Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Endless spaces of the skies above our heads hide secrets we are still unable to comprehend and unravel.

Perhaps that is the beauty of it; we are anxious to know what lies out there, but being unable to find it out intrigues us, motivates us, gives wings to our imagination and our minds.

Since very old times people have believed there has to be something more, a force that somehow affects all of our lives.

That is how many religious and spiritual systems developed. Many deities of the past were associated with stars and planets we see from our point in the universe.

In modern times, humankind became more practical and technical. We live in the age of consciousness, science and technological progress.

However, even our latest advanced technologies have no answers to many questions.

We still have no idea to what degree planets and heavenly object and phenomena affect individual peoples’ lives. We know about some physical influences, but alternative practices and disciplines also claim planets affect personalities, temperaments, even life paths of individual people.

It is all written in the stars, some say. Astrology is one of the oldest of such approaches.

Sun Sign

Astrology is very old and it has many different forms around the world. Western astrology originates from ancient times and comes from Persia. Greeks and Romans spread it across Europe long time ago.

It is based upon the Solar system, unlike the great Chinese astrology, which is based upon lunar calendar. In Western astrology, the Sun is the center of the astrological system.

It is the first element to look out for in a person’s birth chart. Birth charts are some sort of astrological identification cards; they are unique, just as your fingerprints are.

These charts are, in fact, graphic representations of the sky.

It is like an image of the sky taken at certain moment in time that is a person’s birthday. It makes it unique.

When an astrologer analyzes it, he or she would first look out for your Sun sign that is actually your native sign, the one people commonly identify with the whole idea of horoscope.

The Sun sign defines you as a person, giving you the basic personality traits, shaping up your character and your temperament. It represents the maximum of your potentials.

The Sun symbolizes life, vitality and creation. It is a masculine principle and inspires one’s personal strength.

The Sun allows you to shine in the world, to be recognized, acknowledged and admired.

It bathes your soul with its sunrays, making you noble, generous, warmhearted and brave. If in bas aspects, your Sun sign could show its darker side.

Sun in Scorpio

Your Sun sign defines your basic attitude towards the world, situations that happen to you and people that come upon your way. The Sun sign represents your Ego and conscious mind.

The sign the Sun matches defines your attitude and nature. If you have the sun in Scorpio, you are a Scorpio person.

Scorpio is a fixed sign and its energy manifests clearly, persistently and strong. It is a Water element sign, ruled by two planets, mars and Pluto.

Scorpios are very emotional people and their inborn need is to find emotional security within themselves.

They are brave and strong, rarely expressing their true feelings openly. We could say they are solitary, more than they are sociable.

Scorpios are magnetically attracted by everything mysterious, forbidden, even esoteric and occult. They are guided by instincts and their impeccable intuition.

The Sun in Scorpio has perhaps the hardest task, because the whole nature of a Scorpio is contradictive. Scorpio is incredibly emotional, but controls all of it.

Scorpio instinctively sanctions and restricts all emotions, because Scorpio needs to know them first, to analyze them, in order to overcome them.

These people have an inner struggle rarely any other sign could ever experience.

Scorpios are extreme and independent. They have that magnetic and enigmatic dark vibe, but, overall, they are not as pessimistic as one might think.

They are guided by ideals and they are courageous and brave. Scorpios believe victory could come only through true suffering.

Scorpios rarely choose the easier way. You could never know a Scorpio, unless he or she decides to lay down their bare soul in front of you.

Moon Sign

Emotion and intuition, that is what the Moon is about. The Moon represents the other side of one’s personality.

The Sun is your consciousness, the Moon is your sub consciousness. The Sun represents the reason, but the Moon represents emotions.

The Sun is about reality, the Moon is about imagination. They together represent the duality of a human being, two parts that cannot exist one without the other.

The Moon represents your inner self, your emotional being. It governs over your dreams and imagination, helping you explore your deepest desires and thoughts you are unaware in reality.

The Moon is mutable and wandering, so it gives us the capability of adaptation, transformation and flexibility.

Its energy is inspirational, so it greatly contributes to the Sun’s creative energy.

The place the Moon holds in a person’s natal chart is a place in which the person would feel the greatest emotional potential.

It represents the sphere of life about which a person’ is the most sensitive and vulnerable about, but, at the same time, the one that offers the greatest emotional comfort, joy and fulfillment.

The sign the Moon matches is, in a way, your emotional channel.

It determines the way you are going to get all of the impressions from the world around and how are you going emotionally to process them.

The Moon sign defines your emotional response. The Moon sign is also affected by other elements in a birth chart, planets, signs and aspects.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces is a water element sign and, thus, a deeply emotional one. The Moon naturally favors water signs and it could over emphasize their traits.

According to some astrologers, the Moon has much greater influence over Water element signs, even if these are native, Sun signs.

The Moon in Pisces indicates an extremely emotional, imaginative and dreamy personality.

Moon Pisces seem to dwell in between the realms of imagination and the real life. They are very creative, very sensitive and spiritual.

Moon Pisces are often associated with some kind of special characteristics, with the ability of foresight, clairvoyance, psychic abilities and such. They are in touch with realms beyond pure material reality.

These people are dreamy and gentle. They are empathic, compassionate and comforting.

Their emotional depths are immeasurable and often they need various ways to let their emotional energy flowing.

They are commonly introverted and they show their emotions through their creativity. Moon Pisces often have talents for all sorts of artistic expression.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon Personality

Now here is a personality made out of almost one hundred percent emotions.

Both Scorpio and Pisces are water element signs; both are deeply emotional, although one is fierce and courageous, while the other is calm and dreamier.

Moon Pisces does not let restrictive Scorpio Sun to inhibit their feelings for long. Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon often have emotional outburst.

They are probably the most intuitive personalities in the Zodiac. They are not likely to be tricked or deceived; they feel it, they know whom to trust and they usually trust no one but themselves.

Pisces Moon makes them more empathic than typical Scorpios are.

These people are self-confident, regardless of their emotional tensions. They dominate the situation given and never at the cost of others.

They tend to go to extremes; nothing is enough to them and they associate everything with emotions.

The way they feel about something is often more important than what they think about it.

They would rather follow their heart, although they are not unreasonable ones.

They have strong tendency to dream, to fantasize and to idealize things. They are guided only by ultimate ideas, no more and no less.

Good Traits

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon are elegant, sophisticated people who value themselves.

Even if they fail and feel insecure at times, they always come back.

They ultimately believe their ideals exist somewhere and they would never give up pursuing the dreams their heart tells them to follow, even if it means chasing dragons.

You cannot break their spirit easily.

Bad Traits

They could be overly sensitive, which, if aspects are bad, leads to deep insecurity and further to being easily offended, shallow and vain.

These people could be real drama queens and to make a big deal over minor inconveniences.

They tend to become extremely jealous and possessive, which is a common negative Scorpio trait. With emotional and mood Pisces, it grows stronger.

Their behavior could also become very self-destructive because of their inborn dark need to torture themselves, believing no prize comes without suffering.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon in Love and Marriage

There is probably no one more passionate and possessive than a Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon. He or she would fall in love deeply and to the fullest.

There is no compromise when it comes to that.

They either love every single little part of you or not at all. Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon needs a fatal attraction, passion, devotion.

They would sacrifice everything they have for love. They are perfect lovers, caring, protective, but also obsessive and jealous.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon

The best match for this personality is someone who can understand his or her sensitivity and possessive nature.

It is a person who will draw their limits, but who would never give them a reason not t o trust them.

They need fully to confine in their partner. It should be a strong willed personality, passionate, willing fully to dedicate to their relationship.


Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon are some of the most emotional representatives of the Zodiac, intuitive and instinctive, but not foolish and unreasonable. Overall, their personality is noble.

They are idealists and they could perfectly combine determination and strength of Scorpio with gentleness and empathy of Pisces. They are loyal and protective friends or partners.

A Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon would never betray you; the very idea of betrayal and dishonesty is unspeakably wrong to them.