Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you have a crush on someone or you want to know how well you would get along with a specific person, your main urge is to discover that fact.

You are most likely obsessing over that person and even stalking their social profiles to find out more about them.

One way to find out more about the person you are interested in is to check your horoscope compatibility with that person.

That is easier said than done because you need their precise birth data, and that is usually information you cannot get as easily, especially after just meeting them.

The information you can get fairly easily is their horoscope sign because such a question wouldn’t be considered as awkward as asking them about the exact time and place of their birth, which a precise astrological compatibility analysis would require.

All horoscope signs have unique characteristics which can be used to compare the characters of two individuals and demonstrate their basic partnership compatibility.

They can also point out the potential issues between them.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is a sweet and loving human being. He is a kind of a man your parents would certainly choose for you, and he completely deserves that trust. One of the things a typical Cancer man values the most is harmonious family life, and he is a loyal and devoted partner as well.

This man is very sociable and shy at the same time. He loves people and loves being in their company, but there are moments when he suddenly begins feeling awkward and unadjusted.

These men don’t give their trust easily, and cannot relax in the company of strangers and people they know superficially.

If you don’t know him well, and you notice him start acting strangely, help him get over this inadequacy quickly. Begin talking to him and start a subject you know that he will like. Food is one of their main joys, and they love talking about it, as well as preparing it.

Almost every Cancer man is a good cook and enjoys preparing food. One of the ways to get to his heart is cooking for them. A woman who is good in the kitchen is a pure delight for this man. Such a woman reminds him of his mom, to whom he is usually much attached.

This man loves eating, and that is often evident in his physique. Many Cancer men have issues with their weight and are often on special dietary regimes. Even the fittest of Cancer men, often have a few pounds of weight they should lose.

These men often have issues with their confidence and the fact that they have more weight than they should, which becomes a serious problem when they need to approach girls they like. They are often shy, and that adds up to their insecurity.

Cancer men like Cancer women can be prone to mood changes. The reason is their ruling planet, the Moon. The Moon rules our subconscious content and our emotional being. The emotions of a Cancer person change accordingly to the phases of the Moon, and that can be manifested in different intensity, depending on the circumstances.

The Cancer man can suddenly become distant or sad, and you won’t know why; sadly, most of the times he won’t know the reason himself. Fortunately, these mood swings don’t last long, and he is soon back to being the funny and sweet man that he is.

These men are rarely players, who make lists of women they have been with. They naturally strive towards a committed relationship with one person, and they look for this person since their young age. These men (like Cancer women) are very attached to their families, and especially to their mothers.

In a woman, they look for a motherly figure, which has a nurturing and protecting nature. They often imagine their lives as living peacefully in the warm embrace of their loving wife and surrounded by their children. These men love children and are caring and tender fathers.

They are good providers, not just for their kids and wife, but also for the other members of their family. They love to feel the security savings can provide for them, and they rather save then spend money.

These men often collect material wealth in the form of real estate, investing their earnings in houses and apartments, which they lease and turn their investment into profit.

Your Cancer boyfriend or husband might not be the most passionate lover, but he will certainly warm your heart and soul. He will shower you with his attention and love. You will feel cozy and calm, tucked in his arms while you watch a movie together.

If you are a kind of girl which prefers the safety and peace of a loving and caring relationship, you won’t miss the thrill of adventure, unexpectedness, and excitement which men of other signs might bring you. You will be the object of envy of many women while walking with this man holding your hand.

Sure, he might have his bugs occasionally, but you won’t mind them, feeling sure about his love for you.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are specific in many ways. They are not typical women and can appear surprising to many people. They often seem as if from another world. Their beliefs and attitude might seem awkward, and different from anyone you have ever met.

That is not a bad thing, but it can be something you will need to get used to if you don’t share some similar traits.

Their uniqueness and unpredictability come mostly from their ruling planet, Uranus. Uranus is a planet which rules bizarre behavior and instability.

These women (as well as Aquarius men) are true humanists, who often have professions where they help a lot of people. They love all people, and sometimes it can be difficult for them to focus on one person exclusively because they feel that there are so many other people who are in more need of their attention.

Many Aquarians have a mission to help humanity in some way, whether it is helping people, animals, nature, etc. They seek partners who have similar goals and desires in life. If the Aquarius woman you are interested in has such aspirations, you will need to be supportive of them if you want to have a chance of being with her in a long-term relationship.

These women are all about freedom. Don’t try to control them and influence them into doing things they don’t like.

They have a developed sense of what they want and don’t want, and they are very independent. They want a man who respects that part of their personality and is creative and independent as well.

These women are idealists who choose to focus on the good things in life and don’t let easily be discouraged by the present circumstances regardless of how bad they might seem. They always strive towards better things and they often experience what they expect, often due to an unusual set of events.

Aquarius women often seem unpredictable and somehow difficult to explain. They are emotional, but their emotions are revealed in a manner which cannot be easily understood.

They can appear cold and distant, when in fact they are very much in love with you. They are a mystery that cannot be easily deciphered and sometimes never. Men who love a good mystery find these women very tempting and hard to resist. They never seem to know what is on their mind and whether they are interested in them or they are just killing their time with them.

Of course, there are Aquarius women with some other (usually water planetary influences), whose emotions are transparent and can easily be understood, but these women are mostly closed off and difficult to understand.

Their unpredictability sometimes surprises even them. If they begin to get bored in a relationship and the person they are with isn’t inspiring enough and suffocates them, they can simply vanish. They don’t consider it as a big deal because they believe that no one, even the person they are with should tolerate anything.

Their reactions can be haste and thoughtless, but they are ready to take the consequences; and they almost never regret their actions. They act impulsively because it is their nature and they don’t apologize for their acts (Usually they are not aware of hurting someone. Typical Aquarius women would never do such thing on purpose).

These women are often about breaking the rules and they often detest rules and conventions.

Aquarius women are intellectual beings rather than sexual. They love sex, but they prefer partners who can stimulate them both intellectually and physically. They have an open attitude about sex and they are not the least bit shy. These women can often be prone to experimenting in sex and there is almost no limit to what they consider acceptable (normal) behavior in sex.

They find intelligent conversations very exciting, and a person who they find interesting can maintain their interest for a long time. They enjoy talking to men, especially about subjects which most women don’t find interesting at all. These women are unique in any possible way, and that goes on with the topics that interest them.

Aquarius women have strong personalities and they know what they want. If you have similar qualities, you are independent, unconventional and a bit weird, you might stand a chance with this unusual woman.

Love Compatibility

A Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are usually not a compatible couple. They are very different, and there need to be some other compatible planetary placements in their charts for them to get along well and maintain a stable and long-lasting relationship.

The Cancer man is usually overly emotional and stagnant for his Uranus ruled partner.

He won’t be able to get used to her unpredictable reactions and her love for diversity, adventure and freedom.

He wants a woman to enjoy with, in the comfort of his home, while she needs someone to follow her, or lead her to various adventures (often around the world). If these two are somehow brought together, they probably won’t last long, or their relationship won’t be a happy one.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman is even a rarer occurrence than a love relationship between these two. They differ in their basic views of the world. They also have different needs, goals, and desires in life.

The differences between them, if they happen to be typical representatives of their signs, are so huge, that they are almost insurmountable.

They can get married because of a momentary infatuation with one another, but they will soon realize (usually after the honeymoon excitement is over) that their marriage was a bad idea.

If they happen to have a child or children together, they are able to find a mutual consensus about their upbringing because they are both very sensitive to weak and unprotected beings.


A friendship relationship is possibly the best choice for a relationship between a woman Aquarius and a Cancer man, although not a perfect one.

The Cancer man can be annoyed by the Aquarius woman unpredictability, which he can consider as her unreliability.

She might be bored by his attitude and his hesitance to accept changes and new experiences.

These two don’t have much in common unless there are some intertwined beneficial planetary influences. 

Cool Facts

The Cancer man and the Aquarius woman have different personalities, but they can find some common ground in their inborn sensitivity and nurturing characteristics.

The difference between them is that the Cancer man tends to demonstrate these traits towards the ones that are very close to him, while the Aquarius woman is more humanity oriented and tends to offer her help to some worldly causes. 


A Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are not a good match for any partnership; there are way too many differences in their characters, which are almost impossible to overcome, and neither side is usually willing to compromise.

These are the reasons why the relationship between them usually doesn’t begin in the first place.