Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The relationship between every two beings is a mystery, but astrology can give some insights about the compatibility of two people, especially about the relationship between them.

The best scenario is doing a compatibility analysis based on the natal charts of two people, but that requires having precise data of birth for both of them.

If you don’t know such details (which is normal, if you just met someone you like and you don’t want to appear weird asking this person for such private details like date, time and place of birth), their horoscope sign should be enough to start with.

All horoscope signs have some general characteristics and by comparing them to the characteristic of the horoscope sign of another person we can discover a lot about the compatibility with that person and the potential for a relationship with them.

In this text, we will make a comparison between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman and try to discover the basic compatibility between these two in various relationships.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man has a contradicting personality. In one moment he is the sweetest and most charming man you can imagine, and in the other, he is grumpy, defensive and inaccessible.

You might wonder what happened to the funny man who was making jokes all morning, teasing you and making you feel excited when he suddenly stopped talking without explanation.

If you don’t know this man very well, the first reaction to his behavior will be asking: “Was it something I said or done, what is the matter with him, why is this man mad at me all of a sudden?”

Usually, there is no need for you to be upset about his sudden change in behavior. Although it might seem unfair to you, to experience a surge of coldness and aloofness from this man, when you did nothing to provoke such behavior from him, you shouldn’t be offended by his reactions; this is typical unexplainable behavior of a Cancer man (Cancer women have these moments also).

Their emotions are continually changing from excitement, joy, happiness, and ecstasy, to sudden swifts to moodiness, aggressive behavior, feelings of guilt, depression or sadness – the main reason behind these abrupt changes in the way a Cancer man feels and behaves lies in the fact that the planet Moon rules the sign of Cancer.

The Moon rules emotions and our deepest emotional needs; it governs our reactions and habits, as well as our unconscious. The Moon’s cycles and their changes are known to affect humans in many ways, and Cancer people seem to be most affected by them.

The Cancer man is a sweet guy you won’t have any problems imagining your life with. He is very emotional and gentle, and you usually feel protected in his presence. These men are home types, and their house is the most favorite place where they can imagine themselves spending their time.

If you share the same preferences, you might find yourself in the category of women who might interest him.

They rarely have the urge to prove themselves in the way of being with many girls. They usually strive towards a monogamous relationship and they often establish one early in their lives.

They love their family and one of their biggest desires from an early age is to have their own family with many children and a loving, sweet, and devoted wife.

They love socializing, but are often shy and withdrawn in the company of strangers or people they don’t know well (unless they have a prominent Gemini or some fire sign in their natal chart).

A Cancer man is a devoted friend who often has friendships which last a lifetime and begin early in his childhood. He is very sensitive and can easily be hurt. The Cancer man has an inborn tendency to protect himself by closing off to people and not letting them know his real emotions.

Once he lets you in his world, you can realize how wonderful he is. Sure, he can have moments of being distant or aggressively accusing, even to the ones he deeply cares about, but these moments don’t last long. You will soon be surrounded by his warmth and shower of emotions and you will never want to leave.

This man is not the most passionate lover, but he is an ideal choice for a woman who puts feelings and tenderness before physical pleasure. For this guy, sex usually follows love and not the other way around.

If he is a typical Cancer man, he will be a loyal partner and a good parent.

If you are a good cook, that is one of your most significant advantages.  This man enjoys eating and loves good food. He is often a good cook, who enjoys cooking. His woman must be a home type who enjoys spending time at home and taking care of him, the kids and the house.

She needs to keep the house functioning properly. In return, she will be provided with everything and have a devoted man by her side, who will love her and selflessly care for her.

Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is a dignified and proud being. She has a powerful personality and always knows what she wants. She can appear distant and controlled, but when she gets to know someone well she relaxes and shows her warm and caring colors. She is often distant and cautious because she fears getting hurt.

She is not a type of a woman who will jump in your bed just for the thrill of adventure (unless she has some other influences in her natal chart which make her more relaxed and easy-going).

A typical Capricorn woman respects traditional values and often finds it difficult to accept the modern nonchalant approach to love and relationships. She prefers men who still value dating and courting a woman, showing her signs of their appreciation and are not into instant relationships.

A typical Capricorn woman is certainly not a one-night stand woman.

This woman is very self-confident and knows her value. She doesn’t allow anyone to manipulate her. She is very intelligent and able to respond to any remark cleverly. She is not a woman who can be pulled into mind games. If she realizes that she is dealing with a man who is obviously a player, she usually backs off and leaves the situation.

Her pride is way more important to her than any man.

Even when she is deeply in love with someone, she won’t tolerate being mistreated. She would rather be alone than being treated as someone’s object.

A Capricorn woman is very organized and responsible. She is also very direct and doesn’t tolerate lies and deceits. If a man betrays her, this woman will probably leave him for good. She has a strong personality and her man needs to have a very strong personality as well.

He also needs to be confident, successful, and well-off financially.

She isn’t like some other types of strong women, like Aries, Leo, or Scorpio women, who have difficulties letting their man lead them. The Capricorn woman doesn’t have a problem with her man organizing her life, as long as she is admired, loved, nurtured, cared for, and treated with great respect by her man.

She also needs to speak her mind about certain matters concerning her or both of them, and she requires to be listened to. If a man is able to provide her such treatment, she will gladly let the steering wheel to him and simply enjoy life beside her man. This woman is satisfied to be the proud woman of a successful man.

That way she can enjoy all the benefits of his success.

Although they need a strong and successful man by their side, these women are not house types. They are usually very ambitious and strive towards success themselves. They are often consumed by their career and don’t have enough time to devote to their family and house.

For this woman, it is difficult to give up on her dreams to achieve success in her area of expertise and she will try her best to balance all her responsibilities in the house as wife and mother, as well as a successful businesswoman.

The not surprising fact is that she will actually manage to be successful in all these areas. She has a strong will to succeed in whatever she sets her mind into and never gives up.

She is passionate, but you cannot tell that at first just observing her usually cold façade. She is not fiery passionate like fire signs, but she knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life, and sex is high on her list of pleasures. She is not quick to take action, and usually lets the man give the initiative, but when the action starts, men are usually surprised by her passionate response.

The Capricorn woman is often very serious, and that can be a potential turn-off for men who prefer more easy-going women.

The advice for her is to try to loosen up a bit, so she wouldn’t waste years in waiting for “mister perfect” who won’t mind her reserved attitude and will do everything to win over her heart, even if it means going through many cold showers during the process.

Although it might take some time to win the affection of this woman, it is well worth the effort because the man who succeeds will end up with a real jewel in his arms.

Love Compatibility

The Cancer man and the Capricorn woman are usually a good love match, although it might not seem that way at first. These two fit together in many ways.

They are a combination of a water and earth sign, which is a good match. They are a grounded couple which respects traditional values.

The Capricorn woman is not an adventurous type of woman and the Cancer’s man lifestyle suits her perfectly. These two share similar interests.

They enjoy quality things and good food, and they will enjoy spending time together dining out in an expensive restaurant which both can afford to pay for, watching a good movie (preferably a classic), going to an art exhibition or going to a concert, or simply staying at home and eating delicious meals prepared by the Cancer man.

Marriage Compatibility

The Cancer man and a Capricorn woman are good marriage material. They share similar interests and values which are necessary for this type of commitment. Cancer men strive towards financial stability which can enable them to provide themselves and their families for years to come without worrying.

These men are usually successful and they often own their own businesses or they reach managing positions. They are talented for making money and many of them come up with ingenious ways of earning it; that is something that a Capricorn woman appreciates very much.

They both enjoy in creating a secure foundation for their future and help each other achieve that. They disprove of wasting money and both enjoy saving it.

This man will support his woman if she wants to earn for the family, and he will often choose to stay at home and take care of the children if that is the best solution for all of them.

They have a tender and caring bond, and they respect each other qualities. Theirs is a peaceful union, filled with joy and happiness. 


A Cancer man and a Capricorn woman make very good friends.

They naturally understand each other and complement each other. They are good allies who help and support one another achieve their goals and dreams. 

Cool Facts

The Cancer man and the Capricorn woman both enjoy quality things and activities.

They don’t enjoy wasting money but prefer investing it in things of value. They will buy branded clothing and items, or they will pay more to have better service in a hotel, but they try not to pay more for something that they know they don’t have to pay as much.


The relationships between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman, whether they are love relationships, marriages, or simple friendships, are very good.

They are compatible and get along well in almost all life situations. They both have calm natures and help each other grow which makes their relationship a prosperous one.