Cancer Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Planets are the most important element of astrological analyses.

According to this ancient discipline of observing the skies, planets play major role, not only affecting the whole life on Earth, but also destinies of individual people.

Your destiny is seen as written in the stars. Planetary motion and positions of planets at the time of your birth shape up your personality and your life, for a great part.

All of it can be seen in your natal chart, but it takes time, knowledge and dedication to have it interpreted well.

A natal chart reveals essential information about one’s temperament and character.

It actually offers you an insight into your potentials. It is up to you to see to use them the best you can.

By knowing your own potentials, you get to know yourself better. By knowing your qualities and flaws better, you can use them all to your advantage.

Let us discover some of the most important elements that tell about your astrological destiny and see what kind of potentials they reveal.

Sun Sign

Since the dawn of time, people have been worshiping the life-giving Sun. The Sun was associated with the earliest creation myths and powerful deities.

The Sun rules over the whole life; indeed, it is true that we depend on its light and warmth.

It gives life to all creatures of the world, all plants and all living organisms. Its spiritual potential is, thus, immense.

The Sun represents the center of our Solar system and the center of one’s horoscope, speaking in terms of Western natal astrology. Some other systems are based upon the Lunar calendar; great Chinese astrology system, for example.

In Western astrology, the Sun is the first element to consider when analyzing one’s birth chart.

What is a birth chart, exactly? It is a graphic image of the sky. It represents planetary position at the time a person in question was born.

Yes, it is that simple. However, delivering a birth chart was not always as simple as it is today.

You can find an online service and simply have it calculated and printed. Nevertheless, interpreting a birth chart is still a challenging task.

The Sun in a natal chart is the first element to look out for. It represents your Ego, your personal traits, temperament and character. It shapes up your attitude towards life.

The Sun sign is the form in which your true self is going to manifest in real life. It is who you are and how the world sees you, for a great part.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer indicates a personality of immense emotional capacities.

Cancer is a Water element sign, a cardinal sign and ruled by the planet Moon. Cancer people are imaginative, sensitive and deeply intuitive.

They are capable of seeing through people and they trust their intuition more that the trust their reason. They are dreamy, often melancholic and emotionally fragile.

Cancers are well aware of their emotional sensitivity and, with good aspects, they see to use it the best way. They are oriented towards family and friends, having a strong need to form deep emotional bonds with people.

They are people of servile nature, helpful and protective. They are, indeed, at risk of being manipulated and exploited.

Cancer people enjoy humanitarian work and they like to please others. They live according to principles of love, kindness and sharing. They do not openly express their true feelings, in fear they might get hurt.

They are cautious about making connections, but once they do, it has to be deep and long lasting. They often think about past, often dwelling in the world of memories.

These people are supportive and extremely empathic. They are usually quiet and they keep aside.

Cancers do not like to be in the center of attention and people cannot easily recognize them.

They wisely remain silent and act when their heart and intuitions tells them it is appropriate.

Moon Sign

The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer, of which we were talking. The Moon is the planet of emotions and intuitions. It is a symbol of mystical forces, spirituality and imagination.

They Moon in a birth chart represents a person’s ‘other’, hidden side that is one’s emotional side.

The Moon affects our impressions, not our expression. At least, not to any considerable degree.

This element makes you capable of feeling the world, not only reasoning about it. The Moon is something of an inner voice you should always listen carefully. The Moon is responsible for your mood and the way you react towards different situations in life.

It definitely affects the way you feel about people and things.

The Moon nurtures your sentimental, caring and understanding nature. It makes you empathic and loving.

It all depends on various aspects how your Moon energy will be channeled. It is changeable element and it brings transformation.

It is a good thing, because the Moon promotes flexibility. Without any adaptation, especially on an emotional level, there is no real progress and self-development.

Moon in Libra

Libra represents balance. The Moon in Libra could be a really fortunate combination, if aspects are favorable.

People who have the Moon in Libra are some of the rare who can find balance between their rational and their emotional self.

They are reasonable and yet emotional. They are compassionate and yet not susceptible to being emotionally exploited.

Moon Libras are diplomatic and understanding. They feel others’ emotions and they would always stand in defense for those who cannot protect themselves.

The idea of justice is what touches and moves them the most.

They are very open and approachable people. They possess typical Libra trait of calculating emotions, so they could be indecisive at times, especially when it comes to romantic love.

Overall, they maintain a good balance between their Sun and the Moon nature.

They are perfect mediators and they are capable of calming any situation down. They are supportive, protective and friendly.

Moon Libras are likable people one could rely on.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon Personality

Cancer Sun Libra Moon people possess all qualities of Libra reasonable view of the world, but under a great influence of very emotional Cancer.

This means that they cannot put their emotions aside, even in critical situations.

Overall, they are compassionate, empathic and very friendly people. They have an inborn need to defend and protect those who cannot stand for themselves for any reason.

The problem is, they invest too many emotions in it, which makes them feel emotionally and mentally drained.

They take things to heart, even if it is something that is actually unrelated to them. They are very sensitive to any kind of injustice, no matter to whom it is done.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon are warm, gentle and friendly.

They still possess diplomatic Libra quality, which helps them keep common sense in dramatic situations, but not for long. They are not as calm as Libras are.

They are also stricter in their opinions, because they base them on emotions, more than on reason. They could be very judgmental.

These people would not hesitate accusing someone of injustice, because sometimes they surrender to their emotional impulses.

This emotional sensitivity clouds their reasoning, so it happens they misjudge people and their actions.

However, these people do not have bad intentions. They are attentive and protective. They are close to their family and well-chosen company. They are sociable and generally feel comfortable around people.

In social situations, their Libra takes primate and makes them more relaxed.

Good Traits

Cancer Sun Libra Moon people are kind, caring and protective. They would never let anyone down.

Although it happens they make wrong judgment of people because of their emotional impulses, they are not stubborn and vain, so they would admit a mistake and apologize.

They are polite, elegant and good to have around. Anyone can feel as a member of their family, in their company.

Bad Traits

These people could become very judgmental, even hostile, if their sensitive Cancer combines with the edgy, justice-obsessed Libra quality. It depends on many aspects in a natal chart.

These people often think that their idea of what is just and good can apply to everything and everyone.

They think they know the best choice and tend to make decisions in other people’s name, even if not asked to do so.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon in Love and Marriage

Cancer Sun Libra Moon people are very close to people they love.

They could be very compassionate and romantic. They would see to make their partner feel relaxed and loved.

These people are gentle, sophisticated and they astound with their benevolent, helpful and friendly nature. Their chosen one could never lack attention and love.

It happens that a Cancer Sun Libra Moon often thinks he or she knows what the is best for a marriage or a relationship, so they try to control their partner.

They do it out of good intentions, but it could be tiresome.

They take things personally, so you should be careful about words you speak to them. They tend to calculate things on an emotional level.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Libra Moon

What Cancer Sun Libra Moons need from a relationship is stability.

Therefore, they need someone who is more grounded compared to them, especially in emotional sense. They need a reasonable, but kind and gentle partner.

They need someone who is ready to accept their turbulent emotional nature and direct them towards firm ground.

Someone reasonable, tolerant and caring is what they need.


Cancer Sun Libra Moon people are personalities of distinctive love for justice.

They are friendly and sociable people, ready to stand for the cause of helpless and weak.

Many times, they take things too emotionally and personally, even if it is not exactly about them.

They care much about their loved ones and always see to make them feel comfortable and relaxed in their company.