Cancer in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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The weak point of cancer is the stomach. It tends to sometime and is attacked by digestive problems.

The nervous also affects there, in the form of pains in the mouth of the abdomen.

Some natives of cancer take to calm anxiety or anguish with food, which can bring various problems, such as obesity, diabetes, pressure, and so on.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

The fact that they are very emotional also makes them depressed and spend long periods in bed watching TV with a plate of food next to them. They are prone to sedentary lifestyle. Among Cancers there are often obesity problems for these reasons.

A consolidation stage is coming. On the affective level there will be progress in the couple: it can be a commitment, starting a serious relationship where before there was only an occasional relationship or finding love for single people.

But you should not neglect the individual aspect, it is necessary to take advantage of it to get to know yourself well inside, since you must know how to enjoy being alone in order to be able to be well with another person later.

At work, Cancer natives will find change, whether it be new projects, promotions or company changes.

To achieve these changes you will have to step out of the famous comfort zone, in which you feel very comfortable but which does not provide you with any challenge.

Your planet is the moon that controls emotions, which makes Cancer very emotional. It is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

The positive side is that it is very parental, and the negative could be that the emotional can completely dominate it at times.

The fifth house of creativity and sex. Fifth house governs everything you do for fun and creative expression. Your sexuality (the main creative need of the soul) – an important part of this field. Children and the joy they bring to you also rules this home.

It is associated with entertainment, festivals, and the arts. He patronizes romance novels, new beginnings, foreign exchange deals and gambling. In this house you express your artistic skills and the ability to enjoy life.

As a child this house contains pets and playmates – it contains everything that belongs to your instinctive sympathy. It is the home of your heart.

In theory, at this point the space houses that we are fully aware of. We have the self-confidence (1st house) we have consolidated in her body (self-determined) (2nd house), examined his nervous system directly on the space around us (third house) and acquired security and a feeling of personal importance through the Meeting our emotional needs (4th house).

Summing up in the space of personal growth and real security, we are entering a new phase of accumulation of experience, we step into the second four houses are entering the social space of interaction with strangers.

Of course, most of us have not reached the level of full safety of the person, but even if we do, promoting deep social space is still risky. And everything that the 5th house tells us relates to conscious risk.

We know its value, but we also realize that unauthorized persons do not pay attention to us, and in fact, they have no particular reason for us to pay attention. We need to create a person who will be able to gain their attention, love, and approval.

The fifth and the first house are similar in that each of the houses relate to ways of expressing identity.

But the fundamental difference is that buildings that house the first spontaneous, naturally and relatively car. Fifth House aware, it’s all done on purpose, and he’s very single-minded.

This house is presented to you as if you are an actor on stage, aware of the public presence. These two houses have a tendency to merge into one cohesive expressive personality, but a careful observer would be able to tell when one house is gaining influence and weakening the other.

Of course the perfect tip is to make the “game” is so convincing that the public has no guess about it, and if you play well enough you can resolve into the individual that is being portrayed.

This does not mean that you are giving up your own “I”, but that you combine hidden temperament with a conscious personality; You, as an individual, increase your efficiency and your search for creative power to strengthen your relationship with the divine.

The fifth house extends to all kinds of personal creativity and risk awareness, from reflecting on what you want to say and refining to paint the portrait of the Mona Lisa. Fifth house – follow and is below the horizon so it is a sphere of subjective judgments as well as second home.

But the fifth house is in the western hemisphere, so the quality of the house – focus on other people. In this home, subjective quality is dominated (primarily on our feelings and sensations), but now we are going to judge ourselves based on how other people react to our behavior.

5th House – Meaning and Info

Once we have integrated our sense of personal identity through the activities of the Fourth House, we work to further establish our individuality through the expansive and fiery nature of the Fifth. It is here that the fruits of the family are produced with the birth of children.

It is also where the results of our efforts to integrate the different aspects of our personality are manifested, as well as the various forms of self-expression. The Fifth House is more about the outward demonstration of our talents and abilities, it is the House of “exposure.”

Here, I make an unequivocal affirmation of my own identity: through the Fifth House, I embroider my initials on my shirt and wear them proudly for all the world to see! If the Second House tells us about the money we have in the bank, the Fifth House tells us how we spend it.

If the Second House reveals our innate creative possibilities, the Fifth tells us how to express them. Sometimes we call the Fifth House the House of the parties, since it is associated with our pleasures and hobbies, with the games that we like and with our speculative orientation.

People who tend to play with love and / or money may have a strong Fifth House in their natal horoscope. In this House, we can locate our hobbies, vacations, and most importantly, our natural tendency toward love.

Falling in love is a feeling that makes us feel special, different, unique, and desired. The Fifth House is more the House of lovers than of Married people who are in the Seventh House, as we will soon discover).

The fifth house of the horoscope is responsible for creative expression, love and children. An analysis of the house makes it clear what brings joy to a person and inspires him.

By doing something with pleasure, people unleash their creativity. They are not afraid to prove themselves and showcase their talents in public.

The noise of applause and cheers from the audience are just confirmation that a person is on the right track. The fifth house will tell you about how the native attracts attention to himself.

However, a favorite hobby is not the only outlet for creative, constructive energy.

Children are also a source of joy, because you can leave your mark on life not only by expressing yourself in any activity.

For most people, children are the greatest contribution to life, an extension of oneself, a powerful energy that has expression in the future.

5th house and its characteristics the signs of the zodiac and the planets located in the 5th field will indicate the style and manner through which each of us manifests himself. Each creative person’s handwriting is unique.

Someone likes to demonstrate their intellectual talents and oratory, others sing, paint, dance, sculpture, etc. The main thing is to understand what exactly is the source of joy and inspiration for each of the people. The analysis of the 5th house of the horoscope can help well with this.

The 5th house is also in charge of various contests, contests and competitions. People with a strong 5th field do not mind playing the lottery, and they do get lucky a lot. They see pleasure not in money, but in excitement and the opportunity to win, to feel like a favorite of fate. Another meaning of this house is love.

Cancer in 5th House – Meaning and Info

The fifth house in astrology is traditionally considered a “happy” house. It governs the themes of life that, when accomplished, represent pleasure to most people – love, children. The fifth house in astrology is traditionally considered a “happy” house. It governs the themes of life that, when accomplished, represent pleasure to most people – love, sex, children.

The fifth house includes all types of entertainment and recreation such as sports, excursions, clubs, casinos, as well as all types of creative and / or artistic expression – hobbies, acting, public appearances, performances, and music.

But at its core – AC is ourselves, and the fifth house is us when we express ourselves. It is a place where we present ourselves to the world and where we create something, a house where we look for our place under the sun, our stage.

Identification with the created and expressed is a natural trap, so the planets in this house can make parents too possessive towards children, while it can make some others dependent on love, attention, fame and yes – drama.

The fifth house is the lion’s house, the house of the Sun’s domicile, and the Sun represents the ego. A healthy ego, a healthy Leo, a healthy fifth house – it creates and expresses itself, because it is its natural impulse, its spontaneous need.

The energy of AC tends to manifest and enjoys the process, it is expressed because it is its nature, not because of some “reward” or benefit.

The other side of the lion’s share of security, confidence, and royal dignity is, of course, insecurity, which in some cases is offset by overemphasized expression.

Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem are then attempted to be compensated for by receiving attention and confirmation from others (this is known to some Saturn in the fifth house or Saturn in Leo).

Such a Leo (5th house) can behave like a little cat, without any regard for others – expecting, demanding – attention, love, cuddling, and of course, not accepting not as an answer. We know that little kittens are owners in the early morning hours, jump on the bed, pretend to be hungry, when they basically want only a little attention and the like, push their head into their lap when they want to be petted, and so on.

In cats, it’s cute, in humans it mostly bothers us. Only children (fifth house) more or less tolerate such behavior. The fifth house is also the house of children, so the planets that are there have a dose of childhood, but in the positive – a child’s innocence, playfulness and creativity.

As soon as we create something through the fifth house, we are subject to its “pains”. And that is – the need for confirmation, the need for attention, the need for “applause” under the “spotlight”. Whether the lion has expressed emotion towards someone (in a love affair) or has expressed himself through some artistic medium, he is now waiting for reactions, confirmation.

The identification with the created and expressed through the fifth house is strong, and we are all, if nothing else, familiar with that feeling of insecurity in love relationships – “will it be reciprocated, will it be accepted?”

The planets in the fifth house often have a part of the personality that is hungry for attention and evaluation, and can act as an emotional “bottomless bag” and / or attract (outside) turbulent relationships or people who act like the fifth house (especially Pluto). , Saturn and the Sun).

Pride is also a lion’s share of pain, as is a child’s selfishness. The Little Lion mostly thinks of himself, not others.

As a house of entertainment, the heel emphasizes the need for action, drama, excitement, risk, so many athletes, adventurers and gamblers have a pronounced heel.


While the harmonious Cancer gives love, gives itself, gives energy (because it already has it all), the disharmonious heel seeks (draws) attention, emotion, energy, behaves like a dissatisfied child.

Because of this full fifth house often brings a turbulent love life, and “addiction” to the same – love as a drug.

These are “ideal types”, a person can be very creative and demanding in love, on some topics he gives, while on others he receives. Those who shine from the inside do not “need” spotlights on themselves. But that, of course, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve them.