Leo Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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People usually reveal the sun side of their personalities, while the moon side remains hidden and known only to themselves or revealed to the people they know best and care much about.

Our sun sign traits describe our rational side of personality, while our moon sign traits describe our inner being and our subconscious.

People born with the sun in Leo and the moon in Cancer are a combination of fire and water element energies.

Although both the sun and the moon are in their domicile or rulership signs because the sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo and the moon rules the sign of Cancer, when these two are in one person, this person could either get the best traits of the two or get the worse of the two.

When the two planets are in good aspects with other planets of the chart, that placement creates a person who is stable, reliable, balanced, family oriented, emotional, and sensitive.

These people are kind and helpful, generous beings, ready to help anyone at all times. They are traditional and respect their ancestors, often continuing their family tradition through the choice their profession.

These people need stability and financial stability in life, and they put in their efforts to provide them.

These people are not afraid of hard work, and are usually very persistent and enduring when it comes to achieving their goals. They are confident and stand firm in their beliefs.

These people are not easily influenced by others, and they don’t change their minds easily.

They are focused on success and achievement of their goals and they usually end up where they desire in life.

They love comfort and especially enjoy spending time at their homes. Whether they are single or they already have their family, these people make sure their homes are places to enjoy and recharge your batteries.

They are not much of outdoor types and prefer enjoying the coziness of their beautiful houses or apartments. These people are family types and they often marry young in life so that they could establish their own family.

They usually love children very much and often have more than the average two.

These people often become successful businessmen who combine their skills with talent for choosing the right investments. That often enables them additional incomes and an opportunity to increase their wealth.

They usually incline towards saving money and increasing its amount. These people often become successful bankers or have a profession somehow related to finances.

They are also successful in all service related businesses or areas related with water.

They are proud people and strong personalities which people admire and love spending time in their company. They can be egotistic and self-centered but in this case, that only adds to their charm and overall appearance.

In cases where these people have their sun and/or their moon in bad aspects with other planets of the chart their personality will still have many of these traits, but they will be somewhat changed.

A person with unbalanced Sun/Moon in these signs could be egocentric, loud, demanding, overbearing, insecure, unstable, inflexible, needy, self-absorbed beyond means, suffering from superiority complex, behaving tyrannically towards people, being disrespectful towards people, etc.

These are only some of the possible personality traits these people could express.

With bad aspects of sun in Leo and moon in Cancer, the person could become unbearable for other people.

These people usually lack the traits of these signs, or they are in some way exaggerated. They could be very insecure and act as if they are extremely skilled and capable.

They could be very loud and demanding to be in the center of attention although they have nothing to offer to the public, but their dramatic appearance and desire to be admired.

They could behave in a torturing manner towards people, especially the ones who are close to them, asking them to do impossible things for them, without showing their appreciation and valuing their efforts.

These people could be very insensitive towards other people’s feelings and even behave cruel towards them. They only care about how they feel and don’t allow anyone saying anything bad or critical on their account.

Their enormous ego and their inability to accept the truth often makes them lose contacts with people who are their only true friends and only want to point out that they need to change for their own good.

The result is that they usually tend to surround themselves with people who are insincere and only say things to please their ego.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer:

– successful, home types, family types, excellent parents, stable, confident, determined, enduring, emotional, sensitive, kind, gentle, generous, helpful, good provider, loves to take care of people, hard workers, reliable, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer:

– egotistical, self-centered, overly demanding, loud, self-absorbed, selfish, love to show off, demand to be in the center of attention, think only about themselves, desire to be admired, prone to frequent mood changes, unbearable, inflexible, insecure, etc. 

‘Leo’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Leo and moon in Cancer usually have a traditional approach towards relationships and marriage, and they prefer to formalize their relationships.

These people are family and home types and these two usually represent the most important parts of their lives.

They look for a partner with similar qualities and desires in life. Because of this they usually marry young and establish their families young. These people love children very much and are devoted parents.

They are attracted to partners who are emotional and stable, and can provide them the harmony and stability they crave for in a relationship and marriage.

They are good providers and they are able to provide for the family even if their partner isn’t earning enough or doesn’t’ work at all.

They need the feeling of stability and security and cannot rest until everyone they care for is provided and well taken care of. These people have good and kind hearts, and many people could be misusing their kindness and readiness to help everyone.

These people desire a relationship with a lot of emotional exchange between them and their partners.

Most of them love to be pampered by their partners and many of them desire to be treated as real kings or queens. They have a great sense of self-value and demand respect and appreciation from everyone, especially from their partners and spouses.

They also know how to return to their partners with warmth and great expression of affection and emotions. When they are in love, they want the world to know it, and they openly express their feelings in front of everyone.

They also proudly present their partners and spouses as something precious and very valuable they have in life.

In case of badly aspected sun and moon, these people could be quite different in their relationships (as well in other areas of their lives in general). They could be emotionally very demanding and possess a draining energy which exhausts their partners and spouses.

These people are prone to demanding to always be in the center of their partners or spouses attention.

They could also have some impossible and unreasonable demands towards their partners which they consider as torture. They are usually selfish, very egotistical, self-absorbed, and don’t mind about anyone’s feelings.

Their energy and thoughts are solely focused on themselves. These people behave in the same manner towards their children as well.

They don’t mind about their children’s needs and they always put themselves in front of their children, often playing some kind of victim.

They do that kind of emotional manipulation with their spouses and partners as well. They could be very loud in the expression of their desires and opinions, and could also be prone to criticizing everyone and everything.

These people are also prone to frequent mood changes and which are often expressed in a very dramatic way.

Life with these people could often become unbearable and that is why they often experience breakups or divorces when their partners or spouses realize that they have had enough of them.

Best Match For ‘Leo’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon

People with Leo sun and Cancer moon get along best with another fire sign with water qualities.

They could also get along well with signs of other elements, if there are some interchanged influences of other elements in each natal chart.

For example, a good match for them could be a Libra or Pisces.

Earth sign is also a good choice because of the stable energy these people possess.


People with sun in Leo and moon in Cancer are usually kind and gentle people, helpful and generous. They are focused on doing well and helping people. Their nature is very emotional and sensitive, and yet they are very confident and have great trust in their abilities.

They are usually successful, financially well-off, and good providers.

These people are home and family types in general and often marry young. They make excellent parents, although sometimes can be overprotective and letting their children do whatever they want. They are reliable and good at organizing.

These people are faithful to their partners and they often have long-lasting relationships and marriages that last a lifetime. They demand to be respected and have a desire to be admired for their abilities and accomplishments.

These people are emotional and desire an emotional partner.

They love to take care of others, but desire to be pampered by their partners. They are leaders who often take on that role in their relationships or marriages as well.

With bad aspects of their planets, especially their sun and their moon, they could be prone to emotional manipulation of their partners, being overly demanding, loud, unbearable, self-absorbed, selfish, etc.

Their behavior can become so irritating that it could lead to break ups and divorces.