Midheaven in Capricorn

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Medium Coeli or the Midheaven is the highest point of the Tenth house, which is something we are yet about to discuss and analyze.

It could match different zodiac signs, depending on a person’s birth chart.

When the Midheaven is in Capricorn, it indicates a personality that takes his or hers business quite seriously.

Medium Coeli in Capricorn is marked by the sense of seriousness, duty and responsibility in work.

Midheaven in Capricorn makes one disciplined, strict and moral ones, when it comes to their attitude towards business ethics.

These people are trustworthy and fully reliable. They could be very ambitious and very determined to achieve their professional goals.

The sense of morality is strong in them, so they do not run over others. However, they are fierce competitors.

This Midheaven goes with the Lower Midheaven or Immum Coeli in Cancer.

Immum Coeli is our privacy, while Medium Coeli is our public appearance and representation. Immum Coeli in Cancer indicated strong family bonds; these strict and dutiful businesspersons are tied to their family and there is especially strong connection with the figure of mother.

Since the Midheaven is not that often mentioned in common horoscope related talk and many people actually do not know what it is, we will try briefly to present this astrological element to you.

The Midheaven is essential in understanding one’s professional and public destiny, so it is an important thing to look out for if analyzing someone’s birth chart.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli Meaning

The Midheaven is one of the four astrological angles. The other three are the Lower Midheaven, also known as Immum Coeli, Ascendant and Descendant. Medium Coeli is found at the top of one of the most important astrological fields, the Tenth house. It represents two-directional window into the world.

Medium Coeli is about how we would like to be seen and how others actually see us. It is about our presentation in the public area.

Medium Coeli is an embodiment of our childhood dreams, as well. As it is related to career, success and professional area of life in general, it rather shapes up our earliest inclinations. We could say that it answers to the question: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”

That said, the Midheaven is also linked to our parents and their desires about our future.

Our parents are the first authoritative figures we encounter. They discipline us, teach us, care about us and nurture us with many ideas. Parental heritage, in terms of professional and career goals, is closely related to one’s Medium Coeli. It could be seen as bothersome, but also as something motivating.

For example, one might feel very comfortable with continuing family business tradition. He or she could feel as if they were destined for it.

They could indeed find themselves in it and achieve great success. Others could be burdened by their parents’ expectations and even feel as if they have betrayed their cause, by choosing a completely different career, especially if it is something less cost effective or against their family’s ideals.

It greatly depends on other elements in one’s birth chart, of course. In any case, Medium Coeli is about the public image we build ourselves.

On the other hand, it tells about how other people would see us, will they admire our efforts and praise our achievements. It is also about why we would like to be known for and how the reality will actually look like. Some people were brilliant in their occupation, but it never got them popular or known for.

They were recognized for something entirely different, instead. Moreover, it was not always to their liking.

It is very important to note that Medium Coeli is about not only our best outcomes and reputation; it is about any reputation. The Midheaven represents glory and fame, but also scandal and shame.

It should help us reach our maximum and use the greatest part of our potential, by showing us what is our potential, in the first place. However, it is not that simple neither to recognize nor to apply in practice.

Sometimes it points us towards making decisions that may seem irrelevant at the time, but it happens that those be crucial for our success, while others we thought are important appear to count much less.

Astrological analyses are fine, delicate work that requires a lot of practice and knowledge.

At the end, it is all up to you how you would use what you have learned from your birth chart.

Tenth House and Medium Coeli

The Tenth house is incredibly important when it comes to knowing your professional aspirations, career goals, social status and everything else related to your image and reputation. It is about success, the sense of it and the attitude towards achieving it.

Medium Coeli is the crowning point of the Tenth House. Planets in this astrological field greatly affect the nature of your Medium Coeli, as well as the sign it sits in.

This astrological field is of major importance in analyzing someone’s professional potentials. This field is about the very idea of success that one might have. We all have our own ideas about it and our way of expressing it.

Each person wants to achieve something in life, but that ‘something’ is very different for different personalities. These differences could be seen in the Tenth house.

The Tenth house tells about one’s capacities and potentials, in terms of professional success and general progress. It molds your idea about what the success is, in the first place; what degree of public recognition would satisfy you, for instance.

This house is also about figures you look up to and see as your heroes and idols. It could be seen as an ideal that motivates you to pursuit your career.

It determines your professional and occupational aspirations, by presenting you your possible maximum. It is about what you could become and how the world could see you. We deliberately say could, because all of this is useless, unless you actually apply it in reality.

However, the application also depends on factors that shape up your Tenth House and affect Medium Coeli.

Unfavorable planetary aspects could make it difficult for you to achieve your full potential. The Tenth house could show potential risks and dangers, so that you can avoid it in time and prevent yourself from failure on your professional plan, for instance.

The Tenth house is associated with career peaks, ultimate career goals, achievements and acknowledgements of one’s successes.

This is the house of rewards, prizes, glory and popularity. The Tenth house is related with your First astrological house, which represents your personality as it is. The Tenth house makes who you are into realization.

It is associated with all efforts a person takes in a physical world so to achieve their inner potential, to fulfill its astrological destiny, in a way.

The Tenth house represents one’s faith. It tells you what is desirable and favorable for you to do, in order to reach your goals, but also what is to be avoided. In natural horoscope, the sign of Capricorn is at the top of the Tenth house.

This cardinal, Earth element sign, characterized by discipline and responsibility is the natural place of Medium Coeli.

Let us find out what it means in a personalized natal chart.

Midheaven in Capricorn – Independent Business

Interestingly, but Midheaven in Capricorn is characterized by rebellious attitude; the fight against authorities that the person is actually going to become him or herself. People who have Medium Coeli in Capricorn typically reject what is expected of them to do.

They are incredibly stubborn and always true to their own causes. Confrontations with authorities are common for Midheaven Capricorns.

They are very likely to become the same authorities they have rejected to listen to and to bow to; isn’t it strange? It is because Midheaven in Capricorn has difficulty to accept itself, which might sound strange, considering Capricorn is naturally connected to the Tenth house.

However, astrological reality is complex and often complicated.

The main characteristic of Midheaven in Capricorn, which distinguishes these people from their colleagues (or authorities they defied) is that these people always come to positions they come solely by their own work. There is no other path for them nor do they want it.

These people are very ambitious and motivated, once they set their goals.

They do not want anyone to guide them, let alone try to change their attitude or methods. Stubbornness is literally embodied in the sign of Capricorn; with Medium Coeli in Capricorn, it makes one extremely strong-willed and determined personality and it could indeed be useful.

It could be bad, as well. Midheaven Capricorns are strict in anything they do, organized and disciplined.

These people are realistic and with both of their feet on the ground. They are capable of creating the conditions they find the most fitting for themselves, in any environment and they have the power of persuasion. Any profession that requires analytical work, responsibility and the sense of duty might be their call. They are typically their own bosses.

Midheaven Capricorns care a lot about the impression they leave in public and want to be known as people who have created everything they have by their own hands. Having Immum Coeli in Cancer and being very devoted to family values could make them put family in front of their personal ambitions.

These people have high demands of themselves and high standards.

If it happens that their aspects are not much favorable, they suffer from the complex of minor value. It usually comes from unrealistic expectations of their own parents. It makes difficult for them to be satisfied with their own achievements and enjoy fruits of their own work.

It could also make them feel as if they do not deserve success at all, so they feel guilty about it.

These things are manageable, but it is essential that a person becomes aware of these burdens of (false) expectations.

Positive Sides

Midheaven Capricorns are greatly independent and self-reliable people. They do not need assistance and they do not like anyone to mess up with their business.

On the other hand, they have perfect sense of order, responsibility and duty, so they can organize other people and motivate them.

Although they could be too strict and maybe a little bit more demanding, they value people’s work. They respect others achievements and efforts.

They literally draw their own path to success and are not afraid of going to extremes, if the situation requires. Their goals are security and stability, which is commonly associated with the idea of family. It is likely they could be the ones to start a great family tradition, in terms of business.

These people are reliable if you have them as your business partners.

People with Medium Coeli in Capricorn are usually on good voice for their achievements. Although not particularly warm and lovable, these people inspire great respect in others. It rarely happens others could characterize them as bad ones.

The sense of duty, honesty, honor and respect are what crowns their professional attitude and the idea of success.

To be successful, but to keep to their principles is what Midheaven Capricorns strive for.

Negative Sides

While one might say stubbornness is a negative side of Midheaven in Capricorn it actually does not do these ones much harm.

They will go head through the wall, but they are aware of that and they do it deliberately. They push to their limits, until something proves impossible to do.

For a time, at least. They are capable of standing on their feet again and moving forward, without any help.

The biggest problem is insecurity, which might come with too high expectations they have of themselves, usually inherited. It makes them feel is if they are never good enough, no matter how successful they are.

They might appear stone cold and proud of themselves, while deep inside they feel inadequate. They would keep their façade and show no weakness, but it could eventually break them and lead them to professional collapse.


Midheaven in Capricorn makes one highly responsible, dutiful person that takes their business seriously.

These people feel good when in charge of things, so they usually start their own business. They could achieve really great results in that. People usually know about them for starting their own family business tradition or because of a patent of their own.

These are individuals who are more respected than loved; even awed. They inspire others to stick to their goals and work hard on their career goals.

Midheaven Capricorns are marked by ambitious spirit and readiness to persevere.

They hide their insecurities efficiently and other people rarely see them as weak or of low self-esteem.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. People see them strict and demanding, but they are rarely given a bad name.