Capricorn Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Wondering if a person we like, likes us back can be exhausting and often disturbing.

We keep imagining how it would be like if we were in a relationship with this person when we suddenly realize that we don’t know much about them, especially if they have us on their mind at all.

In these situations, we try to find out as many details about them, usually through their social profiles and the people who know them.

Another way to discover more facts about the person of your interest is to make an astrology analysis of their natal chart. Their natal chart will give you facts about their personality traits and preferences, and many other details.

If you compare your natal chart planetary placements to theirs, you can discover many details about your compatibility with this person, as well as the prospects of your relationship with them.

To make this comparison, you need to determine the aspects your planets are making with theirs and discover their meanings.

The meaning of the planetary aspects describes the nature of your relationship and its presumed longevity.

If the aspects are generally good, that is a good sign, and indicates that the relationship between you two is likely to be a lasting and stable one, while if the aspects are predominantly malefic, the relationship doesn’t have much chance of being a lasting and harmonious one; it is likely to be filled with conflicts and disagreements.

Making a natal chart requires some information, i.e., the exact birth data of the person whose natal chart you are making. You need to have their exact time of birth, as well as their place and date of birth.

If these data are unavailable, you can still use their horoscope sign and compare your horoscope signs traits to determine how compatible you two are.

That is not as accurate means as the previous one, but it can give you some significant details about your compatibility with this person.

In this text, we will check the basic compatibility between a Capricorn man and an Aries woman and determine the prospects of their relationship.

Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is a confident being, who at times might appear arrogant. Some of these men are full of themselves, but most of them only appear to be so self-centered.

The main reason is their usually reserved and cautious approach to things and people in general; it could also be a mask which some of these men use to conceal some of their deep-seated insecurities and complexes.

Some of them can even have a superiority complex and believe that they are better and more capable than others.

These men are usually very determined and know what they want in life. Their life usually consists of sets of plans and goals they aim to reach, with the final purpose of becoming successful and financially independent.

They are highly ambitious and almost all of them reach high positions in life. They often occupy managerial positions or are managers of their own companies. Whatever their occupation is, they are prominent and well-respected in their professions.

Some Capricorn men can be unscrupulous when they want to achieve some goals, whether they are business goals, or getting someone or something else they want. When they are determined to do something their focus never leaves their goal, until they finally reach it.

These men possess one of the strongest personalities in the Zodiac. They have faith in their abilities to accomplish whatever they set their mind into.

Capricorn men are very passionate, but often don’t appear that way. They can be highly manipulative when they want to conquer a woman’s affection. They usually don’t appear like that, but these men can be players who can date multiple women at once, without them realizing that.

Many of these men are prone to cheating, and continue with their behavior even when married.

They are so skilled in telling convincing lies, that their women usually never find out about that. The main reasons why they manage to pull such behavior without getting caught, are their great organizational skills and their ability to handle all their duties in time, so they don’t arise suspicion.

Even when they are caught, they don’t hesitate to tell lies to their women to keep the relationship.

These men don’t run away from commitment. They don’t have to avoid it because the ones that are prone to cheating don’t mind doing it afterwards. The ones who do that, usually don’t think about it as a big deal. They can love their partner equally and still don’t have a problem satisfying their strong needs and urges on the side.

Not all Capricorn men are like that of course, but many of them are real players, and very promiscuous, although on the outside they might appear completely different.

Capricorn men are not very emotional, usually, they are rational and realists. They put their reason before their heart, and almost always do what their reason is saying. Another thing is when a Capricorn man is influenced by an emotional sign, such as Cancer, or Scorpio.

These men are capable of deep emotions and devotion and are usually loyal to one partner they love.

Their career and making money is very important to them, and most of them would put anything aside in their chase for accomplishments. They are good providers and make sure their loved ones don’t lack anything. These men are protective of their families, and often take care of the older members of their family, both financially and physically.

They fulfill all their obligations around the house, and regarding their children. They are strict as parents, but try to teach their children to be confident and believe in their abilities to achieve whatever they desire.

Although not very tender and emotional, they love their children and demonstrate their love for them as much as they can.

The Capricorn man prefers women who are stable and reliable. He doesn’t like adventurous women who don’t mind about their home and only think about the next place to go to. This man prefers a traditional, home type of woman, who will be a good mother and take good care of him and their children.

This man makes a good husband because he is reliable and responsible. If you are the lucky one to have him exclusively for yourself, your life won’t lack anything.

You will be loved and nurtured by a strong and protective man, living a peaceful life by his side.

Aries Woman

The Aries woman possesses a strong personality and unshakable will. When they decide something, there’s almost nothing that can keep them from achieving it.

They are often in the center of attention, mostly due to their loudness and sometimes aggressive attitude. They often have conflicting personalities and are prone to arguing with people. They need to learn to control their temperament which is truly fiery and often out of control, especially when they feel provoked by someone or some situation.

Their reactions are often thoughtless and haste, and often end up unwillingly hurting people who don’t deserve that.

These women are temperamental, but their uncontrolled reactions might cause others to avoid their company and have a negative opinion about them.

They don’t have bad intentions and usually have a good and kind nature, but their reactions are often quick and unpredictable.

Many of them even adopt masculine behavior and deny their feminine traits. The main reasons for this are the influence of their ruling planet, Mars. Mars is the god of war, conflicts, aggression, masculine energy, and these are all traits which these women receive from their ruler.

However, they can work on developing their femininity and a milder attitude towards people.

Aries women are often very ambitious, and aim to reach high positions and be successful even since their young age.

They are not ashamed of doing any kind of work, and they are the happiest when they begin earning their own money and become independent. Independence is one of their most prominent traits. They value it very much and don’t give up on it that easily.

Even when they are married, they love having their own source of income, as well as time to do their own thing.

Their career is often very important for them, and they are usually very successful in their work.

They often occupy managerial positions because they have excellent leadership qualities, although they could often be very strict, rigid, and almost militant in their requests from their subordinates.

These women are very passionate, and they seek strong and passionate men.

They often have overly dominant personalities and end up with a man who has a weaker character than theirs, but they prefer men with attitude, although they have a problem getting along with them without arising conflicts due to opposing opinions and imposing their will onto each other.

They are often direct in their approach to men and don’t have a problem openly expressing their desires and preferences.

Some men don’t like such directness, and these men are usually the ones she prefers to be with; the ones who perceive themselves as the predators and pursuers. The ones who like a direct woman’s approach are usually the ones with the weaker and timid characters.

These women are usually not very emotional, unless they have some water influence in their natal charts. They are good at performing their womanly duties, and are successful wives and mothers, as well as business women, all at once.

Their energy, sense of organization, and willpower are usually responsible for that.

Love Compatibility

The Capricorn man and the Aries woman can easily be attracted to each other because they are both passionate and love physical intimacy, and that can bond them.

However, although they might be a good combination in bed, to sustain their relationship in real life they need to make a lot of compromises and put in a lot of effort, and usually neither of them is willing to do that.

The main reason is their conflicting characters. These two are prone to quarreling and fighting for dominance in the relationship.

She is too loud and contradicting for his taste, and he is too powerful for her to accept.

If they don’t have any other bonds, their relationship is not likely to be a lasting one. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Capricorn man and an Aries woman is not a union which is likely to last.

It is not likely to happen either unless they are bonded by some similar planetary influences.

These two often marry as a result of momentary infatuation with one another, and when the passion begins waning, they begin realizing that the marriage was a mistake.

They usually begin quarreling over tiny details which eventually leads to the end of this marriage.

A marriage between a Capricorn man and an Aries woman is not a good idea at all.


A Capricorn man and an Aries woman don’t make good friends either.

They have conflicting personalities and are bound to quarrel often. They also don’t have the same range of interests, and it is likely that they will not even begin socializing with one another.

While the Capricorn is interested in doing more meaningful things which might help his future achievements and is not very sociable, she is more of an outgoing, open-minded person, who likes spending time out and socializing with people.

This friendship is not likely to last. 

Cool Facts

Both the Capricorn man and the Aries woman have very strong characters and willpower.

They often get into conflicts which can often be violent and aggressive and even end up in physical violence, where both of them will participate equally.

The Aries woman can be as violent as any man and can often be the first one to attack the man.

These situations are rare of course, but are possible when these two have a conflicting relationship with one another.


The relationship between a Capricorn man and an Aries woman is usually a bad idea, and it’s wise to skip it if possible because it is not likely to be a harmonious and lasting one.

It will most likely be filled with conflicts and disagreements, and sometimes, violence.

The situation is different when these two have some other bonding planetary placements in their natal charts.