Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Mysteries of heavens and stars, myths, legends, folktales and so many more…we, people, have invented numerous mystical ways and approaches to understanding the world we live in.

Since days of the first civilizations, the thrill of uncertain future is what has been exciting and worrying us, all at the same time. Since the dawn of time, it seems, we have been trying to unravel the mystery of our very own existence.

Being capable to learn, invent, create and much more, but remaining unable to predict what awaits us in future, makes humankind anxious.

We feel helpless to know if what we are doing has any purpose or it is doomed to get lost in time, like pieces of sand in the desert, and this helplessness inspired us to find all sorts of explanations for what cannot perceive and scientifically prove. No one can tell for certain what is in store for us.

Astrology is one approach to understanding the world, the universe we live in, on a very personal level. While mystery of our overall existence troubles us all, most of people do not spend time thinking about how and why we have got here. In reality, people are of a selfish kind; most of us are worried about their own destiny and future.

What would happen to our dear Earth in, say, next two to five hundred years is not of much concern for an average human.

We are more oriented towards our own little lives. We would like to know if we will have enough money to live a decent and comfortable life, when will we meet someone to fall in love with, will we be healthy and happy and what about our closest ones. These are questions that we are all interested in.

Astrology could possibly give us answers. If not concrete answers, than many precious guidelines. Astrology is based upon the idea that human lives are affected by planets and stars.

An astrologer would deliver a birth chart, which is a diagram that represents planetary positions and other astrological aspects, based on the exact date, time and place of an individual’s birth. This is what we know to be a horoscope. Horoscope is actually a set of potentials based upon this unique planetary scheme.

Each horoscope is a story to itself. An astrologer could tell you what potentials you have and it is completely up to you how well you will use those potentials. You cannot literally live according to your birth chart; many factors affect its realization in reality. However, all those astrological potentials are useful to know.

People are generally modest about what they want to know from an astrological chart. They simply want to know if their life is going to be pleasant enough. We are usually interested in health, love and career.

One can ask an astrologer to tell them if a person whom they are fallen for is the right one. An astrologer could compare your birth charts and see if there are favorable aspects.

Capricorn Man

The basic approach is simply to compare your zodiac signs, which is what we do here, since we have no personal details about anyone who reads this. If you are interested to know more about zodiac compatibility, read on. Zodiac signs compatibility is a good base for further and deeper analysis of love compatibility.

Today we match Capricorn man and Virgo woman. Let us find out what kind of relationship is this. We begin with Capricorn man profile.

Capricorn man is one of the most energetic zodiac signs. He is determined, courageous and strict in what he has on mind. Capricorn man rarely retreats and gives up, so many would simply call him stubborn.

Well, indeed, he is, but behind his stubbornness, there is no thoughtlessness, but firm determination, persistence and incredibly strong will. Capricorns are ambitious and ready to give the best of themselves.

He is perfectly capable of having everything in control. Capricorn man is open to learn new things, but only if it is something he is interested in and not imposed by others. His alarm rings the very moment there is at least a hint of someone trying to control him. That is where his stubbornness gives in.

Capricorn man is not inflexible, but his ideals and opinions are firm and well grounded.

He is changeable in terms of finding the best solution; if he is faced with a crisis or difficult times, he will not despair. Capricorn man would invent another way of doing things and get out of uncomfortable setting. He would change himself, but he would also see if he could change circumstances so they fit his needs.

Capricorn man is known to be workaholic and he feels very uneasy if there is no job for him to do. He could be described as an overachiever, as well.

Capricorn man is not obsessed by fortune and glory, but he has career goals and those often include some form of prestige. It is not the money that matters, but his self-confirmation. He has to prove himself he is capable of achieving great things.

Some would call Capricorn man a pessimist, but that is not true. He is realistic and strict, organized and tidy and does not like mess in his life.

He could be intense and hard to deal with, so people tend to describe him this way. However, his approach to life is generally optimistic. He would not put that much effort into anything he does, if thinking it is meaningless.

No, Capricorn would not do meaningless things. His energetic nature requires some type of grounding; Capricorn man finds it in family values.

Capricorn man wants to have that sort of stability in his life. He wants a woman who can understand him and whom he can rely on. In return, he offers the same. Capricorn man is, actually, modest when it comes to this.

He would not imagine fairytale relationships and is not particularly romantic. However, he is charming and protective, a very reliable partner.

All that he wants is someone whom he can trust and whom he can protect. He is very loyal and devoted partner. He seeks for a lifelong partner and is not interested in games, one-night stands, affairs, a lot of flirting and indecisiveness. He needs emotional stability and devotion.

Capricorn man wants his woman to be satisfied and does not find it hard to try to fulfill his woman’s fantasies and dreams. However, he is not much into experimenting, so do not expect a bedroom role-play or else.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is a lovable, tender personality, very sensitive to personal failure. She is imaginative and in constant search for inspiration. Virgo woman is an idealist, who firmly believes people are generally good in nature. Even if she has been hurt by others, she would never stop believing in goodness of the humankind.

What makes her desperate and depressed is not achieving what she had in mind. Virgos are known perfectionists of the zodiac.

These gentle ladies possess some sort of very stable, but soft energy. Overall, Virgo woman is persistent and devoted to her goals. She is an incredibly insightful personality and a very intuitive one. Virgo woman is loyal, trustworthy and understanding.

She is a friend whom you can trust your darkest secrets with; she would never use them into her own advantage or share them out of pure amusement. She is compassionate, emotional and would always be there to comfort you.

Virgo woman usually has a gift for professions that closely deal with people’s emotions. That makes her an excellent pedagogue, psychologists, psychiatrist, counselor and even astrologer. Virgo woman is typically interested in these areas.

Her perfectionism shows off in everything she is doing; if she feels as she has fails, oh, be ready for a lot of drama. Virgo woman blames no one but herself, for not making the best out of some situation.

She is generally a quiet and dear person. She is like a fresh breeze; kind, modest and simple. However, her intellectual and emotional depth is immeasurable. Virgo woman is communicative, but would not waste time on small talks.

She is charming, very feminine in appearance, intelligent and insightful. She is not particularly adventurous and is more interested into intellectual and artistic subjects than sports, for example.

We could call her amorous personality, but that does not mean that her love is of short term. In fact, Virgo woman would fall in love easily, but she would spend a lot of time fantasizing about the possible relationship, before actually starting it.

She is cautious about it. She seeks for a partner who is kind, loving and supportive. She needs a man who is charming and romantic. It is a plus if you share her taste in art and intellectual themes.

Love Compatibility

Unusually good combination, this is. Both are Earth signs, which brings a lot of stability and balance into this connection. Capricorn man and Virgo woman read each other on some imaginary level; they very well understand one another, even if it first appears there are many differences.

In fact, their temperaments and characters are similar. Their communication is excellent. Both Capricorn man and Virgo woman are systematic, organized and hardworking.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman complement one another’s needs. They have many common interests; both are grounded, in search for stability and comfort. Both are equally ready to work hard to achieve their goals and, what is more important, these goals are shared.

Home, family and job are what their life is about. It is a very stable base for everything else. They support one another in their ambitions, both being realistic, but idealistic, as well.

Neither Capricorn man nor Virgo woman are particularly lustful lovers. Their intimate life is harmonious, not very dynamic, more calm and quiet.

They are perfectly satisfied with it. They are not spontaneous when it comes to love making; they both prefer some sort of plan and organization.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman share conventional and traditional values. Their connection is balanced and peaceful on all levels. More energetic Capricorn and calmer Virgo perfectly complement one another’s emotional being.

This connection is natural and there are poor chances that unfavorable cosmic aspects would affect it to degree it becomes unsustainable.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman would do everything to find the solution and stabilize their relationship.

Children and family values usually keep them together for life and make them proactive in harmonizing disturbed astrological vibes. They are very likely to have a happy and stable marriage.

Marriage Compatibility

Capricorn man and Virgo woman could make themselves very stable and comfortable family life. Each of them is interested in finding a partner for life and, while Virgo is more amorous than strict and somewhat sharp Capricorn, their goals are the same.

They could rely one on another and there is not a single reason for suspicion, jealousy or else. They fully trust one another and it is the basis of their relationship.

This couple is likely to establish firm connection early on and get married as soon as they both realize their ideals and goals are almost one hundred percent shared.

Their marriage is typically conventional, with no extravagancy and experiments. They are devoted to one another and to their family.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman make amazing parents, who will provide all the best for their young ones, especially in terms of education.


Since this connection is not particularly fiery, it is also likely that there never develops any sort of romantic relationship between the two.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman could, as well, become very good friends.

They speak the same tongue and their friendship is based on trust. Both are loyal, honest and judging personalities. They can understand one another more than anyone else could understand them separately.

Cool Facts

This is truly an inspiring astrological connection.

To illustrate how it looks in reality, we present two quite impressive celebrity matches.

Capricorn man/Virgo woman couples are, amongst others, these two: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter.


This relationship has all chances to be successful, fulfilling and harmonious. There is no big reason why this would not work out fine.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman have a lot in common, although they appear different on the first sight, Virgo lady being soft and quiet and Capricorn man being more energetic and active.

Their personalities are very compatible and they could make a good couple.

This conventional relationship might appear too boring to others, but these two feel very comfortable and satisfied with their mutual life.