Cancer Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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One of the first reactions we have, when we meet someone who catches our attention, is to discover as many information as possible about that person.

We want to know if this person is single or already committed, but we want to know about this person’s personality as well. Astrology can give us much insight into one person’s character as well as information about our compatibility with that person.

For a detailed comparative analysis between the planetary placements in the natal charts of two individuals, you need to know the precise data regarding their births, i.e., their date, time, and place of birth.

This information isn’t easily attainable, but the information about a person’s horoscope sign is.

A question about a person’s horoscope sign is a common question in everyday talk, and not many people would consider you awkward or nosy if you ask them such a question.

By comparing the essential traits of both people’s signs, we can have a clear picture of their basic compatibility and prospects of a relationship between them.

In the text, we will make a comparison of personal traits between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman to see how well they would function in different types of relationships.

Cancer Man

The Cancer man is usually a family oriented guy and rarely a player. These men are often shy and need time to get to know a girl before they start courting or dating her. Sometimes they even let the girl give the initiative because it is more comfortable when they know that they stand a chance with her and won’t get rejected.

These men often have a fear of rejection or getting hurt and that is why it takes time for them to decide and approach a girl they like. The sad thing is that they would pass on a good opportunity to be with a wonderful woman, merely because they are too afraid that they might get rejected by her or some other ways hurt.

Cancer man in love is an entirely different being. When he begins trusting a person, the need for a retreat he often feels around people who are strangers or people he doesn’t consider close, disappears, and he freely shows his true colors.

He would do almost anything for the person he cares about. These men don’t have a problem to express their emotions and they do it openly whenever they can. Their woman feels like the most loved woman in the world and they are proud to show their woman to the public.

These men are very emotional beings, and their emotions tend to fluctuate, usually influenced by the phases of the Moon which is the astrological ruler of the sign of Cancer.

The Moon has a great impact on nature but humans as well, and Cancer people seem to be most affected by its influence. This man can suddenly become grumpy, or silent, and you won’t know why. He won’t easily tell you the reason, and oftentimes he won’t even be aware of his behavior. after some time, he will be back to his old self, as if nothing had happened.

The Cancer man is a passionate being, but he usually needs to have feelings for the person he is with. For them, sex is usually an expression of deep emotions and love, and not a plane physical pleasure.

These men are very attached to their families, especially the closest members of their family. They enjoy taking care of them and nurturing them, and in fact, they enjoy doing that with all the people they care about.

If you are the woman of his choice, he will shower you with love and his attention. You will feel like the only woman in the world because this man will truly have eyes only for you.

He prefers women who are sweet and kind, just like he is. He wants a woman who will be supportive of his endeavors and enjoy spending time around the house as he does. He is a true house type, and he expects you to be the same.

If you are a type of woman who only spends the night in the house and always plans where you will go next, forget about a relationship with this man. You are way too different and it would never work out.

This man loves to entertain his friends, and people who are close, and he is a wonderful host. He is warm and welcoming, and people feel like at home in his house.

He also enjoys preparing food for his dearest and enjoys to see them satisfied and happy. He wants a woman who he can pamper, but he also loves to be pampered himself. He is very tender and gentle, and enjoys kissing and hugging his woman, and he probably enjoys that way of intimacy more than sex.

All Cancer men love to eat, and know about good food. They are true gourmands and often have weight problems because of that love.

This man tends to overeat, and then spends days fasting and eating almost nothing to lose the weight he gained during his periods of gluttony. Some of them have issues with food and eating too much all their lives and consider that one of their major issues.

Cancer men are devoted partners and loving parents, and they are a wonderful choice for a woman who desires a peaceful and harmonious family life. 

Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman often appears reserved and almost cold. This is a façade this woman is wearing to protect herself from interacting with people who make her feel discomfort. These women are not the easiest individuals to get along because they often have very judgmental characters and they judge everyone by their own set of standards and criteria.

Many men consider their personality difficult to deal with and they rather skip this contact.

The men, who have the perseverance and will to proceed, are in for a big surprise. This woman is a wonderful being under the façade of rigidity and rules. She is kind and very helpful.

She is not overly emotional (unless she has some other planetary influences), but she can be very tender and gentle and knows how to demonstrate her love.

Virgo women are usually not very passionate, but some of them are quite the opposite and demonstrate their desires openly.

They are usually traditional types of women and expect their men to win them over with courting and taking time to get to know them. They have a great sense of self-respect and they usually retreat if the man is not respecting their boundaries.

Many women Virgos are obsessed with their health and hygiene. That is something typical of all Virgo people. They are usually very tidy and have problems getting used to people who have different standards of cleanliness than theirs.

Virgo women usually have a great personal style and are very elegant. They are often very beautiful with great facial features. These women are very intelligent and often ambitious.

They find their career very important but they also value family life and having children is something very important to her. She is usually very capable and manages to handle all these areas of her life perfectly.

These women are very good at organizing things and are very good with details. One of the reasons for these traits is Mercury, their ruling planet.

These women are very intelligent and they love learning. They prefer men with whom they can have interesting conversations and enjoy their company. They are not adventurous types (although they don’t reject it if it comes their way), and they prefer activities which involve comfort and enjoying.

In some cases, these women have an attitude of knowing everything and teaching others right from wrong. They often aren’t aware of their behavior which usually annoys people, especially their men.

They often treat their men as if they are children, criticizing them and telling them what to do. Her habit of criticizing everything is maybe her worst trait. That can be a serious problem in a relationship and pose a threat to its existence.

She often has a habit of organizing others and telling them what to do, which is another one of her traits which many people cannot stand. There are not many men who would tolerate such behavior, and that is something these women should be aware of and work on changing their behavior.

These women might appear sexy, but they are usually not very sexual beings. They prefer the tenderness and expressing emotions than physical intimacy. Being close to her man is what bonds her to him.

She considers that aspect of a relationship very important and if that is missing in her relationship, she usually won’t be able to get attached and develop strong feelings for the man she is with.

In time, as the relationship with this woman develops, and she grows fonder of the man she is with, she starts being more willing to change her attitude and becomes more tolerant and open to change. She is a good choice for a man who is into a serious relationship and a dependable and loyal woman he can rely upon.

The Virgo woman is the exact description of such a woman. And she is also beautiful on top of that.

Love Compatibility

The Cancer man and the Virgo woman can be a good match.

They complement each other in many of their personality traits. They are both responsible and love to take care of things, especially their finances. They also love spending time at home and enjoying its comfort.

They are both tactile types and love expressing their emotions and love by caressing each other, hugging and kissing.

They are both emotional, but not overly passionate and sex is a form of expressing their love for both of them. Both the Cancer man and the Virgo woman need time to get to know each other, so they could relax and enjoy their relationship and the emotions they share.

This relationship has all the prerequisites of being a good and lasting one. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman is a good idea. They are both house oriented and they love to arrange it, so they could feel comfortable.

They are both devoted to their relationship and respect and appreciate what they have. these two feel very comfortable in each other’s presence that they sometimes feel they don’t need anyone else around.

They are devoted parents and their children are loved and well-mannered. 


A friendship relationship between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman is a good one as well. These two have a mutual understanding and they easily find common interests.

They love spending time at each other’s house, or hanging around with their mutual friends.

She is a bit rational for this emotional guy, but they seem to take what they miss in their personality from each other and they create a perfect bond that way. 

Cool Facts

Both the Cancer man and the Virgo woman love financial security and they would do anything to establish and maintain it. They don’t enjoy spending money, and they detest wasting money.

For them it is not normal to spend money on things you don’t need or useless things.

These two don’t see the point in spending all your money just to have the latest edition of some clothing item. It will certainly get out of fashion soon, or something bad might happen to it.

They are not cheapskates, but they simply pay attention to what they spend their money on. Their philosophy is: why pay more when you can pay less for the same thing if you simply walk two blocks more.

They find it very important for their peace of mind to have money stashed away just in case. They also love saving it, and investing it in objects of value, such as jewelry or real estate.

This trait is something that bonds them very much. 


To summarize: all relationships between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman have the potential of being long lasting and fruitful.

These two have a way of making peace with their differences and finding a mutual agreement on things so they could form a harmonious and stable relationship which could stand the test of time.