Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we meet someone we like, and expect things to evolve romantically between us, we get all excited and overwhelmed by imagining how things might look like if we were in a relationship with this person.

To find out more about them, we usually go through their social profiles in hope to find some more details about their life and their interests.

We look at their pictures to see what are they doing, or if they are dating someone already, etc.

One more way you can use to find out valuable facts about the person of your interest, is to make an astrological comparison between the two of you. How is it done?

There are few ways to do the comparison, but the most accurate one is to make a compatibility (synastry) analysis between your natal charts.

You do it by comparing your planetary placements to their natal chart and vice versa and determining the planetary aspects and their nature.

If the nature of the aspects is predominately bad, that is usually a bad thing, and indicates that your relationship with this person isn’t likely to be a good one. If, the aspects are predominantly good, the situation is different, and the relationship is likely to be a stable and lasting one.

To do such an analysis, you need to first make the natal charts for you and the person you are interested in.

For that, you will need the exact birth data for both you and this person, i.e., exact time, place and date of birth. If you don’t have this information, you don’t need to worry because you have another way to analyze your relationship with this guy or girl, by using your horoscope signs.

By comparing the basic traits of your horoscope signs, you will determine the basic compatibility between you two and the potential issues which could pose a problem to your relationship.

By analyzing their horoscope sign, you can also discover a lot about the character of that person.

In this text we compare the traits of a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman, aiming to determine their basic compatibilities.

Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is a confident and determined being. These men are usually very organized and responsible. They know what they want and make plans on how to get it. They don’t rush and carefully plan their steps to ensure the success of their actions.

These men are usually very calculated and controlling, and they don’t miss any detail.

They are usually very ambitious and focused on their goals and achieving success. They strive towards financial independence and security, and their final goal is to provide enough for a peaceful and relaxed existence.

Capricorn men are good providers, and often take care of the members of their family, and not just their closest family. They are reliable and usually helpful. They can be self-centered and focused on their interests, but they usually find time to focus on others as well.

These men can often appear selfish and self-absorbed, and many of them are like that. They value themselves much, and some of them even have a superiority complex, truly believing that they are better than others and deserve the best.

These men value good things in life, and they have an eye for quality. They desire to have the best things money can buy and usually manage to provide them.

Some of these men are overly focused on their goals and have an unhealthy ambition which makes ready to do anything to get what they want. Some of them can act unscrupulously and use others to achieve their goals. These men are very intelligent and can be very manipulative if they decide to use their wit for bad purposes.

People are often unaware of them manipulating their lives and actions. These Capricorn men often use their gift of manipulation to manipulate women they are with.

Although they don’t appear as players, these men often have great success with women, and are often prone to changing partners and promiscuity. The sad part is that they don’t act like that in public, and often hide behind a committed relationship or marriage, leading double lives.

They are able to convince anyone in their chastity and many of them spend their entire lives cheating on their girlfriends and wives without them ever finding out about that. Not all of them are like that, but many Capricorn men have had their share of women while being in commitments with other women.

The reason for such behavior is their often cold and unemotional nature, great physical appetites, and passionate nature. Capricorn men who have some other influences (such as prominent water sign influence) behave differently and are able to devote themselves completely to one woman.

They are very organized and capable of organizing others. They have prominent leadership qualities and often find themselves in leading and managerial positions. They often have their own companies and become their own boss, without being forced to obey anyone’s rules. They have a dominant nature and they want to have the last saying in all situations.

Because of their character, they prefer women who don’t have very domineering personalities which might confront them and cause disagreements and quarrels.

They are responsible fathers and take good care of their children. They are caring husbands who protect and take care of their wives or girlfriends.

The ones who are not prone to cheating and having women on the side are often the epitome of a perfect man every woman would desire by her side.

He is financially well-off, often good looking, reliable and serious, supportive, and protective. He is not adventurous and is often an intellectual type, who prefers a good book than a game of football or kayaking down the river.

There are Capricorn men who are adrenaline addicts, but they have some other influences in their charts which are responsible for these interests.

All in all, he is a good choice for a woman who prefers a peaceful and harmonious life.

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is an emotional being and is easily hurt. These women are very sensitive and can be hurt by things which most people don’t consider hurtful.

They are often insecure and that is combined with their sensitivity. They need to gain trust in a person or some situation to begin relaxing. When she relaxes she shows her true side and personality because she usually hides behind a reserved façade.

These women love people, but they usually don’t like to be around strangers.

They need time to get to know someone and relax in their company. They love their home and love spending most of their free time there. They love to entertain their friends there and prepare delicious meals to host them.

These women are usually very good cooks and they love preparing it for the people they love, but they also enjoy eating and enjoy preparing it for them as well. Their love for food is often visible on their physique because they tend to become overweight and struggle to lose it.

Cancer women are home types and are very attached to their families. Their family is a source of support and security.

They have very nurturing natures and take good care of their loved ones. They are tender and gentle and love pampering the people they love, especially their partner. They also enjoy being pampered by their man, and they love when their man demonstrates their love for them. They are shy and don’t like to cuddle and hug in public, but enjoy doing that when they are alone.

One of their biggest desires and goals in life is to have their own family and get married. Many of these women marry early in life because of that.

They love children very much and often have a lot. They are tender and caring mothers, and in some cases they tend to exaggerate in their care. They can also be mothers who suffocate their children with their presence and care and need to learn to back off and leave their children space to develop independently.

Cancer women can be successful in their work, but they are usually not that ambitious. They love working, but they don’t have a problem quitting their job to devote themselves completely to their family and raising the children.

These women need a strong man by their side because they often need a shoulder to lean on.

Some of these women can be incredibly independent, but in these cases, they usually have a prominent influence of some other sign in their natal chart.

They usually desire to have a man who can provide for them and their children, and be a good provider for their household. They can also be the providers but they consider it as a man’s natural role.

On the other hand, they consider that their role is that of a wife and mother, and they try to do it the best way they can.

These women can often be moody and prone to mood swings. These changes are usually influenced by their ruler, the Moon, and that often happens during the change of its phases.

Fortunately, these swings don’t last long, and they are back to their old self in no time.

They can also be prone to sulking without having the courage to say the reason; that is a trait which they need to work on getting rid of because it makes people wonder what is wrong with them. 

Love Compatibility

A Capricorn man and a Cancer woman can make a good couple.

These men love to be the dominant one in the relationship and she loves having a dominant man by her side.

They are both not very sociable and enjoy spending time with each other. They often enjoy just spending time at each other’s homes, without having the need to go out and mix with people.

They are not exactly loners, but prefer the company of people they know instead of being around strangers and having to communicate with them.

They both have an appreciation towards traditional values, and believe that man and women should act accordingly to their natural masculine and feminine role.

Of course, things between them might not be as good, if they have some malefic influences between their planets, but overall their relationship is usually a good one. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Capricorn man and a Cancer woman can be a lasting union.

These two have similar goals in life, and one of their most important goals is to establish a family and stable home life. This man is the provider while she takes care of the house, the children and him.

Their roles are divided and both of them feel at home while doing them. They fit each other perfectly.

She is quiet and adaptable, and won’t jeopardize his authority and masculinity. In fact, she will be proud of having such a strong and capable man by her side.

She is happy to have a man who is able to organize their lives perfectly.

These two support each other mutually. This marriage is likely to be a lasting union if there aren’t any jeopardizing influences to its stability.


Capricorn man and a Cancer woman usually make good friends.

These two have similar values and can be a good support to each other’s goals and endeavors.

If she is too sensitive, she might find him too harsh and direct at times, but when these two get to know each other, she will get used to its behavior and it won’t disturb her anymore. 

Cool Facts

These two often represent the ideal mate for each other.

He often has the traits of her ideal man, while she has the traits of his ideal woman.

If all other elements are fine, their relationship can be a life-lasting one. 


To summarize all: the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman are usually a good couple, and they usually make good spouses.

They are supportive of each other and have a similar outlook on relationships.

That makes a good base for a solid and lasting bond between them.