Libra Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The mysterious vastness of the cosmos has always fascinated humankind. In modern times, we observe it from a scientific point of view, in the first place.

We try to measure every corner of it and find a way to travel to distant planets.

It is kind of a ‘space age of discoveries’. In old times, people were more interested into mysterious powers of the universe and its influence our world’s destiny, in more spiritual and abstract terms.

We still wonder if some mysterious forces of the universe rule over our lives.

Science, no matter how advanced, has no answer to such questions. Alternative approaches and pseudo sciences, such as astrology, are still trying to figure it out.

Astrology has been doing so since far past, millennia of years back into past, until our day.

Sun Sign

According to astrology, planets of our own little universe, our Solar system, affect individual people’s lives, and shape up our personalities, guiding us through our lifelines.

Astrology is based upon this planetary principle.

Birth charts provide data about planetary position related to an individual.

An experienced astrologer interprets such a chart and offers you valuable information about your personality and destiny.

The first planet to consider is the Sun; in astrology, all Solar system bodies are called planets, including the Sun and the Moon.

Since the Sun is the center of the Solar system, as seen from a perspective of modern Western astrology, it is also the center of one’s birth chart. The Sun decides upon one’s native zodiac sign and that person’s major characteristics.

The Sun in a natal chart stands for one’s core personality traits and personal strength. In a birth chart, it also decides upon the area of life in which one is challenged to prove him or herself.

It does not necessarily mean he or she would do so, but the field gives the best opportunities for that. It is the source of one’s personal drive and motivation.

The Sun shapes up your Ego and boosts your creative energy. It leads you into action, decisions and achievements.

The Sun is everything that manifests openly about your personality.

It is about your attitude towards life in general and everything in it. The Sun shines upon your life and makes you the person you are. However, other planets affect it as well.

Sun in Libra

We have said that the Sun determines one’s native sign.

When a person asks you about your horoscope, he or she usually wants to know what is your birth, ruling sign. It is your Sun sign!

Therefore, with the Sin in Libra, you are a Libra person and you share some basic Libra traits with all other Libras. What are Libras alike?

Let us briefly go through a typical Libra profile.

Libras are friendly, easygoing, approachable and relaxed people. They naturally balance their rational self with their emotional part. They have good intuition, but also a steady mind and good reasoning.

They combine the two perfectly and that is, perhaps, their best quality. It is a rare one, no matter of how common it sounds.

Libras are kind, polite, elegant, calm, diplomatic and peaceful people. They are helpful and would do great things in the name of justice and righteousness.

Libra people hate injustice and that is probably the only thing they have no tolerance for. Libras are great mediators and a voice of reason in critical situations.

Libras are of pacifistic nature and they firmly believe all things could be settled through a peaceful, reasonable approach. They avoid arguments and fights. They think carefully before they act.

Some would say Libras are indecisive, but we would rather call them reasonable.

They do not plan a lot, but when they are about to make a decision, they would stop and think about the most appropriate and the least dramatic way.

Libras are likeable and honest people. They are supportive, open hearted, hospitable and they feel good in their own skin.

Moon Sign

The Moon is the second one to consider. It is important just as the Sun is, because, in a way, it represents your ‘other side’, the hidden, unconscious one.

The Moon rules over the realm of dreams and imagination.

It has always been considered a mysterious principle. The Moon about the way you experience the world around you through your emotions.

It is associated with the element of Water and its nature is changeable. It quickly changes places, travelling fast throughout the Zodiac.

The place of the Moon in one’s natal chart determines the field of life that is supposed to bring one the greatest comfort, but possibly the greatest emotional vulnerability, as well.

The Moon is something you feel deeply inside and cannot explain by any logic.

The Moon makes one empathic, receptive, compassionate, protective, nurturing and caring. It bounds people to their home and helps you build strong bonds with people.

The Moon connects people on a deeper level, beyond what they know about one another. They Moon also connects you with the past and secures your memories.

Moon in Taurus

The sign of Taurus is the place of the Moon’s exaltation. Taurus is an earthly sign, warm, calm, materialistic and providing.

The Moon in Taurus gives one incredible qualities. These people are creative and practical, also very sensing personalities.

These people are capable of finding beauty and pleasure in the simplest things they find in life. They are attached to nature and they enjoy making things by their own hands.

Moon Taurus people have extremely well developed senses. Their senses help them with their emotional response; these are inseparable for Moon Taurus people. They feel it all, on all levels.

Moon Taurus people find inspiration everywhere around and they need direct, physical experience.

They are very materialistic, in that sense. They are practical and present in reality. They believe life is to be enjoyed to the fullest.

They work diligently to provide the best for themselves and their loved ones. Comfort, safety, security and coziness are the most important to them. They are typically bond to their home and family, they are traditional and do not change their path easily.

Taurus Moon ones do not like change; Taurus is too strong to be easily influenced by the Moon’s wandering quality.

Instead, the Moon only boosts Taurus’ natural warmth, sensing, and feeling nature. These people feel at their best if their loved ones feel safe and secure with them.

They are not strict and overly protective, but providing. They are kind, loving and romantic, but not dreamy.

They show their feelings through practical gestures that make others feel relaxed and pleased.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Libra Sun Taurus Moon are quite balanced and calm individuals.

They have a sense of justice and fair play, do not concern themselves with opinions of everyone and know how to enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. They do everything in a relaxed, easygoing manner.

They are everything opposite of quick tempered, but they would firmly defend their cause.

They are laid back people, the ones you could always feel comfortable around.

They are communicative, but not too much. They carefully think before they speak and like to observe the situation from all angles.

They do not make hasty decisions or take risks. They are not strict and stiff, either; they act spontaneously in a situation, but have a general plan they stick to.

Material stability and comfortable environment is an imperative to these ones. They enjoy beautiful things, from natural wonders to men made pieces of art.

Their nature is benevolent and pacifistic.

They could become quite stubborn over something, but never aggressive in defending their opinion or point of view on a particular subject.

Good Traits

Libra Sun Taurus Moon are some of the calmest and the most relaxed individuals, but not lazy or procrastinating ones.

They take things easy, not letting troubles control their life; they see to find a practical and reasonable solution to everything.

They are loyal, honest, openhearted and warm towards people in general.

Their way is pacifistic and non-aggressive.

Bad Traits

It could happen that they become hedonistic beyond reason, but rarely.

It happens if they managed to achieve a great and steady income and do not have to work a lot to maintain it.

They could become notoriously indecisive, but, in fact, they are just indifferent, which is bad enough.

Although generally not in need for too much excitement, routine can have bad effects on these people and make them stick to their comfort zone without any progress.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are caring, nurturing and loving by nature.

They enjoy sharing everything with their partner and family, especially small earthly pleasures.

They are romantic and warm in attitude, always making their lover feel comfortable and safe around them. They are loyal, protective and gallant.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon women are true ladies and men are classy gentlemen.

Best Match for Libra Sun Taurus Moon

Bets match for a Libra Sun Taurus Moon is someone who finds satisfaction and fulfillment in cozy, family life.

It is someone who enjoys routine, but is also spontaneous and flexible. It is someone easygoing, but the best is that the person is a bit more temperamental than a Libra Sun Taurus Moon is.

They need someone to motivate and move them, and who else would be the best than their partner.


Libra Sun Taurus Moon are calm and pacifistic people who care about family values and take good care about people they deem dear and important.

They would also defend those whom any injustice was done.

These people are often artistic and capable of finding beauty in the simplest things in life.

They are realistic, very physical and down to earth. The life is to be lived and enjoyed, they would say.