Moon Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In Vedic astrology, the Moon is considered the royal planet, second in importance after the Sun. It symbolizes the subtle form of the mind, and thus the thought processes.

The processes of perception, emotions and the will of a person are associated with her position.

The moon is a soft, feminine planet and shows the interaction of a person with the public, commercial sphere, indicates karma related to the mother.

Moon – Meaning and Info

If the Sun represents the masculine Divine principle, then the Moon is feminine. And thus, they represent the main duality: masculine and feminine energies.

In a broader sense, the Sun is fire, day, activity, intelligence, and father; in turn, the moon is water, night, passivity, mother and mind. In Eastern psychology, mind (manas) is also emotions, dreams, thinking.

The moon is the most important factor in the horoscope in Indian astrology. Its value is equal to and even exceeds the value of the ascendant (rising sign).

If the reason for the main meaning of the Moon is understood, then the essence of the entire system becomes clear, because it controls the sphere of the mind, comfort, basic well-being, family happiness, children and personal luck.

Unlike Western astrology, where the focus is on external personal tendencies and drives, strength, authority and ability.

In Vedic astrology, the main thing is considered to be the inner well-being that a person possesses, and then only comfort, wealth, fame, fame, etc.

This is the main essence of Vedic astrology. Therefore, if the Moon is weakened or affected, respectively, problems arise in the mind and psyche, which means it will be quite difficult to achieve success in life and a person may never know happiness and well-being, even if he, at the same time, will have money, property and position.

The main name for the moon in Sanskrit is Chandra, the giver of pleasure, and the lord of the rhythm to which great natural cycles such as the ebb and flow of the tide obey.

In addition, the moon is named Soma. This secret nectar of happiness is the only thing that can give us peace of mind and refresh our strength.

The moon controls water as well as fluids in our body. It keeps our body and mind flexible and gives us fluidity. The moon personifies the creative flow of life, the stream of consciousness.

The moon is “manas-karaka”, an indicator of the mind, as well as an indicator of the “subtle” astral body, the body of the mind and emotions.

The Moon controls the quality of the mind, but not the intellect (Mercury), but the sphere of common sense.

The mind is the realm of ideas and manifestations. Its functions are not only thinking, attention and reasoning, but also contemplative thoughts, dreams and fantasies. Memory is also a function of the moon.

The moon is a symbol of emotionality, inner spiritual qualities, desires and feelings, sensitivity and intuition. It indicates intellectual attachments and the degree of activity of the subconscious.

The Moon also shows the level of development of consciousness, the degree of spiritual development, spiritual experience of previous incarnations, attachments and inclinations from a past life.

A strong Moon gives a person a confident and even emotionality that will help him in all life’s achievements.

A Weak Moon will prey on emotional excitability and instability and can nullify and minimize all other card merits.

By the way, what is shown on modern television, all this stream of black stuff and negativity that is broadcast in the news, also affects the mind very badly. In St. Petersburg, the TV is called the “Flush Cistern”.

The human mind and emotions, like the Moon, are unstable, mobile, and changeable, because of all celestial bodies – the night star has the greatest apparent speed of movement.

In addition, the decisive importance in Vedic astrology is the fact whether the Moon was growing or waning at the time of birth, since the growing Moon is good, and the waning Moon is harmful.

It is important for the Moon not to be lonely, it is very desirable to be surrounded by planets. The moon receives and assimilates the energy of any planet with which it forms a conjunction.

Being a sensitive and changeable planet. The moon is easily influenced by other planetary energies.

North Node – Meaning and Info

When near these points there is a full moon, the opposition of the Sun and the Moon, a lunar eclipse can be observed, if the new moon is the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon – an eclipse.

Almost all the answers! Emperor Julian, Rudolph the heir, Mikhail Glinka, Omar Khayyam, Romanova Anastasia, Pablo Picasso.

Sextile trine resonates with love, sympathy, attentiveness, eroticism, mutual assistance and close relationship with other people, as well as a sense of beauty, understanding of art and good taste, which make the union harmonious and lasting.

The nodes of the moon represent, in the astronomical sense, two points of the firmament, which are crossed by the path of the sun and the path of the moon.

With this position Uzlov it happens that disability, incapacity for work, a hospital bed or work with sick, weak, infirm people lead to spiritual progress.

And, nevertheless, there remains the feeling that he should lie between the points of the solstice.

The sign of Leo is symbolically associated with power and influence, with the ability to be the author’s position in relation to one’s life.

Only this aspect of the quality of the planet can be associated mainly with one of the Nodes.

The transit opposition of Pluto to the Moon and the Black Moon through the coincidence of Pluto with natal Uranus makes this feature relevant.

With this comparative aspect, family traditions, bonds and upbringing, as well as the habits of the “lunar” personality come into disagreement with the ideas of the “knot” personality to keep up with the most progressive social and business worldviews. Real antagonism should only be between culture and anti-culture.

Here, the parent at a low level of working out the nodes transfers to the child his mental disorder and ambitions of strength and power.

Such a person devotes himself to his home, his parents, the art of reviving his family in Spain for the sake of peace and happiness in his home.

If you go against your lunar destiny, you can find yourself in a deep creative crisis and, after takeoff, experience complete oblivion, you can start preaching false ideas. They believed that money is the main stimulus for human actions, personifies the power and movement of all things and everyone.

Moon Trine North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

At the first stage of the relationship, they were strongly attracted to each other, they could not imagine life without each other…

But time exhausted this potential and the relationship arose alienation. If a new movement disappoints him, he is deeply worried about it and just as deeply supplants his pain, gradually acquiring a tough shell of social indifference.

And how much can Lilith Rahu work in general? Are you familiar with the oppressive underlying feeling that? Do relationships work a lifetime?

From the same area, the compound of Cancer IX in the house of Nelson Rockefeller. Or, conversely, some square poisons his entire life in his imagination – past, present, and future.

The event can occur not exactly the moment of return or antiphase, but six months. But in the second return of the Lunar Nodes 18, 5 2 = 37 years, there comes a time of tough testing, a period of testing.

The nodes are not as sensitive points in the horoscope as the planets. It will not be easy to learn to control your condition, to express thoughts clearly, you will have to learn composure, to seek self-organization.

If some other person is going to make contact, why not try to get it to be the person you want to hear from.

South Knot gives an abstractly delighted attitude to tradition; a person especially highly values ​​the highest aspiration when he feels its continuity, ideals left over from fathers and grandfathers, and fulfilling prophecies.

This level can also be manifested in friendly relations between people, as well as relations between people of the same gender.

The nodes show the direction from which a person is repelled and where he goes along the karmic path.

Venus appears only at the end part of the sign of Taurus, point 1, then at point 2 of the middle part of the same sign, and at the end of point 3 of the first part of the sign of Taurus.

For example, the transit opposition of Pluto to the Black Moon and the Moon does not happen very often.

Once he learns how to do this, he is destined for brilliant achievements. Only the goals should not take into account, but the selfish interests of many people, who must be united by a lofty idea.

The Lunar Nodes have the strongest influence under the following circumstances.

If a person goes against his program, then a karmic retribution occurs to him. Indicates the connection between consciousness and sub consciousness, however, a person may confuse true motivation with false, it all depends on which planet is stronger.

The fashions of the younger generation do not delight him, but they do not make him boil with indignation either.

Possible heavy physical labor of a laborer, miner, miner, stingy usurer. It can also produce extreme dementia and otherworldly obsessions, as is the case with Bundy.

The interaction of the Moon and the planet of conjunction also depends on which of them is stronger.

And the Dragon’s Head increases the beneficence of the benefactor, and both Nodes harm the Moon and deprive it of its beneficence. We look at the interaction of the conflicting planets Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn.


Life is connected with the desire to rise to efficiency and order from the sea maelstrom. He will have to abide by the rules of the hostel and the rule of law, the rules of cooperation and co-authorship, to abide by contracts and rules of fair play.

In the worst case, during this transit, a person has obstacles in communication with other people, relationships with others are destroyed, it becomes impossible to establish new contacts, mental retardation and limitations appear, and interest in education is lost.