Cancer Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we meet someone who arouses our interest, it is our natural urge to find as much possible about that person.

One of the questions, which interests us most, is the prospect of getting along with that person and being in a harmonious relationship with them.

If we don’t want to spy on their social networks to gather information, we can always refer to astrology insights about their personality and a potential for a relationship with us.

Astrology can provide us with serious data about the compatibility between two people, providing we know their date, place and time of birth.

If we don’t have such information (which is normal if we only just met the person), we can use the information given by their horoscope sign, and find out more about this person and our relationship with them.

Horoscope signs have basic traits which most people born during their rule possess, and by comparing them with the general characteristics of other horoscope signs, we can conclude about the basic compatibility between two individuals.

In this case, we will discuss in more detail the essential compatibility between a Cancer man and a Libra woman in different forms of relationships, from a love relationship to marriage or friendship.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is usually a sweet and gentle being, who seeks a woman with similar traits.

He is a man devoted to his family, and often from his early age longs for having a family of his own. Cancer men are usually very reliable and they strive towards financial and emotional security, and they put in a lot of energy into accomplishing these goals.

These men are very attached to the members of their close family, especially their mothers.

They have caring and nurturing nature, and their main preoccupation is for everyone they care about to be ok. They love spending time at home, and they usually have cozy and well-decorated homes, where they can enjoy and relax, often in the company of friends and family members.

Cancer men are very emotional, and they seek sensitive and emotional partners. Women who are aggressive and possess overwhelming energy are too much for this guy. He wants to enjoy the relationship in peace with his woman, and that is why women who seek drama, chaos, and constant excitement are not in his field of interest.

A typical Cancer man loves to eat, and enjoys preparing food for himself and the people he cares about. If this man prepares some food for you, be sure that he is interested in you, or that he cares about you in a special way.

That doesn’t have to include romantic interest, but it certainly means that he is very fond of you and considers you close. The love for food often causes them to overeat and overweight. These men often struggle with excessive weight and are often on some dietary regime.

Like the animal that is a symbol for the sign of Cancer, these men tend to be defensive and tend to retreat in their shelves when the situation doesn’t suit them. If he is hurt, you will certainly notice that although you might not always be aware of the reasons for his behavior.

The sign of Cancer is governed by the Moon, which in astrology rules emotions and our subconscious reactions. These people are often influenced by the changing of the phases of the Moon and their emotions and mood changes accordingly.

The reactions can range from slight moodiness, to anger, grumpiness, accusing others, to complete silence, when this man stops talking all of a sudden, making you wonder what happened all of a sudden.

He is not to blame for such behavior because most of the time he is not aware of the reasons for his attitude.

Luckily, these mood changes are quick and they don’t last long, so before you know it, the Cancer man will be back to his old cheery self.

These men are usually very humorous, and have a talent for a good joke and make others laugh. When he is in his best mood, he could be the center of the party where people will gather around him just to hear him speak and laugh at his funny comments.

They are more emotional than passionate, and can often be shy when it comes to approaching girls. They prefer to get to know the person they are interested in before they make their approach. In some cases, they lack initiative because they are afraid of being rejected.

When they are in a relationship with a woman who fulfills their desires, they are devoted partners who do their best to maintain the relationship and make their girl happy and satisfied.

They are good providers and take good care of their loved ones. They love children and often have a lot. They enjoy spending quality time playing with their kids and doing other fun stuff.

A woman they fancy, with a caring and nurturing nature, like theirs, has a great chance of this man falling in love with her; if she is good around the house and in the kitchen, even better. This man is a wonderful companion for a woman whose goals are a stable and harmonious family life by her man.

If you are such a woman, then a Cancer man is the right choice for you.

Libra Woman

The Libra woman is a beauty lover. These women are naturally drawn to everything that is beautiful, from people, clothes, things, furniture, buildings, beautiful sceneries and places, art, etc. They usually possess great physical beauty or if they don’t, they usually appear very sweet and dear to people.

The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and that is the main reason for that.

Libra women have an inborn sense of kindness and desire to please others. The symbol which represents the sign of Libra (the scales, which are the symbol for universal justice and balance), says a lot about their main personality traits.

These women love the truth, and they seek balance in all matters.

If something is not right in some area of their lives, they often cannot function well until these issues aren’t somehow resolved.

These women love life’s pleasures and enjoy when their man can provide with them. They are usually very stylish and love beautiful clothes and jewelry. Their superb taste enables them to look expensive even with moderate means. They usually don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to look good.

They know how to choose the wardrobe which can best accentuate their attributes.

Because of their good looks and their love for beautiful things, these women often end up as trophy girlfriends or wives of men who have a tendency to show off with their assets, and sadly, they consider their women as one of them; this is indeed the worse scenario that a Libra woman can experience because she is usually very emotional and seeks emotional rather than material satisfaction.

It is a sad fact, but it often happens that these women suffer in life because of their beauty instead of it being a benefit for them.

Libra women are often very creative and talented in many ways. They usually have lovely voices and are musically gifted. They are also good at drawing and other forms of artistic expression. That is what often leads them to choose professions somehow related to arts.

One of the ways to amaze this woman is to take her to an art exhibition or experience something she considers beautiful. She loves going out and is not a home type of girl. She is usually not an adventurous type and prefers a good night out in some nice restaurant or a cozy hotel room in some big city, to a weekend of hiking in the woods and sleeping in a tent.

Don’t expect her to enjoy these types of activities, although she might agree to go with you, usually because she finds it hard to say “no” and doesn’t want to offend you by rejecting your proposal.

If you are planning a long-term commitment with a Libra lady, don’t expect her to follow you on these kinds of adventures (unless she has some fire or another air sign placements in her natal chart). She loves comfort, and she won’t give up on it without a substantial reason.

These women are very sensual and not very passionate. They prefer strong and confident men and gladly give up on the steering wheel of their mutual life.

This woman is independent and perfectly capable of managing on her own, but she also expects to have a real man by her side, so she can comfortably play her woman role, and that is when she feels at her best.

The Libra woman is a very kind and lovely person to be around. She is always ready to help, and although she might not be the best cook or skips cleaning the house occasionally, if you choose to be with her, you won’t lack pleasure in her company. 

Love Compatibility

The Cancer man and the Libra woman are often a good love match. The main issue which can arise in their relationship is the lack of initiative. Both of them lack the initiative to start, sometimes even the relationship itself.

One of them will be forced to take the lead, and it is best that the man would be the one who does that because in the long term a leading role might exhaust the Libra woman who finds this role inappropriate, although she might play it very well, but not for a long time.

If the Cancer man doesn’t have a problem of initiating the relationship and the main activities around the relationship, the connection can be a good one.

The issue might arise if the Libra woman is a type which doesn’t want to hang around the house a lot, which is something that a Cancer man isn’t willing to give up for anyone.

Marriage Compatibility

If the issues between these two are patched up during the period of dating before getting married, this marriage has a chance of longevity.

Both the Cancer man and the Libra woman love comfort and this man will be able to provide them both with exactly that.

If she manages to repress her inborn urges to go places and spend as less time possible around the house, this marriage could be a good thing for both of them.

She is sweet and kind, just like his woman is supposed to be. He is caring, nurturing and protecting, just like her man is supposed to be. If they meet up in the middle and respect each other’s needs, this can be a great union.


A friendship between a Cancer man and a Libra woman is not a bad combination, although not an ideal one; if they don’t have a romantic interest for each other, there are not many interests which these two have in common.

He is more of a home entertainment type while she is all about going out.

As friends, they can support each other because of their innate nurturing qualities, and they can be a big help to each other during the process of achieving their personal goals.

As of spending time together, they don’t do it often because they have different views on spending their leisure time.

Cool Facts

The Cancer man is careful how he spends his money, and doesn’t like to waste it on useless things, while the Libra woman loves spending it on things of beauty, wardrobe, jewelry, make-up, art objects, etc.

The Cancer man is often surprised by the amount of money she spends on things he considers unnecessary.

He might never understand why she needs so many pairs of shoes or jackets in different colors, while he is perfectly fine with the one pair (possibly two pairs) he has.


The relationship between the Cancer man and a Libra woman is not a bad one.

It is also not a perfect one, but it can be a good one if they both make an effort in overcoming some issues which are a result of their character differences.