Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The Sun mostly depicts our rational side of nature and the traits which we demonstrate to the outside world. The Moon, on the other hand reveals the content of our inner being and our subconscious. These sides of our personality are only known to us, and to a few people we consider close enough to share such a private a part of our beings.

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio have complex personalities. The nature of these people is very passionate and mysterious.

They are pleasure seekers, usually the ones which satisfy their physical needs, mostly food and intimate pleasures. They are very intense and openly demonstrate their desires.

Both men and women with this Sun/Moon combination are magnetically attractive and exhibit an aura of the unknown which lures people towards them.

They love luxury and their homes are often filled with items which serve for their pleasure and enjoyment. They are ambitious and confident and usually focused on careers which can provide them with substantial financial assets to provide such a lifestyle for themselves.

In some cases, these people can be prone to overindulging in physical pleasures of all kinds. They can sometimes find it difficult to control their strong urges.

Their magnetic personalities make them a magnet for people who admire them and want to be in their presence. These people have a generous nature and love helping others. They are usually very successful and financially well-off which allows them to help others without jeopardizing their financial security.

These people need to feel financially secured and provided, and in some cases they have secret funds no one knows about. Just to be safe.

They are prone to secrecy. These people are often interested in secret knowledge and the unseen parts of our reality. They can possess some paranormal abilities and are a good judge of character.

They are also very intuitive and their insights and inner feelings are usually true. They usually follow their intuition which unmistakably guides them in the right direction. Having these abilities, these people are often asked for advice from the ones who know them well.

In some cases, they can use these abilities to help people and make a career of them.

When the Sun and Moon make bad aspects with planets like Neptune or Pluto, they could be prone to use these abilities for their benefit and to manipulate and use others, but these situations are exceptional.

Because of these abilities they possess, no one is able to lie to them. It is like they have radar inside them which spots a liar instantaneously. These people are very honest and detest lies.

People who are dishonest and prone to lying and manipulation are ejected from their lives immediately.

They also cannot forgive betrayal and are able to end a lifelong relationship with someone they love because of it and never look back. They respect their word, and always do what they have promised or said of doing.

They love art and are usually very creative. They are mostly home types and are loners in general. They don’t trust people at first, and it takes a lot to gain their confidence. They usually appear reserved and distant at first.

There is a part of their personalities which no one ever gets to know, even the people who they consider their closest. They are very proud as well, and demand to be respected by others.

Their personality is very strong and they can endure many difficulties without ever making complaints. In a way, these challenges make them stronger and are an inspiration to continue following their dreams.

They are a combination of two fixed signs, and that is why they are not prone to changes. They are not easily influenced in changing their mind, and can be very inflexible.

Also, they don’t like anyone telling them what to do, which makes them prone to confronting authorities and refusing to collaborate. They make their best results as managers or as business owners.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio: complex, magnetically attractive, passionate, pleasure seekers, intense, luxury lovers, financially well-off, generous, strong, enduring, intuitive, have the ability to sense lies, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio: difficult to control their urges, secretive, inflexible, don’t like changes, confronting authorities, reserved, distant, etc.

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Scorpio’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio are extremely passionate and intense when it comes to their personal relationships.

They are a combination of earth and water, but in these cases they appear fiery and unstoppable. They are magnetically attractive and have a lot of options to satisfy their enormous need for physical pleasures.

They can be prone to changing partners while they are younger, but in general, these people are not prone to changes.

When they find the right partner, who can satisfy their needs and fulfills their criteria for a long-term partnership, they become loyal and devoted to them without the need to look anywhere else.

These people have a strong need of appreciation and demonstration of affection. They desire a strong bond between them and their partner. Their partner has to be a person who is down to earth and reliable.

They cannot stand liars and cheaters, and that is one of their major deal-breakers when deciding whether to be in a partnership with someone. They cannot be with a person they cannot trust.

Although they have most likely had their share of partners during their life, when they decide to commit and enter a marriage, these people usually become faithful and the thought of cheating never crosses their mind.

They carefully choose who they are going to marry, and they don’t need to look any further.

That is why, when their long-term partner or spouse cheats on them, they usually end the relationship or marriage without much thought. They consider cheating as an act of total disrespect of their personality as well as proof that their partner is not someone they could trust.

They have the ability to feel when someone is lying to them. That is what hurts them the most. They would rather prefer an honest confession from their partner than their doings behind their back. Even small and so-called “innocent” lies get on their nerves.

These people are reliable and well organized. They can be the lead force in their relationship but they also talk to their partners about their mutual issues and make the most important decisions together with their partner.

These people can appear self-centered and in some cases they are, but in general, they try not to impose their opinion on their partners and allow them to have their say, even if they don’t want that.

They love confident partners and ones who have strong individuality. They don’t want a partner who will completely rely on them, although they don’t have a problem being the lead factor in their relationship.

Their partner can be someone who has a rich life outside their relationship and doesn’t need them to feel complete or fulfilled. If there’s a great physical attraction between them, that is a complete match.

For such a partner, these people are ready to do anything.

They are good providers and love taking care of their family and their beloved. They are good as parents and intuitively know how to approach their children during the period of growing up.

They try to give all the opportunities for growth to their children and inspire them to use their potential and talents. They try spending as much time with their children, and manage to look after them without them being aware of that.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Scorpio’ Moon

The best match for a person born with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio is a water sign, preferably Scorpio or Pisces.

They could also get along well with an earth sign, but preferably with some water influence (Scorpio if possible).

They are not a good match with air and fire signs because they have completely opposite personalities than the signs in these elements.


People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio are very passionate and intense.

They have strong physical needs and urges, and they are often in a position to satisfy them because of their magnetic influence on people. They have a lot of suitors, and especially in their young age they are prone to changing partners to broaden their experiences.

In general, these people have a faithful and devoted nature, and don’t like changes.

That is why, when they find the partner who has all the qualities they desire, they change and become loyal and devoted to this one person. They are good parents and take good care of their children, knowing their moves and taking care of their education.

They are very intuitive and can immediately spot a liar. Being very honest, these people cannot tolerate people prone to lying and deceiving, and that is one of the most important deal-breakers for these people.

They could end a relationship or marriage if they have been cheated on or betrayed. They are very proud and desire to be respected by others, especially their partner.

The act of cheating is considered as an act of grave disrespect and these people don’t want anything to do with a person who has treated them in such a manner.

They are very confident and have strong personalities. They are also very tolerant and let their partners express their needs and personalities.

Their ideal partner is someone who is confident enough and has their own life outside the relationship with this person. They desire a passionate relationship with a partner who is equally attracted to them as they are to their partner.