Cancer in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Cancer as a strong tendency to fundamental support. Since Capricorn is on the ascendant, marriage and strong relationships are seen as essential to having a stable position in society.

The person looks for a partner who provides a solid foundation that allows individual and family growth.

The partner should be able to provide comfort, affection, and emotional security.

This is definitely not a divorce-oriented person: Once engaged, Cancer in the descendant wants to stay there.

These people find it very difficult to assume their own emotional responsibilities.

Very often, they project their emotional needs onto the partner, basically asking the other person to be the vehicle and cure for all their emotional problems and instability.

Partnerships in business and people who can support a career are of great importance.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Moon, associated with empathy and everything related to motherhood.

It is sensitive to the deepest feelings of the soul. It encompasses a world of sensations that are difficult to describe in words or in any other way.

The dream world is always present, and no other sign is able to access it as easily as the imaginative and sensitive native of Cancer.

Cancer is introverted by nature, preferring the quiet of contemplation, in which he encounters the most subtle and delicate aspects of life. He can passively capture impressions and reflect them on others.

People with a strong influence of this sign in their natal chart like to take care of others and to be taken care of. They want to transmit warmth and security to their loved ones, and they expect the same from them in return. They like children and can easily empathize with them since they have not lost contact with their inner child, sometimes reluctant to grow up.

They have great intuition and are receptive to the moods of others. Sometimes they sink into depression, perhaps because of the latter. They need emotional contact and this can lead them to try to manipulate others unconsciously.

Due to their emotional nature, they run the risk of rejecting any use of reason, letting themselves be carried away only by their feelings.

Sometimes they build their own shell to hide and protect their sensitive, influence able, shy and vulnerable heart.

As a strategy to achieve their goals, they will take refuge in their armor. They tend to look to the past and are often conservative.

For them the past is as important as the present, because the experiences of yesterday are repeated today. They often refer to childhood experiences and relationships.

Both Cancer and its opposite sign, Capricorn, take social aspects into account. In the case of Cancer, great importance will be given to small nuclei such as the family, while Capricorn will give it to the norms and structures on which said society is based.

As a water sign, like Scorpio and Pisces, it is very sensitive and surrenders to the world of emotions. But while Cancer is nostalgic for the sea from which it comes, Scorpio could well be compared to a murky swamp from which the lotus flower rises, and Pisces to a meandering stream.

From signs square Cancer, Cancer can learn from Aries the ability to take action and from Libra to socialize in a relaxed way with others. Influenced by the changing Moon, Cancer is represented by a crab, they have emotional ups and downs, and they are the sentimental ones of the zodiac.

Very intuitive and empathetic people. Like the fluctuations of the waters of the sea, they know how to listen to the people they love at the same time that they are willing to offer them well-being.

Ruled by the Moon, symbol of femininity and fertility. Under its influence, romanticism and sensitivity define you. Your emotional world is very rich and you get excited easily.

As for your way of relating, you are sensitive and vulnerable. You are never short of creativity or inspiration. Family values ​​are very important to you.

Since it is the first of the water signs, Cancer has psychic powers and is capable of perceiving the feelings and thoughts of others: he tends to perceive rather than think. When you love someone, you do it intensely and truly, and feel like connecting on a deep level.

As expected, Cancer is the ruler of the fourth house, the part of the horoscope that describes your emotional roots, your home, your childhood and your least influential parent, usually your father. Usually the fourth house symbolizes your inner state.

Understanding the personality of Cancer will help you maintain and / or build a good relationship with those born under the sign. Take a look at these 5 positive and negative sides of cancer.

You are a rare pearl! Loving, protective, generous, you are benevolence embodied. Flexible and helpful, it is easy to live with you and therefore you are always very well surrounded. Your family is your base, your pillar and you easily add your friends to this little clan.

Loving and kind, you do everything you can to keep your loved ones united around you. Peaceful and respectful of all, we often notice her great open-mindedness. The well-being of all is at the center of your concerns and you always make sure that peace remains in your home.

As you know, your sensitivity makes all your charm, but you have a sentimental side that tends to annoy your loved ones. Susceptibility to illness and mood swings are what those around you have to deal with.

It seems impossible to be honest with you, at the risk of having to deal with your endless sobs or even your emotional blackmail. You have a hard time managing your emotions, but try to remember that your loved ones love you and that they are acting for your own good and not for your own pain.

Capricious and with a very moody mood, you are like a child who must always be calm and satisfied. Eager for signs of affection, you sulk as soon as we don’t meet your expectations.

7th House – Meaning and Info

The 7th House encompasses all relationships in which there is some kind of commitment, ranging from marriages, work and legal agreements, it links all links that depend on responsibility and the way to deal with this type of relationship.

The seventh astral house is closely related to the tendency to compromise and the lack of commitment.

It also encompasses the people we consider, as well as separations and breakups, whether work or emotional, as it is a link with our commitment and equality in our relationships.

It is also the counterpart, our enmity with other people and our treatment of them, the breaking of the agreements reached in a relationship based on respect and mutual agreement.

Unlike House 1, in House 7 we propose our relationship with others and the people around us, contrary to ourselves, it is important to note that many times the treatment we have with ourselves and with others is not usually Likewise.

When we talk about a commitment, we refer to a very important union, whether in the legal or sentimental field. It is an agreement that represents a lot of responsibility on the part of the people involved and depending on the type of influences that these relationships receive, they can be borne in a positive or negative way.

There may be people who fulfill a previously agreed commitment in a responsible and correct way, either being faithful to their partner in marriage or fulfilling their obligations in a job or there may also be people who do not know how to handle these relationships in the best way.

Cancer in 7th House – Meaning and Info

The native who has Cancer in the 7th house is super emotionally connected with his partner, who will be inclined to give the same to him or her. He is extremely sensitive to the emotions of his friends and the people around him.

The quality of relationships with members of his family directly influences him. He is a person who tries to avoid social obligations, since he does not like them at all.

He is a very receptive person and the same happens with his enemies. He tends to hold a grudge and not forget who makes him go through some kind of pain.

The native who has Cancer in the 7th house always seeks to win, he does not feel very good about losing, however he ends up accepting defeat if he has no other choice. When he works in a team he is usually a taciturn person, vulnerable, cautious, careful, considerate and attentive.

When the energy of the sign and its ruler is in a bad cosmic position, these people tend to betray their peers. In your family, these people are inclined to create a heavenly atmosphere for your loved ones, but deep down in your soul you can be jealous of everyone.

Having deep emotional needs, this person always wants to find a partner who values ​​the family and can form it with her in the future.

Such a man looks to his partner for the image of the mother, and the woman sees her partner as a father.

Often these women fall in love with a rather passive and very affectionate man.

Speaking of Venus, its trine to Jupiter and those dreams of the heart that give us life or connect us with energy, let’s talk about something that worries many because I always receive messages with this question.

When you are getting to know your map and you do not understand very well what you see there in that diagram, it is normal to worry because there are areas that are blank and if each area is supposed to represent an aspect of my life, nothing happens there?

Not only is house 7 – related to the couple – they are also concerned about house 2 – money – or house 5, which are the children for example.

The answer is that there is nothing to worry about, the planets are mobile (in fact they were called in ancient astrology) and they are in an eternal celestial dance, we are born in a moment of that choreography that is stamped on our map, but that it does not mean that the planets have stopped there at that very moment when one breathed the first time.

So on the one hand our map is a screenshot but in reality it is a video, not a photo, to use a more current language.

Already out there you are understanding the concept of the famous planetary “transits”, that is, in some moments there will be planets passing through all the corners of your map in a cyclical way and those spaces will not be empty.

But what happens when no one is moving around? Do I have to wait for traffic to arrive to find a partner or make money? Nor is it so.

You see, each of those spaces on your map called “houses” is related to the constellation (sign) that was there at the time of your birth, for example we say: “my house 7 is Cancer” or “my house 2 is Taurus” So that already implies that there is a base energy always in action with respect to those areas even if they do not have planets inside.

If your 7th house is empty, but it is Cancer, then you have to look at what your Natal Moon is doing: that will give you the key on all the issues of a couple, important relationships, alliances, rivalries, etc.

If your 2nd house is empty but it is Taurus, it will be Venus that will inform you about what is happening with your productive life, your businesses and your resources, and so on we put the houses into action through their “rulers” or planetary guardians.


The native who has Cancer in the 7th house always seeks to win, he does not feel very good about losing, however he ends up accepting defeat if he has no other choice.

When he works in a team he is usually a taciturn person, vulnerable, cautious, careful, considerate and attentive.