Aries Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Horoscopes hide amazing things about your destiny. They are much more than simply your native zodiac sign.

An in-depth astrological analysis reveals all the elements found in your birth chart.

These elements actually constitute you as a person, from an astrological point of view. You might be an Aries in horoscope, but other signs and elements that actually affect your personality, as well.

Planetary positions at the time of your birth tell many things. Five personal planets shape up your personal traits, character and temperament. They affect the way you act, feel, communicate, perceive the world and else.

There are also social planets that determine your position in the wider society and your attitude towards it. There are transpersonal planets that affect whole generations of people.

These are not all the elements of an astrological chart. Many things are there to consider. Aspects planets and signs create are of vital importance.

However, the main factor is you. Astrological chart offers you valuable information and helps you better to know yourself.

It reveals potentials you have, but it is up to you to use them well.

Sun Sign

The brightest of the starts is the center of our system, the Solar system, but also the core element of astrological analyses. The Sun is the first planet to take into consideration when analyzing one’s birth chart.

You might be surprised that we call it a planet, while it is a star, actually.

In astrology, all heavenly bodies of the importance for birth chart interpretations are simply regarded as planets, no matter of their astronomical nature.

The Sun represents the core of a person0s birth chart. The sign you were born under is the sign the Sun matches in your birth chart, meaning it was in this sign at the time you came to this world.

This sign is who you are; it is your Ego. If the Sun was in Aries, it makes you an Aries person. In common talk, you will be regarded simply as an Aries.

The Sun itself is ultimate symbol of life and vitality. In astrology, it represents our conscious mind, reason, our creativity and will for life. It defines what moves us forwards and how strong personally we are.

The Sun is the manifesting side of a person’s character. It rules over our Ego. The Sun represents one’s nobility, optimism and generosity, as well.

This is a masculine, fixed and fiery element of the Zodiac. It also represents the fatherly figure in a person’s horoscope.

The house the Sun matches in a natal chart is the field of life in which we are about to prove ourselves; it is the area of life that challenges us and, at the same time, offers the greatest possibility of success.

Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries motivates one to dare, to risk, to challenge and to compete. Aries people are always in the moos for action and they do not know limits of their own capabilities.

Although they are independent and extremely self-reliable, they fall for challenges; you could easily provoke them to take one.

They are fierce, bold, oriented towards victorious ideas and success. They are not very emotionally vulnerable and easily discouraged.

Aries people express their intentions through open and direct action. They learn from experience and enter challenges in haste, impulsively, almost naively.

Aries people tend to make many mistakes early on, but they take it for the sake of experience that would eventually lead them to their goals.

More importantly, their restless nature is actually focused towards finding stability.

These courageous people are adventurous and entrepreneurial, meaning they do not take risk solely for fun and amusement. They have goals and the purpose to fulfill. They have grandiose ideas about future and they are always on the run.

Aries people are charismatic and energetic. They are pioneers and leaders. They possess a militant line and strong integrity.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our emotional self. It is associated with nocturnal activities, mysteries and secrets. In a natal chart, the moon is our sub consciousness, the part of ourselves we are not always aware of.

The Moon is the embodiment of our emotions. It is all about impressions and feelings. This Luminary represents our deepest inborn desires.

The Moon feeds our imagination and supports our intuitive being. Its quality is mutable, changeable and flexible, like the Water, the element the moon is closely bound with. The moon makes us flexible and adaptable.

However, if aspects with the Moon are bad, a person is moody, irritable, confused, inconsistent and capricious.

This astrological planet represents our dreams and fantasies; the Moon is an endless romantic traveler.

The sign the moon matches in one’s natal chart represents that person’s way of absorbing the information from the outer world in for of impressions. It affects the way we react to certain people and situations in life.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra indicates a need for balanced, sophisticated and diplomatic approach to all things in life. There is a good cooperation between a person’s emotional and rational self.

This personality is also characterized by measuring and calculating between one’s needs and desires, which is typical for the sign of Libra. This is good, because it in fact contributes to personal development and maturing.

The ability to differentiate real needs from desires is a great wisdom.

Moon Libra people are diplomatic and pacifistic in general. They are also very romantic, sophisticated and kind. They are lovely, charismatic and always very polite.

Moon Libras pay attention to good manners; they avoid any vulgar and rude talk. They appreciate people who do the same.

Moon Libras are generally understanding and quite tolerant. They believe in good in people and have a strong need to form relationships.

People with the Moon in Libra have accentuated need for romantic love. They need closeness in a romantic relationship, but also in other relations. They are generous and friendly, easily approachable.

Libra moon people are rational and quite objective, perhaps the most of the entire Zodiac.  They listen to their heart and are compassionate, but they also listen to their reason. It is a rare gift to be capable to balance the two.

Aries Sun Libra Moon Personality

People with the Sun in Aries and the moon in Libra have diplomatic and peaceful attitude combined with needed fierceness and strong determination.

These are qualities of great value, if combined and balanced well. These people have strongly developed sense of justice.

They empathize with those in need of support and help and have all the courage needed to stand for their cause. They see it their own cause, as well.

Aries Sun Libra Moon make amazing people, because their Aries’ determined character helps them more quickly make decisions that are based upon careful and logical reasoning.

In addition, these are never raw, purely intellectual decisions and there are emotions in it.

They are also positive and optimistic, diplomatic, tolerant enough, but dignified and of a strong personal integrity.

What is also good about them is that they have pretty logical and reasonable attitude towards life in general. They are down-to earth and capable of thinking inside the circle of their limitations.

It is not that they restrict themselves, but their calculated Libra Moon side controls reckless impulses of Sun Aries and saves them from danger.

Good Traits

We could easily call them chivalrous. Aries Sun Libra Moon have noble hearts and they always stand for those who cannot defend themselves and to whom injustice is done.

They are empathic, but not susceptible to exploitation; they see through people very well and do not allow being manipulated. They are quite decisive, thanks to fierce Aries side, so they always boldly stand up for their causes.

These people are loving and charming. They posses openness and directness of an Aries, but softened by Libra Moon. This makes them very friendly and sociable and, above all, likable people.

They have strong need to make friends, warm and deep relationships with dear people. They are supportive, kind and caring.

Bad Traits

If aspects are not that favorable, it brings imbalance between their emotional and rational side.

This brings great confusion in such a personality. It makes Aries sun Libra Moon particularly insecure about their romantic life. If they cannot find solid ground in there, they start failing in other areas of life.

This makes them nervous and with that very demanding, even dramatic and obsessive. This is manageable of course.

Aries Sun Libra Moon in Love and Marriage

Okay, here they are brilliant, with good aspects, of course. Aries Sun Libra moon people are straightforward, charming and they boldly use their flirting skills.

They would easily enchant the person they are interested in. They are excited if their ‘prey’ is challenging and to so easy to win over. They perfectly combine Aries’ competitive nature, with romantic and flirty Libra attitude.

We have mentioned they need deep relationship. Although they are flirty, they are determined and decisive. Thanks to Aries factor, they would not let their insecure Libra make them too doubtful about a relationship.

They are committed, loving, loyal and supportive of their partner, in a relationship or marriage.

Best Match for Aries Sun Libra Moon

Their ideal partner is someone who can make them laugh and who will stand by their side now and forever.

They need a partner who shares their enthusiasm for being just and honorable. They want someone who could challenge them on any level.

However, they do not want someone that plays cold and reserved and that hard to get. They find such things arrogant and repulsive.


Aries Sun Libra Moon people have great predisposition to lead well-balanced and comfortable life, satisfied with what they have.

They are optimistic and in search for good people they could form strong bonds with.

They need romantic fulfillment. Aries Sun Libra Moon combines empathy and the love for justice of a lovely Libra, with determination and personal strength of a bold Aries.