Leo Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Many people see horoscopes as an everyday fun; something you do not take seriously, but enjoy reading those few lines of daily predictions for each of zodiac signs.

Of course, horoscopes and astrology are more than that. It is a fine pseudoscience that deals with things that are not easily explained by official scientific approaches. Astrology is surely an interesting and rich field of research.

We should remember that some of the greatest and very influential historical civilizations relied much of their prognosis about the world on star reading.

Far back into past, astrology was an integral part of astronomy. Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and others have much interest on movement of stars and they saw something more to it. Astrology, being mysterious and obscure is something people have divided opinions upon.

Some consider it an old wives’ tale, others take it seriously. There is surely some piece of truth in both these opinions and astrology is easily misused and exploited by those knowing not much about it.

However, a good astrologer could interpret stars well and tell you a lot about yourself.

Birth charts could give us many answers. They represent some sort of a map of our astrological personality, reflected in our reality. Of course, a zodiac signs solely does not determine everything.

There are many aspects to be considered and combined with what is actually happening in our lives. When someone tells you things do not happen without a reason, well, they do not.

At least, astrological approach firmly claims so. People are particularly interested in zodiac compatibility. Even those who do not take their horoscopes as something of much importance, find love compatibility interesting and amusing. You could see it for yourself!

Who knows, maybe it gives you some valuable answers. Interpreting astrological compatibility is not an easy task and it requires thorough analysis.

Here, we present the basics. In today’s article, we will match a Leo man with a Taurus woman. Of course, this is basic compatibility analysis, which takes further comparison of personal birth charts, in order to see how one particular Leo man fits with particular Taurus woman.

We will see if Leo men and Taurus women have anything in common and what sort of nature their relationship might be.

Leo Man

Leo man is a striking personality. He could blow your mind away, positively or negatively. He is impressive and you will enjoy his well-decorated, but true stories; on the other hand, it could be unbearable annoying.

All Leos are all about themselves. They believe they are to be treated with all due respect, as they are royalty; they are born to be honored and adored, sometimes without any ground.

They are hard to resist and they are never fake, to say so. A Leo man would brag about everything and anything; he could tailor a magnificent, worth of admiration story out of any ordinary thing.

Nothing is ordinary for a Leo, because he is not born for ordinary things. He is more static than active, but he will work hard if he feels it; no problem for a strong and brave Leo.

However, if he is in mood of doing nothings, he could lie down and relax the whole day and feel not a single piece of guilt. Things can wait; the ruler of his own kingdom has to relax!

Leo men like luxury and all sorts of expensive, but very stylish and classy things. They do not die for it and could feel comfortable with much less. However, a Leo always expects he should simply have it.

He would earn it, if needed, but he will also gladly accept if it is only offered to him. Leos could appear lazy and indifferent at times, but they have an aura that makes you perceive them as royal and powerful, so that you also believe they deserve simply to be there and get all the spotlight.

Oh, Leos enjoy being in the center of attention. A Leo man feels very comfortable if he has enough audience to impress.

He always does it in a relaxed, polite, classy and kind of a royal manner. He does underestimate other people at times, but it is just a natural thing for any Leo.

He does not wish bad things to others nor does he ever undermine others’ plans. He needs a rival he can compete with; a Leo’s rival is not necessarily somebody he sees as an enemy, but a person he looks up to. He needs a figure he admires and sees successful in something.

It drives him to give his best and become even better. He enjoys competitions in every aspect of life and gladly accepts challenge. He does it with ease and is not much frustrated if he fails.

Well, it takes a lot of effort to bring a Leo down. He does not cry over things lost; he gathers his strength again and moves on. He is an incredibly strong character.

Although Leos are egocentric by nature, they care very much about people who mean something to them. A Leo man is a supportive friend, protective partner, loving and caring parent.

His heart is open and his temper dyed with a lot of passion. Leo’s soul is fiery; he would do anything it takes to see his loved ones safe and secure. If a Leo is your partner, be sure you have got yourself a gallant and noble knight.

Taurus Woman

What an impressive and beautiful lady Taurus woman is! She is strong, focused on her goals, determined and a bit stubborn. Taurus woman has well established attitudes and opinions; you would have hard times making her change her points of view.

She is organized, paced and knows what she wants. She is brave and does not lose motivation easily. She is positive minded, realistic and moderately optimistic.

A Taurus woman likes to be in control of things in her life and is not particularly interested in leading others. However, she does not feel comfortable following others. The best kind of a job for a Taurus woman is having a small, self-owned, family business.

She feels best if she is her own boss. She is talented, skilful and tactful. A Taurus woman sets goals, makes plans and sticks to them.

She is not much flexible, because her nature is fixed; Taurus people are not changeable. For a Taurus woman, failure is something she difficultly deals with. However, she is practical. Most certainly, she would find a good solution to any problem.

At least, a decent one. She hates to see things unfinished, half-done or abandoned. She would never do so and could be very annoyed if someone she works with does so.

If a Taurus woman decides to start a project, it will be accomplished. It could be anything, from her personal, intimate goals to business. If she wants to get into shape for summer, she will stick to her exercise program and diet. If she wants to start a business, she would spend much time in planning and organizing things and taking all necessary steps.

What is very important and good, Taurus women are patient, diligent and smart. Although they are strong, self-confident and brave, Taurus woman are not interested in taking risk. Even in love life, she would almost stalk her potential partner, in order to make sure he is worth of her trust.

Taurus woman is not possessive and suspicious, but it is in her nature to do so; consider it a research, rather than stalking.

Once she makes sure someone is worth of her trust, she does not question it again. Taurus women are charming and usually equally fitted for sports and art. A Taurus lady seeks for a balance between work and pleasure and would gladly mix the two.

For example, Taurus people are known particularly to enjoy food; you could imagine a bold, astonishing Taurus lady leading a family restaurant business.

She seeks a comfortable, steady and stable life. Our Taurus woman needs a confident, strong, focused and reliable man. She is reliable herself; Taurus women are known to be devoted and loyal in love. She needs a gentleman who will seduce her and show her his love through simple and direct gestures.

She enjoys game of seduction, but not for long. A Taurus woman needs a man who will take her breath away and be open about his intentions. Men who hesitate a lot, because of being shy and not much confident do not attract her at all.

Love Compatibility

Leo men and Taurus women are strong, stable and powerful personalities. They probably possess equal amount of strength, but of a slightly different nature, which could be a blessing and a curse, at the same time. Interestingly, they have almost zero understanding for one another.

Their connection is not a natural match, just as it is with other Fire and earth zodiac signs combined. They are in a constant discrepancy.

Taurus woman is pleased with Leo’s impressive reputation and social position, but she would try to take advantage from it, meaning material advantage.

For example, being seen in high society is not enough for her; she would like to learn something from it, while a Leo is satisfied with only a magnificent display.

On the other hand, he truly believes he is born to be adored and worshiped, which is unacceptable for an equally strong, but practical Taurus.

They have completely different approach to sex life. They are rarely satisfied in that sense, because they have different expectations.

Leo expects to be pleased the way he likes, while Taurus is more direct and raw, no matter if in this case Taurus is a woman and Leo a man.

He could be demanding and his foreplay could be annoying for a Taurus lady; she wants it all now. This often makes them angry at one another, fighting and grumpy. Their energies are channeled differently. A Taurus woman is oriented towards material stability, while a Leo is oriented towards social recognition and reputation.

One goes well with the other, but it is not how things always work. Leo spends a lot, if he feels to, while Taurus is calculated and could be very frustrated by this. They cannot find a common tongue when it comes to money and income, which makes them hard to live together.

Both of them are strong and firm in their opinions. They have to find a lot of understanding for one another and try to make some compromises. However, chances are poor. Neither Taurus woman nor a Leo man would so easily give up their point of view.

They could manage to succeed only if each one has their own space in which they do what they want, particularly in material sense.

Marriage Compatibility

It is very unlikely this connection would survive to reach the level of getting married. In most of the cases, these two have a fiery and short-term connection, based on initial attraction, because of the reflection they see in one another.

Both are strong and need a strong one beside themselves. Neither a Leo man nor a Taurus woman would accept their partner to be shy, too fragile and hesitating.

However, their connection usually shows up to be a disaster. Fortunately, both are very self aware and independent that this would rarely cause serious damage. They could even break up with a lot of noise and drama, but no one would actually get deeply hurt.

This connection is usually very shallow.

If somehow it happens that their horoscopes match on many levels, they could have a stable marriage, but only if each one has enough room the other one never enters.


Leo man and Taurus woman could be friends, but it is not likely to be particularly deep kind of a friendship.

They are more likely simply to be acquaintances. They do not understand one another very well and would argue over various things. They are likely to share company, but you would rarely meet these two alone, except if they are having a romantic relationship.

Cool Facts

This connection is turbulent and very tense. Both of them are strong and stubborn in their firm opinions. Leo is perhaps a bit more flexible, but only if it fits him. Taurus is more strict and unchangeable.

Both are ambitious, but have almost nothing in common.

However, there are truly interesting celebrity matches, such as that of lovely Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer. Their marriage lasted for fourteen years.


Leo man and Taurus woman are very strong and self-confident personalities, but there is not much they have in common.

They are indeed passionate and warm by nature and their signs are fixed in astrological quality.

However, their energies are differently directed. If personal horoscopes of two people of these signs show enough of favorable aspect, they can have an interesting, lively, but turbulent relationship in which each one of them has to have enough of personal space.

They would have to learn a lot about mutual understanding and tolerance. They are compatibly less than 30% in total.