Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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To believe or not to believe, that is the main concern of everyone coming up to astrology and horoscope. If we are to answer to this dilemma, we have to go back to elementary questions, such as, should we believe in destiny or not.

Well, you guessed it right-there is no solid, definite answer to this. You are the one to choose whether astrology make sense to you or not.

Let us, for a brief moment, get back into past. Long ago, astrology was highly valued by many influential figures of the day. In fact, it was the same with astronomy; we could say the two approaches to understanding the skies and stars were mixed.

Today, however, astrology is considered a pseudo science. It does not actually have basis in official scientific terms.

Each one of us creates their own scale of values, depending on our character, personal beliefs, life experience and many other factors.

Let us presume you believe that at least a part of astrology has sense, has something that attracts you and something you believe has ground. Since you are here, we dare to say you are interested in astrology and in what it could tell you about your life.

People are generally not as interested into philosophical aspects of astrology as it is, but in its practical purposes. Astrology is an old approach of understanding the world and it has been guiding people since ancient times. There must be something in there.

You are probably interested in horoscope. You would like to know what the destiny has in store for you.

Natal astrology deals with personal horoscopes. They are what you probably heard of as birth or natal charts. These charts are sky images at the time of your birth; they feature the exact position of planets, stars and constellation at the time a person was born. That makes them unique and, if we are to trust astrology, precious and very useful.

Birth chart can follow an individual’s ‘life story’ and give information about turning points in that person’s life and much of other precious information. It will not tell you this and that will definitely happen in that time, but it gives you an insight into potentials of what is possible to happen. It is not one hundred percent accurate prediction, but more a guidebook.

Your birth chart could say when the right phase will come for you to meet the love of your life, for example, so you could become more alert at the time. It could also tell you if someone you are attracted to is good for you or not.

These require in depth analysis and interpretation of both yours and of your partner or the person you are interested in birth chart.

Capricorn Man

Since we have no such data, we will give you some basic information. A possible clue to the future of your relationship lies within profiles of your zodiac signs. Our astrologic couple for today are Capricorn man and Scorpio woman; we guess you are either of them. Ideal representatives of zodiac personalities are a rare phenomenon in reality, but knowing about them could matter a lot.

Let us now discover what kind of relationship could develop between Capricorn man and Scorpio woman. Are they a good astrological match or their relationship is going to be tough?

They certainly have potential to develop a romantic or some other kind of relationship, just like all other signs. The question is whether it is going to be smooth and easy or dramatic and difficult.

Capricorn man is known as one of the most work-obsessed zodiac personalities. He simply cannot sit still and enjoy his spare time just relaxing. Capricorn man is very likely to turn his pleasure into his job or vice versa.

Actually, for most Capricorn men, job is their ultimate pleasure. Capricorn man is strict, determined, full of energy and all about work, work, and work.

He is guided by his impeccable intuition combined with efficient business logic. He is rational, intelligent, strategic, calculated, quick and efficient. Although he is not known to be particularly flexible, Capricorn man is actually quite adaptable.

He is creative and inventive, so he would find a way to make himself feel comfortable in any situation. He is a bit of a conformist; Capricorn man does not like unplanned events, surprises and risky investments of any sort.

Capricorn man, however, likes to learn new things. He is ready to open up his mind to new ideas, knowledge, approaches, but only if these serve his benefit and development. More important, if he has them as opportunities that he is free to accept or not. He would hardly accept anything imposed by others.

Capricorn man is really stubborn about his integrity, control and authority.

He is a dominant personality and one with clear and firm beliefs about the world. Capricorn man believes in traditional values and seeks for stability in his life. He is interested in having a steady job, family of his own, home of his own and interests he would work on fulfilling.

He is perfectly capable of achieving all of that on his own. He is a stable personality who likes to have certainty in life.

However, although he hates surprises, he does not lose his head in unpredicted situations. He is not prone to despair and complaining, but to practical solutions and action. When it comes to love, Capricorn man is not particularly passionate and romantic. He has clear goals and is determined to find the most suitable partner.

Not that he does not actually fall in love, but Capricorn’s love is pretty strict and by the book, if such thing would exist.

Capricorn man is interested in women that are intellectual, determined in life, charismatic and who are interested enough to keep his attention.

He is charismatic and wins ladies by word, rather than with romantic gestures and endless flirt games. He is very open and straightforward, when interested into a woman. He instantly thinks about whether this woman is someone whom he would marry and have kids with. To have the same goal is crucial.

Scorpio Woman

This incredible woman is often described as the most mysterious and seductive of all zodiac women. Scorpio woman is seen exotic, extravagant, mystical and intelligent. She is also believed to the master manipulator and one of the most emotional zodiac signs.

These emotions are often well hidden behind a façade of an unreachable, admirable and strong personality.

Scorpio woman is strong and very self-critical. However, she would never let others see her soft, vulnerable side.

Instead of that, Scorpio woman would play games and act tough and mysterious. She rules that kind of game and you could often hear people say that they cannot actually see through her. No one knows what is on her mind, except from what she shows on the inside.

Be sure, if you think you control Scorpio woman, it is only because she finds it suitable at the moment. She is very much like an adorable, but dangerous cat.

Scorpio woman loves to be in control of everything and it frustrates her if she is not.

She also sees to find some comfortable mode of doing things and would never accept any position that makes her feel uneasy. She would never work only for money, even if she needs it, unless the situation is desperate, which is unlikely to happen to any Scorpio. She is calculated and tactful enough, even if she likes to spend money. However, she also likes to earn it.

Scorpio woman is an independent and authoritative personality who either greatly values her own doings or completely underestimate them. She is a drama queen, indeed.

However, Scorpio woman would never blame others for her failures or mistakes, but would make sure that everyone knows about her tragedy, if it suits her. Actually, she would make it a sensation.

However, when faced with serious problems, Scorpio woman retreats to a dark corner and tries to handle it on her own. She is elegant, stylish and artistic. Scorpio women possess adventurous spirit and they are interested into learning and discovering new things. They are fascinated be the endless, deep mystery of the world and the universe.

They love to read, paint; they are commonly interested in hobbies and activities that are considered rare and exotic. For example, Scorpio woman would opt for fencing or horse riding over volleyball or some other team sport.

She is unique and she loves to accent her uniqueness and extravagancy. She does not have to say a word or do anything and everyone would feel her magical, magnetic aura.

Scorpio woman is either quiet or loud, either in the centre of action or in a corner. Her element is Water and her mood is changeable. She simply does as it pleases her and does not accept compromises.

Scorpio woman would experiment in love and lovemaking, but, generally, once she falls for something, she becomes an embodiment of total devotion and loyalty.

She is possessive and jealous and wants her man only for herself. She is possessive about other things on life, which is her nature. Scorpio woman needs a man whom she can trust and rely on.

He has to be a person brave enough to oppose her, but enough tolerant and understanding of her nature.

Love Compatibility

An Earth and a Water sign are always a promising match. Although Capricorn man and Scorpio woman do not appear similar, they have many compatible characteristics.

They also have things in common that are not particularly visible or easy to notice. Both of them are self aware and strict in their ways and they prefer plan and organization to mess and total chaos.

Although Scorpio is known for dramatic mood swings and changeability illustrated as chaos versus order, she is, in general, more likely to be calm and organized. She is very responsible and so the Capricorn is.

This is a relationship in which partners can fully rely on one another; there is no reason for jealousy and suspicion.

While Capricorn man does not position his emotions into the first plan, Scorpio woman is exactly the opposite. Here, it is not a problem; it makes an emotional equilibrium.

Potential problems hide in their bedroom. Their intimate life is not particularly fiery, mostly because Capricorn is not as half as emotional and passionate as Scorpio, in terms of lovemaking and intimate fantasies and desires.

However, since he is open for new lessons and would like to best in everything, he could actually let Scorpio guides him. This brings excitement into this connection and builds it up.

Marriage Compatibility

Both Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are dominant, authoritative and strict personalities and they do not like to be ordered and commanded. In this connection, it is not a problem, either.

They see that dominant trait in one another, but do not compete; they cooperate.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are dream team. Their mutual life is usually financially situated and both are satisfied with their communication and emotional relation.

Relationship of Capricorn man and Scorpio woman could very likely end with a marriage.

This is a marriage that relies on mutual understanding, tolerance and trust.

There is no drama or too many conflicts, because these two deeply respect one another.

There is no reason for Scorpio to be suspicious of Capricorn’s loyalty and there is no reason for Scorpio’s mood swings to irritate Capricorn. They could have a happy, harmonious and lovely marriage.


Just as we have said, Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are dream team.

If there is no physical attraction between them, they could recognize a stable, reliable and honest friend in one another.

They understand one another on all levels. Their differences are compatible, complementary and serve to their benefit.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman would develop a firm and long lasting friendship, but they would not be inseparable and hang out together all the time.

Cool Facts

This is one of the most interesting zodiac couples.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman seem as too different too be together, but that, as we have seen, is not true.

Here are three equally interesting celebrity Capricorn man/Scorpio woman couples: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg.


Capricorn man and Scorpio woman could definitely make a lovely couple.

They are different enough to intrigue one another and similar enough to find very important things they have in common, that would serve as a fuel for their romantic harmony.

They are an Earth and a Water sign and we know very well that earth and water are a natural and fruitful connection.