Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our ancients were observing the skies and stars patiently and with great admiration and respect, trying to find the answer to ultimate questions related to our destiny and purpose in the world.

Astrology is as old as our civilization and yet, it still lives on.

Although today it is considered a pseudo science and counts as an alternative discipline, astrology is still being practiced.

In modern day, we associate it mostly with personalized horoscopes.

When someone mentions astrology, people commonly think of their native zodiac sign that is the sign determined by the position of the Sun in one’s natal chart.

Astrology is much wider and more detailed, especially if we talk about an individual horoscope.

Besides the native sign, other signs, planets and elements should be taken into consideration and carefully analyzed.

An experienced astrologer knows methodology and principles to interpret it correctly. One of the first things to look out for is definitely the Sun sign mentioned.

The Moon sign also plays an important role. Other planets play their own roles.

All of the elements create a complex image that is your natal chart and reveal your horoscope.

Let us begin. Double Scorpio profile is our today’s subject.

Sun Sign

The Sun is the central place in western astrology, since this astrological system is organized on the Solar system. Just to mention, there are systems based upon lunar phases, not the Sun.

Chinese astrology is a good and magnificent example. Some people are eager to understand their personality and destiny by combining their Western zodiac sign with their Chinese birth year sign.

In Western astrology, the Sun represents the base. It is one’s personality, with all its basic qualities, in a nutshell. The Sun represents your potential maximum, your Ego.

Simply put, the Sun is exactly who you are; you cannot hide it, no matter how hard you try.

The Sun sign is what people commonly identify with the whole horoscope. However, it is only an element, but an important one.

The Sun stands for life and energy, for creation and creativity, for goals, ambitions, motivation and self-confidence in a personal natal chart. It greatly depends on aspects and other elements.

That is the reason why there are no ideal representatives of Zodiac signs. Each native, the Sun sign is affected by the overall complexity of one’s birth chart.

This bright day-ruler is of masculine principle. It rules the sign of Leo and is associated with the element of Fire. Its nature is fixed, manifesting, visible.

The Sun is how you act in this world. It represents your own will to live, create and progress.

If in good aspects, there is nothing to stop your potentials to reach at least close to their maximum.

Bad aspects, however, interfere with the flow of one’s life energy.

Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio makes one a Scorpio personality. Scorpios are some of the most intriguing and, we daresay, controversial representatives of the Zodiac.

Scorpio is intense and impulsive, but self-disciplined, deeply, almost painfully emotional and yet very reserved, self-confident and proud, but jealous, self-reliant, but very possessive.

Everything within a Scorpio is like battle of life and death.

Scorpio is a Water element sign, which makes it flexible and strongly connected with the emotional and imaginary world. Scorpio is also a fixed sign, so expression of its energy is steady, concrete, direct and persistent.

They are strong individuals, on all levels. Planets in Scorpio do not show their face openly; that is the nature of the Scorpio.

The Sun in Scorpio has the most difficult job in astrological terms, because it has to maintain this everlasting inner conflict in a sort of harmonious manner, so that one does not break.

Scorpio controls emotions, before everything else and he or she has loads of emotions. The astrological task of the Scorpio sign is to recognize emotions, to know them and to overcome them.

Scorpio is extreme and a very brave character. There is a special kind of inner strength in this independent, mysterious sign. A Scorpio trusts only him or herself.

Scorpios are idealists, ready to sacrifice everything in order to fulfill their mission, to reach their ideals, to defend their cause or whatever of the sort. They are incredibly imaginative, intuitive and creative people.

Moon Sign

The Moon is the other side of the coin. The Moon does not rule over or presentation and expression, but feeling and impression.

The Moon is the planet of imagination, dreams and emotions. It is changeable, flexible and adaptable.

The Moon is what you are, deep inside. It is a Water element planet, with a great influence over all water element sign, ruling primarily over Cancer.

It defines our emotional self and supports our emotional development. It supports everything we have in our Sun sign, nurturing our spirit and guiding us from deep within.

Many times people cannot describe why they feel something or even why they made certain decisions or so. The Moon is an inner voice that guides us.

The Moon is of feminine principle, mysterious and magical. The Moon rules over our deepest needs and desires that lie somewhere beyond our conscious mind.

It is everything you feel, being unaware of why is that so.

The Moon determines the way one is going to react to certain situations in life or in contact with different people.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio is drowned in the ocean of intense emotions. Scorpio is one of the Water element signs, meaning the Moon greatly affects its nature.

Some astrologers say the Moon has even stronger influence over any of Water element signs that the Sun, even if the sign is a native.

The Moon in Scorpio accentuates one’s emotional nature.

Moon Scorpios are mysterious and their emotions are in a deep cave, filled with velvet dark.

They are characterized by strong and mystical, magnetic aura. These people are imaginative and deeply feeling beings. They are well aware of their emotionality, just as native Scorpios are.

They rarely show their feelings openly. Moon Scorpios are guided by their incredibly good intuition; no way you could trick them or deceive these individuals.

These people are passionate. Scorpio Moon is made out of emotions, intense ones.

They are strong, noble and brave, not Cancer-like emotional. They are fatalistic, idealistic; everything in Scorpio Moon is put to extremes.

They do not feel in shades between the black and white; each emotion is a story to itself. They tend to become possessive and obsessive.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Double Scorpio is probably one of the most remarkable and easily recognizable Zodiac representative.

There is not even a slight chance you would miss them out, even though they could simply be there, not saying a word.

Their magical aura is so strong and magnetic; these mysterious individuals intrigue people. In addition, it is not only a cliché; Scorpios indeed emit some special kind of energy no one could really understand.

Scorpio Scorpio is at risk of going into extremes in all terms. They are extremely emotional beings, but of incredibly strong character and personality overall.

Although they are attracted to everything considered taboo, themes related to destruction, perversion, death, suffering violence and else, contrary to popular belief, double Scorpios are, in fact, optimistic characters.

They nurture their own sort of optimism. If they were pessimistic and fragile, no way they would endure all of kind of disturbing interests of theirs.

Moreover, it is not something they do, but something they would like to know more about, to understand it, in order to become better, to overcome their own demons.

Double Scorpios are passionate and devoted to things they put their interest in.

Good Traits

Brave, strong, incredibly intuitive and imaginative, double Scorpio is a knightly character, if aspects are good.

These people are loyal, devoted, passionate and protective of what they hold dear. They possess incredible inner strength, they are honest and always true to their principles.

Scorpio Scorpio is heroic, because he or she has a battle to win; the one hardest of all, the battle against their own inborn demons.

Bad Traits

Double Scorpios are by definition extreme personalities. The thin is the line between their best and their worst manifestation.

Bad aspects make a double Scorpio manipulative, possessive, obsessive, fatalistic in attitude, obsessed with dark thoughts, drowned in their own emotional darkness.

Scorpios in general instinctively always choose the harder personal path; they have an inborn need to suffer and to make the whole show on it.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon in Love and Marriage

Double Scorpio is one of the most passionate lovers of the Zodiac. This person takes relationships seriously and he or she is demanding.

He or she wants total commitment, fatal love, and full dedication.

They are loyal, caring and lovers definitely to remember. There are no compromises in love for a double Scorpio.

Their relationship and their partner could easily become the subject of their obsession.

In a relationship, double Scorpio is ready to lay bare their heart in front of their adored lover.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon

The best match for a double Scorpio is a person who can respond to their emotional needs for deep commitment and connection.

It is someone who is ready to dive into their world and who would never try to suppress their emotionality. It is someone who has to be calmer and less fatalistic overall.

Scorpios need to feel secure, loved and relaxed around their partner. It has to be someone capable to calm them, but also openly to show love and passion.


Double Scorpios are personalities that mark lives of people they interact with.

They tend to be chaotic and dramatic, if aspects are bad, possessive, demanding and obsessive.

However, they are honest and honorable by nature; small tricks, deceit and injustice are not their way.

They despise those who use such methods to achieve something in life. Double Scorpio is a martyr, someone ready (metaphorically) to die for the right cause.