Cancer Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you want to know how well you would get along with a certain individual, one of the means you can use is a horoscope sign comparison between you two.

One of the first impulses we have when we meet someone we like, is the desire to find out as much possible about this person.

We want to know what he likes and dislikes and what kind of a person this individual is. We usually like them physically, but we want to know more about their inner being, and most important, how we would get along if we were in some kind of a relationship with this person.

Astrology can give us precise information about the compatibility between people, but we need to possess very precise data for that. If we don’t have such data (which is highly likely after just meeting someone), their horoscope sign can give us a substantial amount of information to start.

Every horoscope sign has specific traits and people of the same signs often resonate with them.

By comparing these general traits with the traits of another person, we can conclude how two persons would get along in a relationship with each other.

In this text, we will compare the horoscope sign traits for a Cancer man and a Pisces woman and discover the potential of a relationship between them. 

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is usually a gentle and sweet man who will do anything to help the ones in need. There are moments when he looks and acts completely opposite, but they usually don’t last long.

The reason for his mood swings is the fact that his sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon has phases and as these phases change, so does usually the Cancer man mood.

He often doesn’t know why he is so sad or angry, or depressed all of a sudden. He often does know the reasons, and these are the moments when he lets his emotions control his mood and behavior.

If you don’t know him well, you might be very surprised when he suddenly stops talking to you, and become quiet and distant. You will certainly begin wondering if it is something that you did wrong, but usually there’s no need to worry (although sometimes you might be the reason for his sudden moody attitude).

These men are very unpredictable when it comes to their emotions. One of the reasons is their great vulnerability. One of their main reactions is retreating when sensing the potential danger of being hurt. Their feelings are easily hurt, and that is the main reason why these men are not a suitable match for women who have powerful and overwhelming personalities.

They could easily intimidate this sensitive and gentle man, and he will undoubtedly begin to retreat when they start making advances on him, without them realizing the reasons for his behavior.

This man prefers mild, sweet, homey types of women, who love spending a lot of their time with family and at home. She also needs to be a good cook and get along well with his mom.

Yes, these men are especially attached to their mothers, although they are usually not momma’s boys. They respect their mothers and often compare the prospective girlfriends or wives with the qualities their mothers possess.

Cancer men are known for being food lovers. They also love to prepare food, and they often choose cooking as their career or hobby. If you happen to be his lady, you probably won’t need to cook because he will be the one to cook for you both. And he will do it with pleasure.

This man loves to entertain and enjoys preparing food for his dearest ones, family members and friends. The woman he chooses should have similar interests.

This man doesn’t spend money that easily. Some types of Cancer men can even be considered cheapskates, but they are simply cautious about the way they spend their money and they certainly don’t want to waste it on useless things.

If they can spend less for something, why don’t walk a couple of blocks further or go to a market where they know they would pay cheaper for the same thing. They appreciate money and their financial security matters a lot to them.

These men are nurturing types and enjoy taking care of the people they consider close. They are providers and if you end up with this man you can be sure that nothing will be missing in your life, emotionally nor materially.

They like the feeling of safety and they enjoy saving money. They often invest it in real estate and often earn substantial income by leasing it.

Cancer men are water signs, and that makes them very emotional. They seek a woman who can respond to their sensitivity in an equal manner. He gets along best with other water signs and earth signs.

Fire and air signs can often be overwhelming for this guy whose idea of good time is spending Friday night in the coziness and comfort of his home, preferably in the company of his beloved woman or family members and friends, if he is still single.

This man is a jewel of a man for a woman who seeks a harmonious and stable family life, and a man with whom she can grow old. He is not a type of man who wanders around, and when he finds the woman who matches his requirements he can be with her for a lifetime.

A typical Cancer man seeks quality in a relationship, rather than the quantity of relationships and gaining experience, as most men do. He is passionate but usually he needs time to relax and get to know a woman well before he gets into action.

Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is usually a sweet, quiet and very kind being. She often appears inaccessible and like coming from another world. Men are very attracted by the mysteriousness of this woman and the fact that they don’t know what is on her mind.

This woman seems very elusive and that is what turns most men on.

These women often live in their own world and are often unaware of the things happening around them; that is their natural defense mechanism of hiding from the things they consider unpleasant.

If the conversation isn’t pleasing, she will immediately switch off and begin thinking her own thoughts, only appearing to listen carefully to what you are saying.

The sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune and that gives this aura of mystery and illusion to these women. They are usually beautiful and appear almost unreal.

Pisces is a water sign which gives these women a strong emotional side of their personality. They are also very vulnerable but they often hide that trait by appearing uninterested and aloof. When a Pisces woman is hurt by a man, the scars might take a very long time to heal.

She is also prone to illusions and obsessing over men who are unattainable, and men with whom the relationship is impossible for some reason (married men, great age difference, social barriers, etc.).

These women are not leader types and are usually not very independent (unless they have some other influence in their natal charts which points otherwise). They need a strong and confident man by their side and don’t mind giving them the right to lead them. A typical Pisces woman is not very ambitious and she often needs guidance in life.

Pisces women can be masters of creating illusions and luring men inside their net, pretending to be weak until they grab them in their net. Not many of them have these traits, of course, but some of them are very good at the game of seducing men.

Their apparent vulnerability and weakness attract men to them, who then have the urge naturally exhibit their protecting traits towards these seemingly fragile creatures.

Although many times they genuinely are weak and need protection, in many cases it is a carefully planned act of these women.

Most Pisces women intentionally don’t mind their man always being right and they never oppose him; that is a very intelligent act which these women use: not to provoke the men’s ego, but instead provoking him to play his manly role as a protector and provider to their mutual satisfaction.

Some more aggressive and direct women might envy the Pisces women on these traits because their directness tends to push men away from them, while the tender, naïve and unprotected approach of Pisces women attracts men to them like moths to a flame. Other women should learn the skills of attracting men from these quiet but very intelligent women.

These women are often lazy and lack initiative, and that is why they don’t mind others (their men especially) dealing with their matters. A Pisces woman usually doesn’t have a strong ego (but many Pisces woman do have it, often when there are some other elements which point to that trait prominent in their natal chart).

She won’t have a problem repressing her ego for the sake of gaining something she wants.

Pisces women are very sensual and are usually good lovers. They have a strongly developed intuition and they intuitively sense people and their feelings which can help her adapt to any circumstances. She can either be an adventurous type or a complete loner who tends to spend a lot of time at home isolating herself from society.

Sometimes a Pisces woman is a combination of these two types. Like Neptune their ruling planet, these women are fabulous actors, and when you are with her, you are actually dating multiple women in one.

These women are often absentminded and it takes a lot of patience to get used to this trait.

Love Compatibility

The romantic relationship between a Cancer man and a Pisces woman is a very good combination. As a mix of two water signs they get along very well, especially when it comes to the emotional side of the relationship.

When it comes to the practical side, problems can often arise, and that depends on their characters.

If they are typical representatives of their signs, the initiative can be a problem. If the Cancer man is a shy type and lacks initiative, this relationship is unlikely to begin.

She is a type who more than likely prefers her man’s leadership, and she will rarely take on that role (usually if she has some prominent fire planetary placements in her chart). If the man is action oriented this relationship has a good chance of being a long lasting and satisfactory for them both.

Marriage Compatibility

If these two get married, their marriage has a good chance of being a fruitful and lasting one. This marriage certainly won’t lack love and affection because both of them are very emotional beings.

They are more into cuddling and caressing each other than being overly passionate (unless there is some Scorpio or fire involved in their natal charts, but that’s a different story). These two make a lovely couple and good parents to their children.

Their kids won’t lack affection and tenderness that is for sure. They are both very devoted parents and tend to spend a lot of time with their children doing various activities with them.

The Pisces woman will enjoy the protection and nurturing given by her man and she will return with her devotion and loyalty.


A Cancer man and a Pisces woman make very good friends.

They both have a similar sensibility and they understand each other very well. They often have similar interests and can spend a lot of time in each other’s company because they enjoy it. 

Cool Facts

The Cancer man and the Pisces woman are both water signs and they are very emotional. T

he Cancer man is more prone to mood changes than his Pisces partner, but she has an emphatic ability to sense his emotions and can be a very calming factor in these situations.

He can also sense her feelings and be able to help her overcome her outbursts of sometimes irrational emotionality and neutralize it.

Pisces women (and Pisces men) are more prone to dealing with their anxieties by developing unhealthy addictions.


The Cancer man and the Pisces woman make a beautiful couple and their relationships often last a lifetime.

They both understand their needs and each other very well, and can develop an almost a telepathic connection.