Mars in 8th House

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We are all in search for the purpose in life. Astrology could help us better to understand our own lives and ourselves as unique personalities.

Learning about planetary position in your natal chart could reveal to you many amazing things about the life and your own place within the world and the whole universe.

People have always been wondering about it. Could astrology offer us answers? The ancient ‘science of the stars’ could make for a precious guidance.

Houses in Astrology

Astrological charts are complex diagrams and unique.

Each is special like a fingerprint, representing an astrological identification card. Each chart consists of the same basic elements.

Astrological houses are fields into which the charts are divided. Houses are twelve segments of the chart, each representing our experience of the specific areas of life.

Eighth House in Astrology

This mysterious house brings many things. It is the house of Scorpio and the house of death; some individuals with planets in this field will experience the loss of someone young.

On the other hand, the most gifted healers, advisors and psychologists usually have planets in the Eighth House.

The greatest healers are those who have Pluto in the Eighth House. However, here we have combatant Mars. Let us find out about its position in the eighth field.

The Eight House is the house of transformation, the spiritual transformation; no wonder many call it a karmic house. This house is greatly associated with the concept of energy.

People with planets in the Eighth House are very sensitive to subtle energies that surround us and that permeate all things, energies that could be used for the purpose of healing.

People with planets in the eight house are sensitive to others’ suffering; they feel others’ pain, energetic field and emotions.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology

According to traditional astrological classification, Mars belongs to superior, masculine planets, along with the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Its nature is warm and dry.

Because of Mars’ choleric and fiery nature, ancient astrologers believed this planet expresses its qualities much better during the night.

That is the reason why Mars, the red planet, belongs to the nightly planets group, along with the Moon and Venus.

In natural horoscope, Mars rules over the signs of Aries and Scorpio and its house is the third. It also feels good in the Sixth House. Mars is a malefic planet. It rules our driving energy, our ambition and aspirations towards the proof of our own value.

Mars makes us competitive and courageous, thirsty for acknowledgment and victory. The position of Mars in a natal chart offers answers related to our life energy, about the way we use it.

It is related to our speed, the direction of using our energy. It is about our driving force, one that make us active and wanting. Mars rules both our raw physical and mental strength.

This fierce planet is associated with our decisiveness and the decisions we make. This is the planet of a warrior’s spirit, competitive and combatant spirit.

Mars is direct, active, impatient, impulsive, always ready to fight its way through the challenges, just like the ancient god Mars or Ares. Ares was the god of war in Ancient Greece and Greeks did not like him very much, because of his cruel, combatant nature. Ares brings war and blood.

On the other hand, militant Romans adored Mars; many temples they have raised in the gods name and help many ceremonies in his honor.

If you look at statues of Mars or Ares, you will notice that he is usually depicted as a strong, muscular man in his prime. He is typically very handsome and most of depictions have him beautiful.

Mars represents vitality, pure masculine strength and everything related to war and battle. The planet Mars shares these attributes.

The Star of Strength and Blood

Mars is known as the ‘bloody planet’, but also as the star of strength. Mars is associated with all kinds of competitions, challenges and fights.

It is associated with sports, as well. It is the planet of destructions, death and injuries, but also with healing and regeneration. If you look at the signs Mars ruler, things would become clear.

Aries is combatant, very impulsive, very physical, while Scorpio is also strong and powerful, though more regenerative.

This malefic planet could present with all kinds of negativities, depending on its position, on aspects and else. It is responsible for all kinds of quarrels, arguments, conflicts. In combination with Saturn, his energy becomes terribly destructive and it is associated with suffering and martyrdom.

Mars has a tremendous potential to bring in war and devastation, but it also gives amazing strength, unconquerable spirit, great bravery and courage.

Mars is associated with innovations, revolution and significant changes, being so intense and radical in its energy, which are characteristics we also associate with Uranus, the planet of change.

On a personal plan, Mars represents our atypical and eccentric physical appearance and behavior.

People dominated by this planet aspire to high goals; they are determined and they are often great idealists. They physically stand out of the masses, even if their Mars was buried inside the mysterious Twelfth House.

Mars as a Planet of Communication

There is an interesting shift of opinions regarding Mars’ role in the horoscope, in modern astrology.

Traditionally, Mercury is the planet of communication. However, we should not overlook the influence of Mars. The first thing we should bear in mind is that it rules the Third House.

Some astrologers claim Mars and mercury share the control over one’s communication skills. Mercury should be associated more with how we think and with our logic, while Mars is responsible for our manner of speech, the way we present our ideas.

While Mercury carefully chooses words, Mars speak directly and very openly. You know those moments in which you feel as if you simply cannot keep your mouth shut? Some inexplicable force makes you say what you think aloud, regardless of how it would affect others?

You have to say it, even if it leads to an argument and fight. That is your Mars speaking.

Direct, fierce and with no scruples; that is the power of Mars. At times, this could be useful. However, be very cautious about such impulsive reactions.

Although we typically associate Mars with war and fighting, this planet is also known for some rather pleasing qualities. Mars rules the sense of humor. Many of the greatest and the most successful comedians have a dominant Mars in their natal charts.

Mars loves to talk and loves to be the center of attention! If you have a favorably positioned Mars, it is very likely that you will develop an amazing sense of humor, which would make you very popular.

However, the afflicted Mars, especially if in unfavorable aspects with Mercury, Lunar Nodes and Saturn, turns one into a liar, manipulator, fraudster and a plotter.

Mars also represents rebellion, fighting for liberties and rights, for freedom and for individualism and independence. Great movements, revolutions and changes are associated with this fierce fighter. Mars is a spirited general, so to say.

Finally, Mars is associated with adventurous spirit, with creativity, especially with theatre and movement. It is also associated with carnal pleasures; it represents bodily experience, everything that is purely physical.

Mars is also associated with injuries, cuts, falls, inflammation, psychiatric disorders, but it also makes excellent psycho-therapists, astro-therapists, lifecouches and else. Mars could be a destroyer, but also an irreplaceable motivator and inspirer.

Mars in the Eighth House – Mars in 8th House

People who have Mars in the Eighth House are full of life energy, they are very passionate and easily motivated. Well, they are incredibly vital and active, so there is nothing that could stop them.

They are impulsive and choleric, fearless in front of life challenges and ready to cross all the borders in order to achieve what they want. They are ready to fight and stand their ground until the end. On one side, this is amazing; on the other, it could be (self) destructive.

Everything will depend on the concrete position of Mars and the aspect it forms with other planets.

These people are outspoken, very sensual and materialistic. They are physical beings; carnal pleasures and generally physical experience are of great importance to these people.

At last, the Eight House, the house of Scorpio is associated with carnality, just as Mars, the ruler of Scorpio is. These people are very intense in everything they do.

They are obsessive and very passionate about things and people they care for. They seek for happiness in life, having a tremendously strong and big Ego. They are very prone to changes and transformation.

Their Ego makes them never give up on trying to transform themselves so that they could reach satisfaction and to be happy. Their materialistic nature often makes an obstacle.

These people are very attached to their possessions; it could lead to arguments with people, even with the partner. They are not easy on making compromises, which is something they should think about and something they should try to change.

Yes, they are transforming, but there are certain traits they stick to and see as their advantage, although these could actually be problematic ones, exactly those that should be changed for better.

Mars in 8th House – Passionate Researchers

Mars in the Eight House makes for passionate and enthusiastic individuals, interested into everything mysterious and puzzling.

They enjoy playing a detective’s role and resolving complex mysteries. They enjoy discovering new things, deep, hidden secrets, unraveling mysteries and learning. They are natural born researches and investigators.

Eighth House Mars people could become amazing scientist or detectives. They are passionate about researching.

These people are seduced by the occult, esoteric and mysterious and they often spend much time within the spiritual realm. They have a healer’s gift with which they could make wonders.

They are amazing spiritual healers, as they are capable of inspiring other people to find their true strength. In times of crisis, they could really lift your spirit and help you regain your self-esteem and self-confidence. They usually stand alone; these people are very self-centered, for good and for bad.

Their mission in life is to discover their purpose in life. They seek to find a way to use their potentials to the fullest.

They want to learn about it, they challenge themselves in order to discover how much they could stand. They are capable of regeneration and they are not afraid to fall, because they know they could rise again. Their inner strength is impressive.

Mars in the Eight House – Possessive Obsessive

These people are very possessive and obsessed with what they desire and what they care for.

They have to learn how to take it more easily; the cosmos would often teach them a lesson on modesty and a more relaxed approach by not giving them what they want, in order to make them realize they actually do not need it in a way they do.

Their karma is a bit heavy due to their obsessive and possessive nature and their fixation over materialistic aspect of life.

They could be obsessed with money, property, a person and very stubborn about wining these over. Sharing things is what they should learn about and appreciate. They have many traits of the sign of Scorpio, so jealousy and possessiveness are on top of the list.

However, their wild impulsiveness makes the incapable of keeping their possessions, so they often struggle with money.

Mars in 8th House – Best Lovers

People with Mars in the Eight House share another typical trait of Scorpio; they are passionate lovers, very seductive and magnetic people. Carnal pleasures mean a lot to them.

Their karma is full of intimate encounters, so it makes them excellent lovers in the current life, if we are to take a karmic point of view. In any case, the experience of making love with an Eight House Mars is amazing.

The Eight House is itself associated with carnal pleasures, and Mars is associated with pure physical energy and sensuality.

As Mars is an active planet, these people will not think twice if someone magnetically attracts them. They are people of action and they hate waiting.

However, they are very jealous and suspicious; these proud individuals are, in fact, afraid of adultery and betrayal, so they have to inspect everything before they make their bold move, when it comes to something more than a pleasant affair.

Mars in the Eighth House – Dark Souls

Whenever a person has to do with the Eight House, the house of death, it means that such an individual would contemplate over the subject more than other people would. Eight House Mars peoples are not an exception, on the contrary.

With Mars being the planet associated with death and destruction, as well, they would think about death even more.

However, they are bold and not afraid of dying. Dark subject and dark corners of the human soul interest them very much.

Violent and aggressive behaviors, criminal activities and everything that is somehow odd and socially unacceptable intrigues them. They would like to know why people would do such things, what kind of an inner demon make people commit inexplicable deeds.

There is an ominous aspect of their own relationships with people; domestic violence and abuse are to be associated with Mars in the Eighth House. They tend to be passive aggressive and they love through pain and suffering.

Some would say they actually mistake pain and suffering with love; there is something that excites them about it. While a fair amount of inner torment might be tolerated and a bit of emotional tension in a relationship, these are things one should be very cautious about.

The line between unbearable pain and a bit of healthy tension, even drama, is very, very thin.

Mars in the Eighth House – Synastry

Mars in the Eight House represents a person hard to resist. However, this is an enigmatic person, very difficult to understand.

Very often, such a position of Mars in synastry leads to the complete transformation of the owner of the field.

Mars person awakens everything hidden in the owner. Nothing would ever be the same for the Eight House partner, after the connection with Mars.

One should be very careful about it, because it could be a very good transformation, but also a destructive one. It depends on the aspects related to this position.