Chipmunk – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Chipmunks are little rodents from Squiridae family, known all over the world. Maybe you have seen chipmunks in nature or near your porch, but you definitely know them from Walt Disney’s studio.

Disney has put all the charm, cuteness, cunningness and smartness in his adorable and troublesome chipmunk duo, Chip and Dale.

Outside Hollywood, chipmunks are present in folklore and tradition of people most familiar with these cute animals.

Chipmunks are related to common tree squirrels, but they have special features they are known for.

Unlike their fluffy-tailed relatives, chipmunks’ tails are short, they do not have tufts on their ears and have prominent black and white straps on their backs.

Chipmunks are fast, agile, very alert and clever animals.

They are very small, so they naturally have many enemies; they represent a tasteful meal for different predators.

However, chipmunks know they have to be tactful, quick and clever, in order to escape jaws and claws of bigger animals.

They are especially flexible and skillful when it comes to finding and storing food. You know how some rodents fill up their cheeks with nuts and seeds?

That is exactly what chipmunks do, as well.

They are also thoughtful when it comes to cold winter months, so they always make sure they have enough supplies in their homes.

Chipmunk cultural significance

Many amazing facts are known about chipmunks, besides their inborn cuteness. These little ones are incredibly smart, in the first place. Their natural gifts and characteristic help us understand what this tiny animal represents in a symbolical sense.

Symbolism of chipmunks is pretty much similar to that of other squirrels and rodents we commonly find adorable. We know chipmunks are very small and very fast.

They are full of energy and it seems they are always on the run!

These stripped little rodents are always on the watch; they have to, otherwise a hungry carnivore would grab them with their claws and teeth.

Speaking of chipmunks’ symbolism, the first and the most common associations with these animals are energy, speed, cleverness and alertness. In Native American folklore, chipmunks are considered a good and fortunate motif, although not all the people would agree to that.

In certain parts of America, chipmunks would come close to people’s homes and make a mess, like real pests, so people are not that fond of them.

Not everyone falls for their charms!

For some people, chipmunks are no more than common mice and rats, because they act like ones. They are likely to steal food, damage birdhouses and to other nasty tricks.

Chipmunk symbolism

Chipmunks symbolize fortune and happiness, because they are adorable, resourceful and watchful. Although they just seem to be lucky, escaping hungry predators, chipmunks actually think about it.

They use their little brains and senses to outsmart bigger animals. For Native Americans, chipmunks are positive spirits that bring luck, prosperity and fortune.

These cute rodents symbolize energy, activity and restlessness. In addition, they are very fast, so they also represent speed and agility. It looks as if everything is easy to them, because they are so tiny, lightweight and they act in matter of seconds.

The truth is, chipmunks know how and when to use their energy and all the skills.

They represent balance between thinking, action, instincts and mere luck, which is something every living creature needs to survive. Saying that, we could also see chipmunks as symbols of survival.

Chipmunks know life needs some tactics and organization. It seems as if they just randomly do things; however, chipmunks are pretty organized and thoughtful of their future.

They do not want to come into situation they lack basic resources for survival; that is why they carefully store lots of food before winter comes. Chipmunks symbolize fun, easy life and playfulness.

They love to run around and play with other chipmunks. They really enjoy life. Chipmunks represent the importance of having friends and maintaining good relations with family.

They would fight amongst themselves and play variety of tricks to one another, but they rely on their community pretty much. These tiny animals represent modesty.

They do not need much in order to be happy; they need enough of food to survive, they are adaptable, flexible, alert, fast and clever.

They care about one another and enjoy playing around. Chipmunks represent harmony of nature and balance in life. They embody the idea of valuing simple pleasures and gifts of life.

Chipmunks symbolize adventurous spirit and restlessness. In addition, they represent freedom and courage.

They may look timid, but the thing is they are deeply aware of what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Chipmunks do not over estimate themselves; they know they are small and physically not very strong, but they also know how fast and agile they are.

Chipmunk totem and spiritual powers

Chipmunk is an inspiring totem guide. It would bring joy, fun, energy and optimism into your life, if you learn how to handle amazing spiritual powers it offers you. People born under this totem are playful, easy going and fun to have around.

Others commonly think of Chipmunk people as irresponsible and childish, usually because they are jealous of their positive approach to life.

The truth is, Chipmunk people are able to distinguish what is important and for a concern and what is not.

They seem not to get life seriously, but the thing is, they do not take it too seriously. Chipmunk people never waste their energy on unnecessary worries and imagined problems.

They act when it is needed and very quickly find a solution, because they do not over think problems. Chipmunk people are kind and modest. They value family bonds and friendship over material wealth.

They are also organized and tactful, although what they show to others speaks differently.

They are full of interesting stories, they are always on the move and active; sometimes they exaggerate their exploits.

The funny thing is that they do not do that intentionally, but their imagination would simply make them do so.

These individuals are creative, skillful and smart. They love intellectual and creative challenges; they are commonly good in arts, math and solving all sorts of riddles. Chipmunk people are quick minded and intelligent.

When it comes to relationship with other people,

Chipmunk people are very fond of their friends and family. They are loyal, kind and caring, very supportive as well.

Chipmunk people are highly sociable; they hate being alone, although they could care about themselves very well and rarely ask others for additional help. However, they would feel sad and lonely.

They love sharing everything with others, from stories and emotions to material possessions.

A Chipmunk friend would never take all for him or herself and leave you empty hands. Flaws of Chipmunk people could be many, if they just surrender to their totem powers, without controlling them.

However, these are not serious.

They lack patience, in the first place. They could rush into things without thinking them through.

Although they generally know how to make balance between work and pleasure, sometimes they take things to easy and act as nothing is important.

Overall, they are extremely positive individuals, with many qualities and skills. All that

Chipmunk people have to take the best from their amazing totem guide is to control their unstoppable energy and have more patience. Chipmunk people have all the predispositions to make their and the life of their loved ones enjoyable, happy and comfortable.