Cancer in 6th House – Meaning and Info

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You probably feel particularly comfortable in the water, because that’s your element. Your horoscope is dependent on the moon, which you can see from the fact that your emotional state is influenced by it like the tides. You are often sociable and cheerful, but sometimes you have to withdraw when it gets too much for you.

Your emotional and helpful streak comes into play when dealing with other people.

As a good observer and listener, you can easily empathize with other people’s problems and give them good advice along the way.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

This interpersonal closeness is important to you. But you are also disappointed when someone ignores your advice and then you keep your distance.

Therefore, you need understanding people around you who can deal with your character.

Finding such people is not always easy for you because your zodiac sign often takes longer to get involved with other people.

However, your friends appreciate your good qualities. You cultivate the relationship with them and please them with small gifts.

Plus, their secrets are safe with you, and your trustworthy nature makes it easy for them to talk to you.

Because your zodiac sign is often confronted with the problems of others, you can sometimes find it difficult to see the good side of life. When faced with a new situation, you tend to assume the worst. You like the security of the familiar and want to protect your loved ones from misfortune.

Even at the risk that they might think you’re patronizing.

Typically Cancer, you like to show your soulful character: You take care of your partner or your children with self-sacrifice and prefer to spend your time at home in your own four walls.

With their caring, but also often childlike and emotional nature, babies born with Cancer are the perfect mothers. As a cancer, you don’t have high expectations yourself and you can put your own needs aside.

That’s why you don’t necessarily have a steep career, but prefer to concentrate on your interpersonal contacts.

As a Cancer man you are just as empathetic, loving and tender as the Cancer woman and thus a sought-after partner.

However, people who have their eyes on your zodiac sign need a lot of patience to convince you of themselves. You are afraid of disappointment and it takes a long time before you put your trust in someone.

That is why people who are born in the horoscope of Cancer are rarely open to affairs and instead want a long and happy relationship. In this you pamper your partner – also with your cooking skills, because these are also typical of your zodiac sign.

Generally you are a family person. In addition to your desire to have a wife and children in your own house, you probably also have a good relationship with your mother.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman: The Cancer horoscope is very romantic and dreams of great love. You want a loyal partner who you can look after lovingly and who in return offers you a home and a strong shoulder to lean on.

You would love to spend every second with him and if you can’t see each other for a while, there has to be at least one call a day. Not all zodiac signs can handle your character though.

For example, someone born in the Aquarius horoscope is freedom loving and may feel hemmed in by being around you. But if he tries to break out, it hurts you.

The relationship with an Aquarius can therefore only succeed if you both learn to take each other as you are.

It’s easier to have someone from the zodiac sign Taurus by your side: Just like you, Taurus wants to escape hectic everyday life in a cozy home. He likes to have friends or relatives at home that you can look after together.

When you are without a partner, you give your affection to others, be they family and friends or a new pet. Cancer just doesn’t like being alone. A partner who supports you in your endeavors is important to you because he will help you to put your wishes into practice.

The family is more important to you than the job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You usually don’t fight for a better salary or recognition and prefer to avoid disputes, but with your cordial nature you work wonders for the working atmosphere and are therefore popular with everyone.

6th House – Meaning and Info

The 6th house of the horoscope shows small animals, our “servants”, diseases and difficult periods in life (deprivation, misfortune, difficulties in general).

And the planets in the 6th house are much weakened and can even cause certain diseases. In his article on houses in astrology, Mark showed why the 6th house of the horoscope has such meanings.

From it you can see the beginning of the disease, the end, how it interferes with the affairs of a person. But to make diagnoses, to understand the causes of the disease.

You need to make astrological recommendations for 1 house. It is the 1st house of the horoscope that shows the body, health and any energy imbalance. All astromedicine is built on 1 house research.

The 6th house of the horoscope is needed in forecasting or in assessing predispositions to disease in general.

Especially the sign of the cusp and the planet in the 6th house will help with this. (Note: If you want to master astrology and synthesize various chart indicators, find out if you have a talent for this.

Take a short test and find out the answer within 3 minutes). The native’s servants When we talk about servants, we are talking about everyone who works for you (even if it’s a job for 20 minutes, such as a hairdresser), or obeys you.

It can be hired employees, freelancers, a project team that you pay, you give out instructions and wait for the result. Some people mistakenly associate this with the home of work. But no, the house of work is the 10th house of the horoscope.

And the 6th house in astrology is a place of service to you, including household services that you order. Here, for example, how the astrologer Ksenia Makarova interprets the 6th house of the horoscope, as the house of everyday small work of the native himself, as his place of work.

However, most astrologers think so. Mark Rusborne, in his article on houses in astrology, showed where this misinterpretation came from. However, in this video from Xenia there are also useful properties of the 6th house of the horoscope, like the house of diseases.

Cancer in 6th House – Meaning and Info

Speaking about Cancer or Moon in the 6th house, first of all it is necessary to say about psychosomatics. Everything else follows from this very psychosomatics.

Holders of Cancer in the 6th house are rather suspicious about their health and tend to invent all sorts of different “sores” for themselves. A high degree of anxiety combined with the incredible power of self-hypnosis (especially with regard to fears) can give real illnesses, for those organs for which the Moon is responsible.

Yes, often on other organs, because the Moon stands somewhere, is connected with someone by aspects, there are those very quadrature and opposition Signs, or the Sun Sign or any other affected Sign – therefore, if “desired”, they can create a disease in any the place of your body. Or having a psychological nature, the disease can grow on its own.

Cancer owners in the 6th house are treated quite well. They are fearful, prone to hypochondria, therefore, as a rule, they follow all the doctor’s prescriptions well.

The attitude to the disease is very emotional – most often they tend to exaggerate in their head the consequences of the conditions they experience. During illness, they are moody and irritable.

On the other hand, any emotional shock, and even just a negative emotion, especially fear, immediately affects the state of health.

I think you know that the Moon controls the astral field – or the field of emotions. The state of the astral body directly affects the state of the etheric body (a kind of energy immunity of a person), but through it and on the physical body, causing, in case of a violation, illness.

As you can imagine, dependence on emotions makes a person very unstable, and he is often accused, at best, of “excessive emotionality,” at worst, of neurosis.

It is obvious that the Moon affects the mental state of a person, and as an element of the 6th house, it jeopardizes the psychological health of a person.

The moon is responsible for adaptation, as well as the ability to rest and feel relaxed. In this regard, it should be noted that ANY defeat of the Moon by malefactors, even if it IS NOT an element of the 6th house, can serve as an indication of mental illness.

These are people prone to neurosis (defeat from Uranus or Mars), mental disorders (defeat from Neptune), and depression or deep fears (from Saturn or Pluto).

Responsible for sleep as a way of rest, the affected Moon indicates sleep disturbances, a feeling of anxiety, moodiness and a tendency to emotional manipulation (again, she may NOT be an element of the 6th house!).

In this regard, it is obvious that the owners of the Moon in the 6th house, or the 6th house in Cancer, first of all need to monitor their emotions.

By the way, suppression is not appropriate and even dangerous here! Here you need deep work on yourself and your fears, with the help of self-knowledge or the work of a psychologist.

By the way, pure Water in all its manifestations helps Cancers in this. Very many six-domed Cancers, or owners of Cancer isolated in a different way, say that after communicating with people unpleasant for them, being in unpleasant circumstances, or experiencing severe stress, they literally physically feel the need to wash and, if possible, wash their hair.

This is a purely Cancer and Pisces way of cleansing. Not in vain, most traditions have retained the memory of the need to wash the child if he bursts into crying, or he was “jinxed” (interestingly, traditionally, in addition to hands and face, children are recommended to wash their feet (Pisces!)).


Generally speaking, six-House Cancers, and indeed the designated Cancers in general, are prone to self-digging, thinking about themselves and what is happening in their lives, therefore, in principle, for them there is no big problem to deal with themselves and on their own (though this will require showing inner honesty and the greatest possible objectivity).