Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The compatibility between two people depends on many factors.

Some people seem entirely incompatible to their observers, but they seem to get along more than fine, and we can use astrology as a means to explain that.

By comparing their natal planetary placements we can receive much insight about their relationship and the issues which can potentially arise.

Such astrological analysis requires precise data about their date, time and place of birth, which is not something most of us have after just meeting someone and becoming interested in them.

Even in that situation, we can receive much insight from their horoscope signs by comparing the traits of each sign.

Asking someone for their horoscope sign isn’t considered a very private question, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to acquire that information.

In this text, we will make a comparison of traits of the Cancer man and a Scorpio woman, and see how well they can get along in different types of relationships.

Cancer Man

A Cancer man is by all means not a macho man. He is a sweet and kind, gentle man, you desire to hug and kiss all day. He is caring and nurturing, and his approach is tender and mild.

He is not someone who would pressure you to anything you don’t feel comfortable with. He also needs to get to know someone well, before deciding to make any further moods. He is not haste, and plans his moves carefully.

The main reason is his fear of rejection or being hurt.

These fears often cause a lack of initiative on behalf of this man. He often misses chances because he is too afraid to act. Because of that, he might welcome a healthy initiative coming from the woman’s side, and he won’t consider it as a thing which kills his joy of pursuing this woman.

Quite the opposite, he will appreciate the fact that she has cleared his doubts about possibly being rejected by her.

A typical Cancer man needs to get used to someone and know them better to be able to relax and show his true personality, which is truly awesome. A woman, who is patient enough to wait for that, will be awarded with this treasure of a man. This man is usually not a player type.

He longs for a family, and usually has strong ties with his close family members, especially his mothers, but also his father and siblings. He has great respect for the family union and he does all he can to help and provide for his family members.

This is not a party type of guy either. He might have his bit of fun and late nights out but that is usually in his younger age. This man prefers spending time in the comfort of his home hugging his dearest or preparing food for both.

He loves to enjoy, and enjoys pampering the people he cares about, but also loves to be pampered by them, especially the girl he is in love with.

A Cancer man doesn’t relax easily, but when he does and admits his feelings for you, he becomes the sweetest man there is.

Yes he might surprise you with sudden outbursts of moodiness, retreat, silence, grumpiness, and similar behavior, but they won’t last long, so you better pretend that nothing is happening. It usually isn’t and is only the effect the Moon phases have on this man.

All Cancer people are affected by the Moon because it is their ruling planet. Sometimes your man will have a reason to be upset, but it is up to you to find it out because he isn’t likely to tell you. He would rather be grumpy and silent in the corner of the room.

This man is very emotional and isn’t ashamed to demonstrate his emotions to you. He will want to hold your hand and kiss you in public and if you are a kind of person who is not comfortable with that, you better get used to it because he won’t change.

It is something he considers his right and is usually a way for him to demonstrate to the world how proud he is for having such a woman by his side. That is a rare trait in a man, especially nowadays, so you better appreciate it and be happy for having such a man.

Cancer men are passionate but they need time to warm up and relax. They don’t mind initiative taken by the women’s side, and gladly respond. They combine love and passion and they usually cannot be with a girl they don’t feel anything about.

He often seeks a woman who has a strong personality but won’t jeopardize his masculinity. He gets along best with other water signs as well as earth signs. These women understand this man intuitively and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. 

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is a filled with emotions and passion. She is a water sign, but she possesses fiery passion, although it differs from the sometimes unemotional approach some fire women have.

These women are often magnetically attractive to men because of the aura of mystery which spreads around them. These women are indeed mysterious and seem to possess an inner knowing of matters which are not of this earth and visible to the naked eye.

They are often attracted to mysticism and other secretive knowledge and these traits can either attract or reject their potential suitors.

These women have powerful energy and they cannot be easily manipulated. They know what they want and are after to get it. If they are interested in a man they will go through great length to meet him and establish a relationship with him.

Although they are straightforward and direct, their approach differs to that of air or a fire woman, which is bluntly direct.

Scorpio women have a subtle approach and try to make it seem as things are unfolding naturally, although in fact they have carefully planned and orchestrated the scenario. These women are not evil and manipulative; they are simply very intelligent and they use their skills to get what they want, but only if it is in the best interest of both parties involved.

Of course there are Scorpio women who are known to manipulate and use men, but these women are usually very open and honest, and they follow their heart and feelings. They wouldn’t be with a man who is not interested in them; that would be an insult to their pride, and these women are very proud beings, believe it.

If she sees that a man she is interested in isn’t responding to her advances and signals, she simply turns her back and leaves. There are plenty of men who would be more than happy to have this wonderful woman by their side, and she is very well aware of that.

This woman is a born psychologist, and she is highly empathic, up to the point of being able to read other people’s minds.

Although she might use these abilities to approach people the right way, she usually won’t use them to manipulate someone into being in a relationship with her.

A Scorpio woman is a very sexual being and she needs a strong response from her man. She is attracted to passionate men, but she is both emotional as well as passionate, and sex as an activity for pure pleasure often isn’t something which interests her. This woman needs to have emotions for the men she is sleeping with.

It is usually how things are with Scorpio women, although it might seem otherwise because of their evident sexappeal.

This woman is usually very ambitious and capable of achieving great success. Her willpower is incredible and she is not a quitter. There’s not much that can stop this woman from accomplishing her desires and goals.

Some Scorpio women can even be inconsiderate about other people’s feelings (usually not intentionally) while in the process of acquiring what they want.

Although she is bursting of energy and she is all about action, she is not at least bit thoughtless and usually doesn’t act and decide in haste.

Scorpio women often have a dominant nature. They are very good at organizing matters and life in general. They are also good at organizing other people’s lives and they do that very well, provided that they are allowed to do that.

Although they seek a strong and confident man, they often end up with a man who has a weaker personality than they have, usually because of their overbearing and overpowering nature, which collides with men who also have stronger personalities.

Power struggles are a usual occurrence in this woman’s life when she finds herself in a relationship with a man as equally strong as she is. If she willingly agrees to his dominance, providing that her opinion is respected, that relationship can be something she longs for and desires the most.

More often than that, this woman ends up with a man she could control and ends up winning about that and about the fact that he isn’t strong enough, unaware of the fact that a stronger man would never put up with her unbearable dominant persona.

She is a tender and gentle wife and mom, and she takes good care of her man and her children, providing that she has all the decisions in her hands (that is how it usually ends up).

Love Compatibility

A relationship between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman will most likely be a good one.

They are both water signs and are very emotional. If he is not intimidated by her strong personality, he will gain her respect and these two can enjoy their relationship. They are instinctively connected to each other and feel each other’s feelings. They will both have a calming effect on each other.

She will be patient enough and wait for this man to relax and get used to her company and when that happens the real pleasure and joy begins between these two.

Both of them don’t separate love from sex and they can enjoy a physical relationship only when there are feelings involved. This relationship has all the prerequisites to be a lasting one.

The issue might arise if the man isn’t powerful enough to stand up to her, in which case she might overpower him which can severely hurt his masculinity and cause him to feel inadequate and unsatisfied.

Marriage Compatibility

These two can make a great marriage couple, providing that he is confident enough to stand up to her, and that she is willing to suppress her domineering nature with which she might hurt his feelings and sense of masculinity.

If they manage to balance these issues, theirs could be a lovely relationship filled with love, happiness, joy, and peaceful family bliss.

They have a good organization around the house and they are both very good parents. She could be the stricter parent of them both, but that isn’t a rule.

They are both tender and loving parents, and their children are fortunate to have them. They are often an object of envy because of the enormous love they have for each other.


A Cancer man and a Scorpio woman make very good friends. They understand each other and are emphatic towards each other’s feelings.

She intuitively understands his moodiness and change of feelings, while he is not reactive to her sudden outbursts of anger and aggressiveness. They enjoy each other’s company and doing things together. 

Cool Facts

The Cancer man is one of the rare men who doesn’t arouse the Scorpio woman’s competitiveness. This woman is very self-aware and thinks of herself as equal to any man.

That is why she often has the need to prove her worth and abilities in the company of other men. She has special feelings for the Cancer man and she doesn’t consider him as threatening to her pride as other men.


The Cancer man and the Scorpio woman fulfill all the conditions for a good, stable, and a harmonious relationship.

Whatever the relationship between them might be, it is certain that they both enjoy it.