it is likely that at a young age he will be able to leave his father’s house. Parents have a moral impact on a person.

There is a possibility of developing some inherited diseases. You need to pay attention to this.