Part of Fortune in 3rd House

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The Point of Fortune is an area that has a great role in the chart and is known as a personal object of the moon that describes the state of the most intimate soul.

If the Moon represents the field in which we are very sensitive, which has a contact with our ancestors, then fortune represents a paragraph where we are connected with our spiritual evolutionary part.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

How do you get this particular point and what does it mean to us, that point where happiness is achieved, does it deserve to be what it represents and what we can expect from it?

How far is our soul light that is seen through the point of fortune … It is the point of happiness, because happiness comes from all this experience, if there is ease.

Three things make us reach balance and call it happiness or fortune our lives, they are resolved at the same time when we are aware of what the sun is, as a part of us, the moon as a part of us that speaks to us about feelings, as a part of the subconscious, as a field of relationships – and the Earth as a body.

As the only organism that represents the unconscious part field of our mind space time. Fortune. These three things together in their totality, constitute what is this symbol that we call Fortune.

This condition determines the ease of the soul at the end of an incarnation, it will be given a certain weight (or a certain “lightness”).

Egyptian mythology defines the soul as a measure symbolized by a feather of the goddess Maat,

The part of Fortune is made up of three parts, it is always a relationship with the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

The Ascendant represents the body, and the sun and the moon are our parents…

It is about our conscious and subconscious, and these three points, these three forces, these three entities of which we are made, these pieces together can alleviate the state of our soul and our happiness that we have somewhere.

The fortune part is a way to alleviate the field, the gateway to the field of happiness, a place where the soul reaches that light.

There are two types of Fortune and formulas for their calculation according to the moment of birth…

3rd House – Meaning

House 3 represents the first awareness and the first process of distinction between ourselves and the world around us.

It indicates the intellectual mechanisms that move us in a certain direction.

Here, we can understand how people are different from us and what are the characteristics that separate us, such as language and the way to communicate, for example.

After the great release of energy at our birth (House 1) and our more immersive contact on the material plane (House 2), it is time to perceive the outside world, to interact with what is around us.

For this reason, the third house is considered the door to knowledge, the distinction of things, the sense of community and communication between the parties, representing all matters relating to communication.

It is a house that represents the environment where we live and the environment of our childhood, representing our early childhood education at the elementary school level.

The sign that has a natural affinity for House 3 is Gemini and the planet is Mercury.

It is often referred to as “the best of the worst houses” or “the worst of the best houses”.

As it is a falling house, it is not particularly powerful, but at least it does not have some negative stigmas and themes as other houses of the same type, such as diseases (House 6) and prison, madness (House 12).

Casa 3 talks about our rational side, if we are more or less smart in dealing with certain issues in life, especially the most practical ones.

The theme of intelligence, when related to this house, has to do with our ability to analyze and understand basic (and practical) things, how we use our intelligence to be able to act in our personal world and to those who are in it, surrounding us.

Basically, it shows how we deal with our immediate learning, how our basic education is / was, as well as how we interact with those who are inserted in our closest and local environment: brothers, neighbors, uncles, acquaintances, cousins ​​and colleagues.

It can also give us some clues about how we understand the world around us and reveal a lot about the way we process and transmit information, write and name things, how we react to the knowledge that comes to us and how we explore the world around us.

Recognizing the benefits of the third house on an astrological chart allows us to see opportunities to improve ourselves.

Having a tensioned house 3 can mean losing the desire or the ability to acquire new skills, less curiosity and less desire to learn new words.

This is a house very influenced by the element of the sign in which it is on its cusp, relating strongly to a more emotional aspect when in a Water sign, to more proactive and creative thoughts when in a Fire sign, to practicality and realism when in an Earth sign and the social and contact side when in an Air sign.

Part of Fortune in 3rd House – Meaning and Symbolism

In all civilizations, in one form or another, the Wheel of Fortune has been for human beings the symbol par excellence of the link with the Higher Cause of all life, of all being, of all manifestation.

As such, it expresses the law of UNION to the Primordial Source, eliminating all concept of existential emptiness, all doubt about the origin and destiny of individual existence, pulverizing all fear, all insecurity, and all ontological uncertainty.

In this sense, the Wheel of Fortune has always been associated with the inherent protection that each person has against any eventuality of any kind: physical, psychic or spiritual.

Wheel of Fortune the Wheel of Fortune represents the revelation of a subtle energy that fuels the existence of each person; reveals the existence of a kind of umbilical cord that energetically unites each human being to God, it is the Wheel of Fortune which in Theology becomes GRACE.

By connecting with this force, the being is continuously and permanently submerged in the primordial energy that neither begins nor ends and that, consequently, can nothing negative happen to it, nothing can destroy it, nothing can harm it.

In the world of material uncertainty where it seems (in the world of solid commercial banks and current accounts) that a family does not know how it will feed tomorrow; in a world where emotional crises lead us to suppose (especially now when emotional stability seems unattainable) that nobody is faithful to anybody;

In a world where spiritual tensions (especially when the spiritual guides are numerous, all of great authority and with enormous contradictions between them) makes us suppose that nothing makes sense; and that, the pompous phrase that indicates that “man is a useless passion …” is postulated in one of the corners of the historical environment;

In this context, the Wheel of Fortune reveals to the human being the reality of his direct connection to the indestructible energy, making evident the words of Jesus when speaking of “the birds of the sky that neither sow nor reap” and of “the lilies of the field that neither spin nor weave.

The Tradition is saturated with direct and anecdotal teachings about the impossibility of misfortune.

The popular saying says “that there is no evil that lasts a hundred years or a body that resists it” expressing one of the meanings of the Wheel of Fortune.

She emphasizes the divine plan of which the theologies speak. Ibn Araba says that man is the mirror where God contemplates Himself: the path of that look is the Wheel of Fortune.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has defined the moment as the time elapsed between the body in front of a mirror and the arrival to make contact with its reflected image: that moment of that gaze that is looked at is the Man-God reaction, said relationship being represented by the Wheel of Fortune.

It is in this line of perception that the Wheel of Fortune is associated with material and spiritual fortune, with inexplicable facilities even in the midst of desperate situations, with very great benefits in some field of existence, with fields where only faith flames.

Difficult operations where survival is attributed solely to the miracle, said miracle is the Wheel of Fortune.

Dark difficulties where there are no doors, the floor gives way and the logical diagnosis says annihilation unless Divine Grace makes its presence, said Divine Grace is the Wheel of Fortune.


Important theoretical understandings not accessible by rigorous analysis of many years of stubborn casuistry, suddenly achieved by a transcendent inspiration, said transcendent inspiration is the presence of the Wheel of Fortune.

Very destructive home situations where the only possibility of peace is the providential, that providential is the Wheel of Fortune.

If, already fallen off the cliff, you suddenly find yourself on the firm path, the force that has made this possible is the Wheel of Fortune.

Physiologically, the Wheel of Fortune has to do with the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), meridians that transport Chi and Primordial Energy.