Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Whenever someone mentions astrology, you, most probably, instantly think about horoscope. It is the first association that comes to people’s minds reading or hearing about astrology. This is, however, a misunderstanding of this incredibly vast and rich field of human interests.

Astrology is much more than simply a horoscope. In fact, horoscopes are only a part of astrology. An important one, true, and the one that we find interest in the most.

Astrology is about cosmic influence over the world we live in. The term translates to the ‘science of stars’, although astrology is not considered a ‘real’ science, speaking in modern terms. It is a pseudo science. In the past, it was recognized as the same with astronomy and it was equally admired.

Regardless of it being understood as a pseudo science or an official one, focus of astrology is one and the same.

This mysterious stars’ science rests on belief that cosmic forces somehow affect the life on our planet. By these forces, we mean energies from stars, planets, constellations in our system. The distribution of heavenly bodies, their positions, affects our lives in every single moment of our existence on Earth. This is how we come to horoscope.

The term horoscope could be freely translated as the ‘observance of time’. Horoscope is a scheme that represents the image of the sky at any moment in time. Horoscope is what you probably know as the birth chart. Birth charts are delivered from this frozen image of the sky at the time of someone’s birth.

According to astrology, such a chart that represents exact positions of planets and constellations at the time you were born, could tell about your life in total.

Heavenly bodies affect our lives in a mysterious way, at any point of space and time. Astrologers believe they affect our lives for a great part. This chart, a horoscope, follows your astrological lifeline and it could even tell about what awaits you in the future. If you think it will tell you exact information, you are wrong. Birth chart cannot tell you you will get married in October this or that year, for instance.

It could tell about potentials for such an event to happen. It could tell about phases of your life favorable for marriage or suggest that you are about to meet someone special in some following stage of your life, for example.

Astrology is a complex approach to understanding the world and many people are skeptical about its accuracy, primarily because most of us expect to get concrete answers, which is, to be honest, less possible.

However, natal charts could reveal much and they could serve you as a valuable guidebook to your life. Moreover, they reveal what potentials you have in general and could help you recognize right moments to act and those that suggest you should retreat for a while.

It could tell about your personality and about connections and relations you have or could develop with other people.

Capricorn Man

Speaking of which, most people are interested in what their horoscope has to tell about their romantic life. Those who are in a relationship would like to know if it is going to be fine all the way. Others, who have sympathies for someone are interested in if that person in suitable for them.

Nothing is written in stone, but astrology and birth charts could give precious guidelines. If you would like to know how well you fit with someone, you should get both of your birth charts interpreted and put into connection.

Before that, you should know something more about basics, about your zodiac signs. In reality, there are rarely ideal representatives of zodiac, but all of us are a mixture of many factors, in both astrological and life experience terms. However, signs we are born under give us some basic characteristics.

The nature of connection between two zodiac personalities could reveal a lot about real relationships.

Let us examine the connection between Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman. Capricorn man is the first to represent. He is a person of great energy and unmistakable intuition. He is a logical and rational personality, but he relies to his intuition and instincts, for a great part.

That makes him practical and efficient in almost everything he is determined to achieve.

Capricorn man is daring. Although he likes things to be well planned and hates surprises (uncertainty makes him a bit anxious), Capricorn man is open to learn and try new things, if he sees them as an opportunity to grow and master skills he is interested in.

This temperamental man is not particularly sensitive; he is very direct, sharp and open.

He would always tell aloud what is on his mind and would never let others even try to control him. He could be a successful businessperson and he would make sure he gets into positions of being in charge. He is authoritative and firm in his beliefs.

Many people would call him stubborn and this is, indeed, one of the main traits of all Capricorns.

He would hardly change his attitude or opinion on something. The more you press him and try to persuade him otherwise, the more stubborn and hard to deal with he becomes. Capricorn is very determined man and the one who does not avoid hard work if it would get him somewhere. He is especially known for being obsessed with work.

Capricorns are generally workaholic people and working makes them feel relaxed and comfortable, even if they appear in haste and nervous and tense. Capricorn man is a person you can rely on. He is honest, courageous and loyal.

Traditional values mean much to him. He values family over anything else and dreams about having a family of his own.

Capricorn man is an extremely down to earth and realistic personality. He is open in his intentions, but cold and reserved in nature.

He acts if he is determined to achieve something; he extremely rarely does things only for fun. He is definitely not a dreamer and a romantic person. He thinks of love life in a conservative way.

He seeks for a woman who shares such values. He has very high standards and is ready to wait for the right woman to come into his life.

By that, we mean he waits for a lady who will be intelligent and intriguing enough to catch his eye and keep his intention and, at the same time, share his ideas of an ideal life. Once he finds her, Capricorn feels perfect.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is a bold and determined personality, perfectly capable of achieving enormous success in all areas of her life. She is an independent and self-reliable person, who would rarely ask anyone for a favor. Sagittarius woman invests a lot into her won well-being; she values herself above everyone else, but is not a selfish personality.

Her focus is self-development and success. She is smart and irresistibly charming.

Sagittarius woman is very much aware of her natural charm and charisma. She would not hesitate to make use of them. She is a person who tries hard to get where she dreams she belongs. She is the one to be followed and obeyed, not the opposite. She has all qualities of a great leader.

Others respect and admire her for her strong will, determination and persistence. Sagittarius women are particularly good at handling the money, so some of the best professions for them are law and order, banking, finances in general. Sagittarius lady is definitely not a flexible and adaptable type of person.

She wants everything to be well suited to her needs and she will see to make it happen.

She does not give up easily, so she would do all in her power to make circumstances comfortable for her, even if it means others would feel much less easy. She is also a curious personality; Sagittarius woman is very much interested in learning new things and skills that could help her achieve the best she can.

She is an intellectual personality who seeks the truth and facts in everything.

She is insightful and with a wide range of knowledge. You could talk about any subject with Sagittarius woman, from politics and religion to gender and family roles, philosophy, science etc. She is not for sweet and small talk; Sagittarius is an embodiment of seriousness. She seeks for purpose and meaning in everything.

She is, by all means, a striking personality; analytical, smart and versatile in her ideas.

Sagittarius woman does not fall in love easily. First, you have to be bold enough to approach her, because she often appears so astoundingly beautiful and proud that many consider her unreachable. Many would call her an ‘iron lady’.

Second, you have to match her on intellectual level and to be a true gentleman.

Sagittarius women choose men who are self sufficient, accomplished in terms of career, charming, serious in their intentions and of high standards in general.

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius woman is, perhaps, just a bit less tense and a bit more playful, compared to Capricorn man, which is perfect. He is intrigued by her courageous but more relaxed nature and fascinated by her seriousness and personal integrity.

She is astounded by diligence and persistence Capricorn shows in everything he does and she admires his intellectual skills.

Both of them are responsible, serious, analytical, of high standards and very rational personalities. This connection is interesting, because two neighboring signs are, by the book, completely different.

However, here it shows these differences could somehow blend together. Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman recognize one another by similar life goals, while their Eros is not that strong.

Their physical and chemical connection is not particularly fiery and romantic, but they do not expect it to be. Even if they feel a bit dissatisfied with it, their loyalty and all other bonds keep them away from a breakup.

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman are strongly connected in all other areas of life.

Finances, family, job and all that is realistic and practical are their meeting points. Their emotional nature is different, but neither of them is considered particularly sensitive.

They learn to live with these differences and focus on what binds them. They respect and admire one another very much and there is nothing that could shake their opinions on that.

They have full trust into one another and this relationship is a face of loyalty, mutual trust and honesty.

Marriage Compatibility

While Sagittarius woman is more temperamental in terms of becoming hot-headed over things, Capricorn is usually cold and calm. These are differences that are perfectly compatible and that serve to this couple’s advantage.

These people are highly intelligent and they are aware of all differences they have, but always see something good in it. They are practical people, very much guided by reason and logic.

Although this connection is not a romantic postcard image of a lovely couple, this is a firm relationship that would very likely end with a marriage. Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman would remain faithful to one another endlessly.

Something shockingly disastrous should happen to break this connection, but chances for it to take place are really poor.

They are both about plans, organization and certainty in life. It is fascinating how they cooperate and operate on the same level, but from completely different emotional setting.

Once they get married, things usually go smoothly.

They are strict parents, but they would support their children in their goals and would not try to suppress their dreams.


This connection could very likely become a strong friendship.

Since, generally, there is no so much romantic magic between the two, it could happen that everything remains in the friends’ zone.

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman could become very good friends.

Any time Sagittarius needs to cool down, she could turn to her Capricorn friend. Each time Capricorn needs some additional motivation, he could ask his Sagittarius lady friend for an advice.

Cool Facts

This intriguing couple really catches attention.

Here are two of famous Capricorn man/Sagittarius woman couples, to illustrate how this connection looks like in reality.

They are Val Kilmer and Darryl Hannah and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.


There are not many reasons for this connection not to work.

If they have already developed mutual affection and decided to start dating, it is very likely these two would end up married.

This is a relationship that embodies ideas of honesty, trustfulness and loyalty.

It is based on logic, respect and reason, rather than amorousness and romance.

If their ruling planets are in favor, Jupiter and Saturn, it is most likely that this relationship will be harmonious and long lasting.