Heart Line Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

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Palmistry or chiromancy is a very old practice, widespread across the world. The word chiromancy originates from Greek word χειρομαντεία, forged from two terms, χεῖρ, meaning ‘a hand’ and μαντεία, meaning ‘divination’.

Chiromancy is an ancient form of divination, based on ‘reading’ lines found on people’s palms, but also analyzing many other elements, such as shape of fingers, palm mounts, size and length of a hand and many more.

According to palm readers, chiromancy could tell a lot about the personality of an individual, but also reveal much more. Palmistry is a divination practice and it tells about a person’s life and future.

Chiromancy could be found in various traditions around the world. Historical sources tell us it originates from ancient India, but it is also found in China, on Tibet and it was practiced in Ancient Egypt, Persia and amongst Mesopotamian cultures.

Chiromancy became popular around Europe in very old times, particularly, during Greco-Roman ear. The first to write about it was Aristotle. Over the centuries, this ancient divination practice had been put aside; in medieval times, it was very unpopular.

No wonder, if you have in mind how skeptical people in the dark ages were about anything that had to do with mysterious prophecies and such.

Basics of palmistry

The first question people usually ask about palm reading is which hand they should look at.

Throughout the history of palm reading, it is said that in women, left hand represents what you were born with and right hand represents what you have gained throughout your lifetime. In men, it is the opposite.

Another approach says your passive hand is what is inborn and the active one is about what you gained.

Alternative opinion says that the left hand shows what might happen in future. The differences between two palms prove what you were born with is susceptible to change, in the way it was reflected on the other palm.

Either way, the answer is, you should check out both of your hands. The first thing to take into consideration, before reading lines, is basic characteristics of your hand/s.

What types of hands could we recognize in palmistry? According to chiromancy, there are seven traditional types. This classification originates from Captain Casimir d’Arpentigny, the ‘father of chirognomy’.

The following types tell about the connection between the shape and the appearance of hands and certain types of people. So, let us see into it.

Types of hands

Elementary shape is the type of a hand that is thick, tough and short. The palm is thick and square shaped, while fingers are tough and short. Lines on this type of a hand are deep and few.

This type of hands corresponds with people who are predictable, simple and who mostly do physical work. Wide and long palms, straight fingers with square shaped nails, characterize square shaped hands.

People with square shaped hands are very practical and efficient. Engineers and office workers usually have this type of hands. Psychic hands are long with sharp fingers.

People with this type of hands are very inclined towards spiritual and mystical. Conic hands are usually women’s hands. They indicate gentle and artistic personality.

Philosophical hands are skinny, with accentuated finger joints. People with philosophical hands love to debate and are prone to self-analysis. Spatula shaped hands are with rounded fingers and they are found in energetic, but also creative people.

These people enjoy physical activity and are adventurous by nature.

Mixed types are found in many people and it is a combination of some of the types mentioned and their characteristics.

Alternative classification of hand types is based upon the correspondence with the four basic elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Earth hand is square shaped and fingers are short.

Lines on these hands are only few and deep; the description corresponds with the elementary type. This type of hands is found in practical and materialistic people.

People with earth type hands are strong and reliable, but their downsides are stubbornness and suspiciousness. Air hands are characterized by square shaped palms and long fingers.

People with air hands are communicative and excellent spokespersons. They love learning and are curious by nature. They have difficulties related to emotional closeness.

Fire element hands have short fingers and rectangular palms. People with fire hands are restless, energetic and ambitious. They are intelligent; they have great organizational skills and fit well with other people.

However, they are temperamental and sometimes too impulsive, therefore not particularly reliable.

Water element hands have rectangular palms with long fingers. People with this type of hands are sensitive and intelligent, very altruistic.

They are creative and commonly introverted. They enjoy their alone type, their imagination and thoughts. These people are romantic and daydreamers.

There are several other classifications, but this should be good for the start.

Lines in palmistry

The most important part of palm reading is interpretation of lines found on a person’s palms.

There are several distinctive lines found in all people. Each one has specific significance and meaning in palmistry. Each one corresponds with a particular area of our lives.

One of the approaches to palmistry says we should primarily focus on our left hand, while the right represents confirmation and addition.

However, what is found on your right hand could actually affect and change what the destiny has written on your left palm.

Once you get to analyze the appearance of lines on your palms, you have to focus on their shape, fullness and depth, intersections and markings found in the area. Before we discuss the heart line and its meaning, let us go through types of lines, in order to get the full picture.

Heart line starts on the Mercury mount and ends usually on Jupiter mount. This is the line we are going to discuss in detail, so here will only present the basics. This line tells about love, family and marriage.

If it was long and unbroken, it indicates a stable married and love life. If it has a branch towards the life line, it indicates great impact of love on other aspects of life.

Faded and unaccented heart line indicates emotional instability and the problem of forming bonds with people. Life line begins at the mount of Jupiter and crosses the palm to the mount of Venus.

Long and unbroken, steady life line indicates a long and happy life. If there are empty spaces, cracks or so, it indicates difficulties and hard times.

Sometimes, intersections and breaks on lifeline could represent illness and, in some case, even death. If the line has many cracks and intersections, like there are many tiny lines that form it, it suggests a life full of health problems and challenges, while steady and deep line tells about a strong and temperamental person.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not tell about the longevity, but about quality of life.

Head line is located in the middle of palm. It begins between the thumb and the index finger and ends up between Mars and mercury mounts. Head line tells about someone’s character, will and attitudes towards life.

If head line was long and clear, the person must be self-confident, intelligent and strong. Head line with many intersections tells about instability and trickery. Now, this line tells about longevity. If it was long and meets the edge of the palm, life is going to be long

The line of happiness is not located in the same place in all people. It could start from Mars or Mercury mount, from root of the hand or from the life line. The true meaning depends on her starting point. Health line begins at the life line and it passes Mars and Mercury mount.

Sometimes it ends beneath the Mercury mount. It often happens it was faded and unaccented, which is not a very good sign.

Heart line reading

Heart line is also called the love line and it is one of the three most important lines for palm reading.

As we have said before, it is located between the Jupiter mount and Mercury mount; it is above the head line. It usually ends bellow index or middle finger. The start is actually at the very outer edge of the palm.

Heart or love line, just as it name says, tells about a person’s love life or, more precisely, his or hers attitude towards love as a concept and a part of life. What should a ‘good’ heart line look like? This rule generally plies to all lines we analyze.

If love line was clear without breaks and cracks, finely curved and long, it is a very good sign.

This means your love life is going to be stable and satisfying. You will very likely be happily married and lead a fine family life, full of joy. Forks at the ending of the line are also a good omen. The more the better.

Short heart line

Heart line is considered short, if it hardly reaches the middle finger. T could as well be almost or completely absent.

Now, this tells about a character who does not think much about how their actions would affect other people’s feelings.

They are very self-obsessed and likely to become lonely in life. Short life line is logically not a sign of a rich and smooth love life in general.

Long heart line

Long heart line which reaches the other edge of the palm or close to it might look as a good things, while in fact it tell about a character who is too blunt and not ready to compromise.

People with very long heart line could become very successful in life, but usually go through many trials and troubles to get there.

When it comes to love, these are faithful and romantic people. Breakup of a serious relationship or marriage is likely to cause extreme hurt.

Ending on Jupiter or Saturn mount

Ending on Jupiter is an indicator of rich love life and very high expectations.

Ending between Jupiter and Saturn indicates true love, pure and honest.

Curved or straight

If your love line was curved upwards, it means you are capable of expressing your feelings through words; you are also the master of romantic atmosphere.

If it was curved downwards, a person’s character is probably not very likely to express feelings openly. Not a very warm character, either.

A straight love line tells about a conservative and stable character. Clear and straight line indicates a happy and stable family and married life.

Broken heart line

If the line was broken, it indicates hard times in terms of love life in general. If there was a big gap, it probably says about breakups and instability in a relationship or in married life.

Broken line bellow the little finger tells about too much focusing on material aspect of life and stressing about it, which prevents a person fully to enjoy emotional relationships.

Line broken between joints of little finger and ring finger, is an indicator of a failed marriage.

This does not mean a person will have no other opportunity for a happy married life. If the line was broken in two lines that are not in the same level, bellow the middle finger, it tells about unhappy marriage.

Interestingly, broken line, but parts in the same level indicate blood circulation problems. If the line is just full of gaps and breaks, it suggests an impulsive, nervous and neurotic personality.

People with such a heart line are usually always dissatisfied with their emotional life.