Cancer Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Horoscope is something many of us identify with those short newspaper paragraphs that give some general information and predictions for each zodiac sign.

Of course you could find yourself in such interpretations, because they are done in the safety of speculation; meaning, interpreted from the widest perspective, they are, well, accurate.

However, astrology deals with more complex and detailed things than creating stereotypical daily reading for each zodiac sign. Astrology could give you clues about what is happening in your life, why it is so, how your past has to do with it and even what your future could be.

It deals with deep personal readings of planets positions in the time of an individual’s birth.

Such readings are called birth charts or natal charts and they tell about what kind of person you are, astrologically.

Your astrological profile reflects upon your real life.

A good astrologer could help you get answers to questions about yourself and help you understand your connection with other people. If you have a practice and experience in astrology, you can, of course, interpret it yourself.

Spiritual people who are enthusiastic about astrological readings are often interested in compatibility of zodiac signs; they would like to know if they fit with someone or not.

Comparison of birth charts can give many useful tips about compatibility between two people. It requires a thorough analysis of individual horoscopes and relations between birth charts.

Here, we deal with zodiac compatibility from a generalized point of view, meaning that we do not analyze personal horoscopes, but we present you the most detailed display of relations between typical representatives of each zodiac sign.

Today we are matching two Cancers! A Cancer man and a Cancer woman could be an intriguing combination. Let us meet them.

Cancer Man

He is the most gentle of all male zodiac representatives. Cancer man is emotional, deep in his thoughts, quiet, sensitive and usually reserved. You could easily mistake him for some other sign, because his nature is changeable and unsteady.

A Cancer man acts guided by his heart, but his true emotions are never said aloud and are hidden inside. He is an enigma among zodiac man. A Cancer could appear completely different from what he truly is.

He is artistic, creative and inventive; these traits help him channel his emotions. He would paint a masterpiece, rather than say what bothers him aloud.

He will write a book, work on a project with almost an obsessive dedication or preoccupy himself with a hobby, before he ever says directly what is on his mind and his heart. He is mysterious, moody, static in his physical movement, but mutable in his nature.

Cancer man prefers to stay indoors and is not enthusiastic about an adventurer’s lifestyle. He has his own idea of a perfect life. He is not overly ambitious and does not care about climbing the professional ladder, but he is ready to work hard, in order that he can relax and enjoy life later.

He has to afford himself to be comfortable with money, so he can please himself the way he wants. He does not waste money nor he is stingy about it; a cancer just does not want to have the need to think about it all the time.

All Cancer men have good intuition and he could rarely be tricked. Even if it appears you have outsmarted a Cancer, it is most likely so because he simply let you do it. He is well aware of that and accepts to be outsmarted either if he feels too weak to resist or sees some purpose for himself in it.

His emotional and sensitive nature is visible through all actions he takes. Cancers are guided by their feelings.

A Cancer man is compassionate, gentle and caring. Although he is quiet and introvert, he does not find it hard to help people in need. He could be generous and helpful, especially in an emotional way.

He has a lot of understanding and tolerance, but if his guts tell him you are not the person for him, he would leave you and it will be hard for both. He is very afraid of being hurt emotionally.

He is charming, mysterious and intriguing. Usually kind, polite and pleasant to talk to, a Cancer man is never direct and open to people he meets for the first time. It needs a lot of time and patience to make him open up to you and let you in his life. He is one of those men who do things, rather than speak.

If you want him to say that he loves you, well, you have to equip yourself with all the patience you have.

However, if a cancer wants to impress you, be sure he would blow your mind away. Once he has set his mind onto something, his creativity, his focus and dedication flourish.

For example, he would rarely force himself to cook something for you, but if comes up to this idea, rest assured you will enjoy his culinary masterpiece.

Cancer Woman

Cancer women are delicate, gentle and beautiful. They are very emotional and sensitive, like all Cancers in general. A Cancer lady is feminine, fragile and generous.

She is selfless and compassionate. She enjoys helping people and is, perhaps, more open to other people’s feelings than a Cancer man does.

She is commonly engaged with some sort of humanitarian work and does not care about how much of her time and money it would take her to help those in need. Unlike Cancer men, Cancer women have a stronger sense of reason.

A Cancer woman would use a good opportunity, even if she is not particularly interested in it, but it could help her reach her goal.

She is also creative, imaginative and handy. She is organized and does not like chaos. Like a Cancer man, she wants a comfortable, pleasant life, free of financial and material struggle in general. She is modest and simple.

Cancer woman does not fall for the latest fashion trends and she would create something unique, rather than buy clothes everyone wear. She also expresses her emotions through her creativity.

It could surprise you how daring she could be when it comes to her physical display, while she is shy and reserved in communication. She is graceful, soft and very elegant; her daring outfit is never vulgar or indecent.

She is an enigma, as well. Her mood is changeable. In one moment, she is quiet and innocent looking; in the other, she is grumpy, irritable and anxious.

It could be difficult to recognize she is a cancer and it could be hard to follow her frequent changes. She is a dreamer, a true romantic. She needs care, tenderness and a lot of gentleness in her life. She falls for kind, gentle and emotional men.

It is interesting that a Cancer woman insists on hearing her men saying that he loves her.

She is a bit more talkative than a Cancer man is and she is less afraid of being emotionally hurt. She will say it to you, if she thinks it. However, it also takes some time to get her really open up and stop being suspicious.

She has her aura of mystery, just like a cancer man, but it seems she is easier to approach to.

Love Compatibility

This combination has good potential for a happy and harmonious relationship, based primarily on their mutual emotional understanding. They are similar, of course, and it does not make their connection dull and boring. Cancer/Cancer couple has a strong emotional background and in this relationship, each partner is inclined towards the other one’s needs and emotions.

Their connection is harmonious, peaceful and relaxed. Both of them are not easily approachable in general and need time to get to know a person, before they let them step into their private area.

Once they recognize one another as similar in this trait, they soon fall for one another.

All of their natural suspiciousness and caution fades away and they become very passionate and open about their feelings.

In public, they do not show much affection towards one another, out of their inborn anxiety that comes from possibility of being hurt for expressing emotions aloud. However, they are pleasant to have around, although they do not talk much. They could appear a bit strange and distant in other people’s eyes.

Two Cancers really understand one another, so there is no reason for jealousy and arguing.

Their connection is non-verbal, for a great part, which is exactly why they look awkward to others. They have amazing intuition and they could literally sense what the other one feels.

They understand each other on a different level. They do not need words to express their love for one another. It is interesting that their mood swings, characteristic for both Cancers, would most likely match.

It is a communication based on deep intuition and it appears almost as a sixth sense, developed specifically for a Cancer to understand the other Cancer. It is an amazing and unique relationship, indeed.

Cancers share interests and values in life. Both are a bit conservative, more traditional than liberal, would love to have a pleasant and comfortable life.

They will agree on starting a family and would most likely start some sort of family business, in which they can express their creativity and, at the same time, be, in a way, independent of the outer world.

Cancer couples tend to isolate themselves and live their fairytale dream life, which is usually hard for others to understand.

Marriage Compatibility

Cancer men and cancer women are compatible in all segments of life, with a bit less matching in terms of sexuality and intimacy. Sex life is not something they see the most important.

Strangely, but they are rarely synchronized in bed. However, they will always find a way to make one another satisfied. It is very unlikely they will separate because of their sex life is not perfect.

Cancer people are loyal to one another. They need no words to express what they feel about one another. A Cancer man and a cancer woman see in their partner’s eyes and gestures what he or she is up to.

They enjoy staying home, watching movies together, ordering some tasty food or cooking together. They share many interests and their marriage could be described as a romantic friendship.

Cancers are loving and caring parents. They would agree on how they decide to raise their children and both are dedicated to it. Even if other things do not work fine and they are facing some difficulties, their children represent the strongest bond.

Two Cancers would rarely opt for a separation or a divorce, if they have kids together.


Two Cancers could be really good friends and the best combination is when sexes are different. That makes their typical traits slightly different, which is important for keeping some sort of dynamics between them.

They understand one another very well, they do not need to say things in order to know what the other on feels and they have many interests and shared activities. This could be a really steady and long lasting friendship.

It is very likely two Cancers would meet online, because both of them prefer indoors activities.

They could meet while playing an online game or on a social network, for example. They could even remain online friends for years, without thinking much about the option of meeting in real life.

Cancers could be a little strange, right? They do not care much about what you think about that.

Cool Facts

We have already mentioned Cancers are not much talkative.

The perfect image of a happy Cancer and Cancer couple, represents them waking up together, getting out of the bed, preparing breakfast and finally sitting down together for a morning coffee without a single word.

Moreover, be assured, they really enjoy it!

On a vacation, they will wake up late, stay for hours in bed and enjoy relaxing and cuddling without a word spoken.


This relationship can turn into living dream or a fairytale, but there is a great risk that it could isolate them from the world.

Two Cancers could get lost in their fantasy, together, to the point that they forget about others and become completely blind and deaf to what is happening around them.

If their personal horoscopes show more down-to-earth aspects, it could be truly a promising and well-balanced relationship.