Capricorn in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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Capricorn is the tenth cardinal, melancholy female sign of the Earth Zodiac that marks the beginning of winter ruled by the cold and slow planet Saturn.

People born under this sign thanks to Saturn, inflexible and uncompromising character, good physical condition and inner discipline.

They are quite closed and do not like to show their feelings because Saturn asks them to endure everything stoically. They are happy to help their friends achieve their goal and can always be trusted.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Capricorns can be recognized by their deep-set eyes and cold steel gaze, with wide facial bones with a thin upper lip. In their youth, they look much older and more serious than they are, later they look younger and more vital.

They are often said to be boring and calculated which a big misconception is, they are just reliable and disciplined.

The sign Capricorn rules genetics and carries in itself the energy of remembering one wisdom, one knowledge, one origin, it carries the essence of life.

Members of this sign are ambitious, workaholics, serious, thoughtful, determined, reliable, prudent, disciplined, hardworking, and persistent and strive for success, while their negative traits are rigidity, stubbornness, pessimism, arbitrariness, materialism, emotional distance.

Rules the tenth house of the Zodiac which symbolizes ambition, career, public recognition, status, authority, pride, aristocracy, queen, director, mayor, president, important people, monarch, employer, dominant parent, mountains, rocks, abandoned and old places, caves, all administrative centers of the capitals.

Capricorns are very ambitious and diligent and are willing to make great sacrifices and work hard to achieve their set goals, which are usually above average, for them there is no goal that they cannot achieve.

Their main motivation is their material status and only then their reputation and sense of power. Great organizers who are able to keep people together whether it is a sports team or a gathering at a party.

Success is achieved in everything that is accepted, but they usually come in later years, and success is mostly related to work, for them responsibility and challenge is a real adrenaline rush. People who belong to this sign can often be found in power.

Capricorn is not a hedonist, he has a very serious approach to food and relies on quality, not quantity, and he especially likes good wine. If he has problems with the line, he easily solves it with his steel discipline.

The home of a Capricorn should be of solid construction, in some old building. Capricorn will usually buy a safe, reliable car for himself, proven brands, and in the choice of colors he usually decides for black or gray.

Capricorn loves love as well as a relationship in which he can feel safe with a partner who will support him in emotional and business life, and in love he surrenders gradually and slowly because practical and ambitious Capricorns make sure that emotions do not dominate reason. What scares them in making love relationships is the fear of not being accepted.

They get married when they are completely sure they have come across the right person, and it is one of the few signs that they can tolerate an unsatisfactory sex life.

In any relationship, they are seriously conservative and have trouble expressing their emotions.

A Capricorn man is a great worker, patient, unyielding, methodical, considerate good father and always uses common sense. His outlook on life is serious and conservative, responsible and prudent, a person who knows how to keep secrets.

What women like most about a Capricorn man is his practicality and frugality, which rarely allows a woman to manage money and put her career ahead of love.

Capricorn woman is very energetic, determined, logical, ambitious, focused on her goal, she often does not choose the means to achieve the goal and it is not good for anyone to get in her way.

Unlike the Capricorn man, she is willing to sacrifice her career and ambitions for her family.

This woman creates an image of herself that is often the opposite of her true being, for fear of being hurt she leaves the impression of a cold person, but over the years she becomes a person who learns less and less control and more and more to show her feelings.

If you want to win this woman, then it is best to do it with a perfume that contains a combination of mimosa, violet, myrtle, angelica, sandalwood and incense.

The Capricorn child is very serious who likes to be only in his space and his world so that he can think, focused on his goals. He is able to adapt to all situations with sharp logical and analytical intelligence, without much trust in others, he believes only in evidence, he never does anything in a hurry, without thinking.

He looks into the distances and heights patiently and persistently rises above the other children. He feels very fragile when it comes to love, so with these children, parents must be especially careful and should never be blackmailed, and in order to build trust in others, he must learn from the parents that the love he receives from them is unconditional.

10th House – Meaning and Info

If Saturn is located well, then the cardholder will achieve a good social position. It does not come quickly, it is achieved by hard work, but nevertheless, albeit slowly but surely, the owner of the MC in Capricorn will come to its peak.

If Saturn is located badly, then there will be many obstacles in the way. This does not mean that the Native will not achieve anything.

Most likely, all the same, he will reach a quite high social position. Where Saturn is in our chart, it is difficult for us, but we are very focused on it.

It is important for the owner of the MC in Capricorn to achieve precisely social realization and he will make every effort to possess it.

Another question is that the path will be thorny and not easy. There will be falls and the need to deprive of something else, perhaps also attractive and important.

But be that as it may, the 10th house is the native saturnine house, and it is simply obliged to be realized here.

Well, it goes without saying that what Saturn conquered for himself, balancing on the edge of the abyss with his “fish tail”, he will not give just like that to anyone and never.

Each “step” that he overcame is his personal conquest, his social victory, and it will be very difficult to throw him out of there, and even if they are pushed (people with the struck Saturn as the ruler of the 10th house had to fall more than once in their lives), he will definitely return – because, firstly, he is an achiever, and secondly – when we get something through work we will fight for it.

Saturnine are excellent strategists, working through every step, and remembering every mistake that can then be taken into account so that they never make again. In addition – he has a unique trait – he knows how to wait (a rare trait, in fact). He knows how to take advantage of the wrong step of his opponent at the right time.

Capricorn is cunning and thoughtful. He knows how to sacrifice small for the sake of more. He knows how to wait on very small energetics, very low achievements, not the most advantageous positions, to show himself from his best side, so that later, when the time comes, he will definitely take the degree to which he was aiming.

Very high social ambitions. Capricorn is a Sign of goal-setting, therefore, people with Capricorn in the MC (or Saturn in the 10th house) see their goal well.

They see their goal, know what steps are needed in order to reach it, understand how much time is needed for the corresponding achievement and go, go, go – and what is important – even with Saturn struck, most often – they will definitely come to their goal, even if everyone was against it.

Capricorn in 10th House – Meaning and Info

House 10 of the house in Capricorn possesses excellent love and can lead to leading positions. A high position can be reached with the help and advice of senior staff. He has a powerful willpower, which moves him in the direction of reaching the desired task. This ability can become the guarantee of a successful quarry.

To move towards the intended goal, you have to move yourself, here you will not be able to help a good company. The set before the selection of 10 houses in the Capricorn can wait a long time for the result.

The goals are basic, aimed at a long period. Sometimes there are situations when the choice will not be made.

In such cases, the responsibility is transferred to others. High development is able to lift a person up to the very top of the quarry, which is not extreme.

If it is successful, he can pretend to post to the administration or regional organization. For a manager, he is presented as a serious worker, modest and working.

There is an impression that it was born for management, because it feels itself in this pole very comfortably. He will confidently and confidently issue instructions. In some cases, its characteristics can limit the freedom of employees.

It does not have the capacity to develop the creativity of the subordinates, therefore, it is necessary to develop this moment and give employees more freedom for development.

The work is going on in a quiet, regular pace. He needs to pay attention to the choice, because it is often extended for a long time.

It is necessary to learn to accept fateful decisions in a timely manner and to correctly navigate in the haptic world. A quick haul will destroy the advanced capabilities. During these years he grows up and matures.

The beginning of the path is marked by fears ahead of the future and uncertainty.

Sometimes the choice will put it in a standstill and then you just have to wait for it to end. It is not always possible to take responsibility for our own future. Unknown is frightening.

In some cases, the surrounding people seem to be too removed from reality and full of negative.

A particular place in the development of the individual is taken by the father.

High expectations from his side guide the entire path of life. Aspirations do not change as they move towards the goal and are maintained by perseverance and extraordinary endurance.


High development will help the 10th house in Capricorn become a leader in the spiritual sphere.

Such people sometimes produce information, which is capable of carrying news for those around them.

Claims are too high and may be held by others. In the young years of 10, the house in Capricorn is found in a constant search for an optimal profile, which will be able to bring it back to the top and make it popular.