Cancer Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology is considered a pseudoscience, the one based on observing and analyzing positions and movement of planets and other heavenly bodies, in relation with constellations of stars as seen from our planet Earth.

In Greek, it literally translates into ‘the science of stars’. It does not only observe all of these aspects, but connects them with an individual person. Each person is born under specific pattern of heavenly bodies.

They way they are positioned decides what sort of interaction they will be; there are numerous variables and components to analyze and interpret. It is not an easy science.

No matter of it being considered a pseudo one, astrology requires a lot of knowledge and practice, in order to give us any answer.

That said, you need an expert, an astrologer, to interpret your birth chart and your horoscope accurately.

Everything determined by space and time could be subjected to astrological analysis.

In older days, astrology was an integral part of astronomy; Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Arabs, Romans, peoples of Americas, including Mayas, Aztecs and Inca people, relied on astrological interpretations for a great part.

Today, you are completely free to doubt those daily horoscopes read in newspaper; of course, it is only a generalized and a very random speculation about each of the twelve zodiac signs and their astrological prognosis for the day.

Birth charts, however, tell you about the essence of your personality. They show specific pattern of heavenly bodies at the time of your birth.

According to astrologers, this pattern determines your individual. Besides having their birth charts analyzed, many people are interested in compatibility with other people, seen through astrological glasses.

We would like to know if a person we have fell in love with is the right one. Do our horoscopes match? Astrology can definitely help us figure it out. Astrological compatibility does not always determine a relationship will work; there are other factors to consider.

On the other hand, signs that appear very distant and different could match, if both sides are determined to make it work. Astrology solely could give you precious guidelines. Today, we are matching a Cancer man with a Taurus woman.

Cancer Man

Men born under the sign of Cancer are very specific and hard to get to know. According to astrologers, they are the most difficult to define and to see in real light. You could mistake them for some other sign, due to their mutable nature and typical mood swings.

By the rule, Cancer men are usually shy and reserved; they do not let other people enter that life easily. They are distrusting, suspicious and cautious.

A Cancer man would rarely openly speak about his real emotions. He might appear indifferent, grumpy and melancholic, but it could be different of what he actually feels at the moment. Cancers are melancholic and sensitive, all of them.

A Cancer man is gentle and kind; he does not think badly about people and that is not the reason for his cautiousness. He simply knows his own nature and is, in a way, afraid of his own sensitivity.

His main characteristics are honesty, loyalty and tolerance. It takes time for a Cancer to open up and let someone in, but when he does so, he is full of understanding and love for the other one.

He speaks his true mind and feelings only to his closest ones. A Cancer man is always afraid of being emotionally hurt, so he tries his best to mask this soft side of his. However, there is another side of his emotional sensitivity.

A Cancer man is all about emotions; in social situations and even in professional surroundings he does let his emotions guide him. He rarely makes decisions based on his reason. He trusts his emotions greatly and has an impeccable intuition.

Every Cancer man truly believes that it is the most noble and just way to approach to everything in life with an open heart.

It has nothing to do with showing his emotions directly, which he is not doing. He tries to find a channel for them and expresses himself through everything he does. That make a Cancer man an impressive artist or else.

He is intuitive, imaginative and creative and he tends to choose a profession in which he could make something, be it a major humanitarian project or a piece of art.

When it comes to love and friendship, a Cancer man is protective, caring and kind. He needs a woman who is capable of understanding his emotional side, someone who will not try to tide him down and suppress his soft side.

On the other hand, his partner has to be a strong and emotionally well-grounded lady, to make a balance to his overly sensitive side.

He is compassionate and noble; he does not like an aggressive approach and is not direct in his intentions, because he does not feel safe about it. He is prone to depression after a failure and needs a partner and friends who can lift his spirits up. Cancer man always has a hobby to occupy his thoughts and to channel his emotions.

He would rather invest his emotions in something like that than to surrender his’ whole self’ to another person. That said, it is obvious that you will have hard times winning him over.

You have to be gentle, but determined, soft, but unshakable in your intentions. Moreover, you need a lot of patience if you are ready to slowly enter a Cancer man’s heart and win his love.

Taurus Woman

Let us meet this fantastic lady. Taurus women are known for being self-confident and strong; a Taurus lady always leaves an impression of a woman who knows what she wants.

She is simple, stylish and classy, rather than a passionate latest trends follower. She has a good sense for business and organization; her goal is to accomplish stability and a comfortable life.

A Taurus woman is practical and handy; she would opt for starting some kind of small private business, where she will be the one who decides everything. Taurus people are not prone to fantasizing or wasting time on something that has no potential to come true.

They are materialistic, but not greedy or overly ambitious. A Taurus woman would like to have a decent life that could allow her to relax and enjoy it.

She is ready to work hard and could be fully dedicated to her ideas. She is very stubborn and you would have hard times trying to persuade her that your solution to a situation could be better.

A Taurus woman does not give up; it takes a lot of disappointments and failures for her to step aside. You do not want to get in her way if she is aggravated or unsatisfied for any reason.

Taurus women are patient, well mannered, polite and charming. A Taurus lady would choose clothes and accessories that perfectly fit her and in which she feels comfortable. She is sociable, communicative and loves company.

However, if she is not in the mood for socializing, she will enjoy her time alone. It is possible that she is passionate about sports. She can be a good team player, if you do not counteract her strategy much.

A Taurus woman has a good taste for art; she loves galleries, theatre and else; however, a Taurus woman is rarely an artist herself. She could be a good performer, a television speaker or something like that.

She has an incredible power of persuasion and is irresistibly charming. She is honest, open, direct and trustworthy. Taurus are also very protective of those they love.

Speaking of love, a Taurus lady does not rush into a relationship. She easily wins men with her bright smile and positivity. She is a lady who would never complain about minor things; she prefers to handle problems herself and not to bother others with it.

A Taurus woman seeks for a partner whom she could trust and with whom they could share their cheerfulness.

Love Compatibility

Interestingly, but both Cancer and Taurus are, according to popular opinion, signs that have less interests in sex than others. Well, that is not true; the thing is, their perception of sexual experience is different from that of other signs and that is where these to match very well.

For Cancer men and Taurus women, sex is not neither an instant pleasure nor something you do instinctively.

Their se life is thought out, if something like that could be said. A Taurus lady represents the physical side of love; she needs everything to be felt and touched, ‘well-studied’, in a way.

She enjoys exploring her partner’s body and is patient and paced in sex. Cancer definitely needs that type of closeness and he needs a woman who will have skills to inspire his immense passion that is inside.

Moreover, there are no problems with trusting each other, between these two. Taurus lady is loyal and honest by nature and an in-love Cancer is definitely devoted emotionally. Their goals are similar and they share values. Both love comfort, safety, coziness and compassion.

Even our moody Cancer is actually very much inclined for stability in life; it is something he lacks emotionally and he could find it in this combination.

Both Taurus woman and her Cancer man are not particularly talkative in a relationship, meaning they do not have need to express everything they feel with words. In addition, they share many interests and would very much enjoy one another’s company.

Yes, when a Taurus set her mind onto something, her Cancer could try to persuade her otherwise by sweet talk, but it would most likely fail. However, he is tolerant enough just to let it be.

Sometimes a Taurus could get annoyed by Cancers fantasizing and his mood swings, but then, she will try to understand him. Taurus people are known to be patient and thoughtful; they are not quick tempered and would not let minor things spoil their calmness.

On the emotional side, they do fit well; they perfectly complement one another. This relationship is emotionally well grounded and encircled.

A Cancer man needs someone to bring him back to ground and a Taurus woman needs someone to flames up their imagination.

They are almost a perfect match. With only few differences that could be taken as advantages, Cancer man/Taurus woman relationship has a great potential to grow into something more serious.

Marriage Compatibility

To put things simply, Cancer man and Taurus woman are a perfect example of a connection between a Water and an Earth element zodiac sign. Earth and water are a naturally good combo, in every sense.

With Taurus lady being charming, loving and inclined towards having a comfortable life, cozy home and family and an intuitive, emotional and stability seeking Cancer, you could only imagine this has to be a potentially amazing marriage. It is so.

Both would typically love to settle down, to lead a decent and comfortable life, with enough pleasures they find appropriate. Both like good food and everything traditional or classical.

They are not overly ambitious and there is no risk one would become too dominant. They understand each other very well and are very loyal.

Their sex life needs a lot of work, but, since their relationship is based on trust, they will be eager to learn more about one another’s needs.

Finally, they both like children and would become wonderful, caring and protective, but also inspiring and motivating parents.


A Cancer man and Taurus woman could be really wonderful friends. It could be one of those friendships that, with time, grow to turn into romance. It is not an uncommon scenario for these two.

If they only remain friends, be sure it would be a long-lasting, steady friendship if not the best one.

A Cancer man and a Taurus woman could be lifelong friends. They could also remain friends even if they were in a romantic relationship.

Cool Facts

All Taurus people, including the most fit and slender ladies, are passionate gourmands.

They just love food. Cancers share the same passion. Taurus woman is usually handy in kitchen; she enjoys cooking, but also ordering food or eating out.

Cancer is generally lazy about making food, but when he decides to do it, it is always something to lick your fingers off! They are a couple of true food enthusiasts.


It is clear that Cancer men perfectly get along with Taurus women.

This is a smooth, natural combination with more than 90% compatibility in total. They understand one another more or less on all levels.

This a connection that has great chances to become something more, meaning these two are very likely to get married. Moreover, it is a promising, possibly a lifelong marriage.