Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Have you ever wondered if stars can tell you about your destiny?

Many people believe there are answers out there; answers to our purpose in life and each one of us individual destiny.

We are ourselves like stars, each life shining by its own light.

Sometimes our light is strong, other times it fades or the other outshines it. That is a romantic perspective, but there is some true in it.

Since old days, people have been wondering if the stars above could answer our questions.

Perhaps we will never know why we are here. To wonder may be our only purpose. However, it drives us and motivates us.

There are many paths trying to unravel mysteries of our lives. Astrology is one of them. It has many branches and we focus on natal astrology.

Most of people are interested in astrological destiny of people close to them and, of course, their own.

Answers to those could be found in natal charts and personalized horoscopes.

Astrologers interpret positions of planets related to one person’s life, as seen in an astrological chart.

According to astrology, planets and aspects greatly affect our personalities and whole lifelines.

Sun Sign

Amongst all the elements found there, the Sun is the first to interpret.

In modern astrology, the Sun represents the core element, since this astrological system is based upon the Solar system.

The Sun is a powerful element, in all regards. It has always been associated with life and creation, since its energy is, indeed, life giving.

Without its warmth and light, there would be no life on Earth, perhaps.

In a natal chart, it represents the essence of one’s personality. It is your Ego and it represents your potential maximum. In short, the Sun is yourself as you are meant to be.

Of course, many elements affect your road to realization of given potentials.

The Sun represents the area of life that offers you the greatest opportunity to become a person you are astrologically meant to be.

The Sun represents your energy and your strength, the manifesting, expressive part of your being. It is about your attitude and activity.

The Sun gives you fixed quality, it is something you cannot easily change.

Your Sun sign determines your character, temperament and personality traits. The Sun inspires you to live your potentials to the foulest.

It naturally rules over the sign of Leo and is a masculine principle. It represents male authority figure, such as the figure of a father in one’s horoscope.

The Sun stands for personal goals, ambition, generosity and warmth. Its quality could become corrupted, when the Sun sign is in bad aspects.

Knowing your Sun sign means knowing your good and bad sides, which makes it easier to work on yourself and become a better person.

Sun in Sagittarius

Your Sun sign determines your personality in terms of your basic qualities. Of course, there are no two identical representatives of the same zodiac signs.

It is so, because many other elements affect your native zodiac sign.

However, all Sagittarius people share certain characteristics, just as representatives of all other signs. Sagittarius is a Fire element sign, one of mutable quality and ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

Sagittarius is energetic, lively, curious personality. These people enjoy life and value every step on their way. They are of open, philosophical mind, eager to listen, absorb and learn.

They never follow other’s opinions foolishly; they think deeply about everything. Moreover, they do not remain on a thinking and analytical level; Sagittarius turn their ideas into action.

They love exploring the world, with the purpose of finding a purpose. They are interested in all sides of humanity, in all levels of our existence.

They are perhaps the most dynamic characters in the Zodiac, both in philosophical and physical terms.

Like all other Fire element signs, Sagittarius needs interaction with the world, in order to experience as much as it is possible.

Moreover, Sagittarius does not wait for a miracle to happen, if he or she has come up with some extraordinarily new idea. They would initiate it.

Sagittarius love changes, they are flexible and very sociable.

You can talk with them about all sorts of things and they would try to figure out a deeper meaning in it. More importantly, they believe there is always a positive side to everything.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents the other aspect of an individual personality. The Moon stands for emotional identity, to say so. It is something not as easily recognizable as someone’s Sun nature.

The Moon is subtle, but it does not mean it is weak. Sometimes, the Moon’s guidance is even stronger than that of the Sun.

The Moon is changeable and flexible. It feeds your soul with imagination and emotions.

Without it, not much of one’s Sun potentials could ever see the light of the day, figuratively speaking.

One needs not only strength of a character or skills and talents to prove themselves.

A person needs to have an open heart, a soul ready to feel the world, to absorb it on an entirely different level.

There are zodiac signs and people that are less sensitive than others are, but that does not mean there are no emotions at all.

It greatly depends on the complexity of one’s birth chart and of particular Moon sign. We are all different and our emotional awareness and capacity are different.

With good aspects, the Moon makes you channel your emotions in a good, purposeful way, even if you do it by intuition and are not aware of dong it at all.

Intuition makes for a great part of the Moon’s energy.

Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo indicates a person with a bright smile on his or hers lips.

These are people of warm and generous heart, ready to help others and to make them feel good about themselves.

Moon Leos are self-confident, which makes them easygoing and pleasant to have around.

Yes, they can be pompous and dramatic, but they never do so out of any bad intention. Moon Leos are optimistic, energetic and bright personalities.

They are warmhearted and protective. A Moon Leo always stands beside their friends and defends the innocent.

They are brave and noble people. They do not mind if they themselves get hurt if they are to defend their loved ones.

They care much about their family and dear people. A Moon Leo is generous, hospitable, supportive and charming.

These people are charmers of the Zodiac. No one can resist their golden, positive aura. When it comes to their emotions, these are passionate, courageous ones.

Moon Leos never try to hide their joy or their pain, but they never ask for help. They are expressive, dramatic at times, creative and brave.

Family values are very important to Moon Leos, as well as true friendship or a romantic relationship. They are loyal and dedicated.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon Personality

Sagittarius sun Leo Moon is one of the most optimistic representatives of zodiac personalities.

They are unbelievably charming and charismatic. Double Fire makes them extremely energetic, passionate, brave and interactive people.

They are independent, open minded, but also open hearted.

They are fearless and enthusiastic about all sorts of things, being creative and intellectually deep.

These people live according to their own principles, which are inspired by ultimate values of honor, goodness, nobility, family and honesty.

These are noble personalities. Betrayal, trickery and deceit are not in their vocabulary, let alone in their soul. These people are trustworthy, understanding, loyal and supportive.

They are adventurous and passionate about their desire to know the world.

They invest even more passion in their quest for the purpose than Sagittarius Sun in general.

Their fiery, passionate, warmhearted Leo Moon makes sure of that. These people do not need others to tell them what and how to do, but they need constant interaction.

They do not need only interaction that leads to new experience and knowledge, but also the one that helps them channel their feelings. They need to share what they have come upon.

Good Traits

Optimism, enthusiasm, liveliness, openheartedness, openness of the mind, nobility and bravery are all traits characteristic for this incredible personality.

Above all, they are honest, honorable and benevolent. They are self-confident, but usually not arrogant.

They do not need arrogance to make themselves look important. They win people with their wide, bright smile, humor and supportive attitude.

Bad Traits

All of this could turn bad, especially because this is an extremely fiery combination.

They could become aggressive in their supportive attitude, too proud of themselves and too pompous in sharing their opinion.

Aspects rarely make them malevolent people, but they could be hard to deal with, because they simply want to outshine everyone.

They happen to be unaware of their intrusiveness.

Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon in Love and Marriage

They are devoted and passionate lovers who would never let their relationship become dull.

They bring excitement into mutual life, be it a relationship or a marriage. They are irresistibly charming and charismatic people.

In a romantic relationship, they are always honest about their feelings, committed and loyal to their lover. They are protective of their family members and close friends.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon

The best match for Sagittarius sun Leo Moon is someone who is ready to follow their pace.

These energetic people make no compromises in love.

Their lover has to be fully committed and trustworthy. He or she should inspire their intellectual and emotional self.

They would make him or her feel special. They would offer a piece of the world to you and make sure you really got it.


Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon finds purpose in sharing their experience with dear people.

Otherwise, it is not all for nothing, but it is not as satisfying as it is supposed to be, from their point of view.

They could inspire masses, with their incredible charisma and positive attitude.

For a part, they feel it is their task to enlighten others and to make them wonder about their own limitations.

These are people to look upon and to learn from their example.