Chiron in 6th House

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Both the functions and the symbols of Chiron are associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio: on the one hand, it is associated with the transmission of cultural activities such as education and ethics; and on the other hand, it indicates the capacity for suffering, transformation and confrontation with death, as well as the ability to heal.

Only when we have gone through crises and times of depression and suffering are we able to understand and help others with their own pain or injury.

Chiron – Meaning and Symbolism

The concern to find our purpose in life is a typical concern of the time that we are living and is related to Chiron.

Chiron represents a wound that generally occurs at birth or in the first years of life and has to do with his own myth: he was the son of Phi lira and Cronos who became a horse to deceive and seduce Phi lira.

She took refuge to give birth in a cave on Mount Pelion. Chiron’s birth was slow, difficult, and painful.

When Foliar realizes that she has given birth to a monstrous being half horse and half god, she rejects him and asks the gods to transform her into a “linden” so that she does not have to breastfeed him. For this reason, the linden sap is healing and gave the centaur the wisdom of medicine.

In this way Chiron feels abandoned by his father (Cronos) who has disappeared, and rejected by his mother. These themes of abandonment and rejection are very present in people who have prominent Chiron.

Chiron, feeling abandoned, had to cultivate his own independence and tend towards spirituality, trying to suppress the instinctual. In the Moline Astrological Tarot deck, the asteroid is represented as a centaur doctor as in Greek mythology.

The human part of the centaur is associated with the subjects of education, philosophy and medicine (subjects related to the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo).

In mythology Chiron was famous for training great heroes such as Achilles and Heracles, whom he taught the art of astrology, the parts of the body, its organs and diseases, as well as the critical days in which patients were susceptible to disease.

Later Hippocrates maintained that astrology was indispensable both to diagnose and to cure diseases.

Chiron’s role was to provide his students with the necessary values, both ethical and cultural, for their later heroic conquests.

Chiron represents our relationship and conflict with nature. In the same way, the centaur (symbol of Sagittarius) represents the destructive and dark forces of nature and serves as a metaphor for the same irrational forces that we can find in human activities, but the centaur also has intellectual and rational faculties that we must unite to be complete individuals.

An in-depth analysis of the myths reveals the integration that exists between instinct and intellect in all of Chiron’s activities. This union is essential in the realm of hunting, war or healing.

So the instinct is not only used in the biological mechanisms of releasing energy, but in the psychological capacity for the irrational that is expressed through emotions and intuition.

The image of Chiron reminds us that human culture is based on the integration of the irrational with the rational, the instinct with the intelligence, the body with the mind, and the soul with the spirit.

However, in our western culture we have overvalued the mental, rational and scientific, forgetting that the other part also exists and that it cannot be denied or silenced because it will break through with greater force and violence in our lives.

The discovery of Chiron symbolizes the recent interest in holistic healing, that is, not only curing the diseased part but delving into the causes that cause that imbalance or disease, making it function as “a homogeneous whole.”

Recently, traditional or ancient types of healing are proliferating, such as naturopathy, chiropractic, kinesiology, chromatography, etc.

Where Chiron is located is where we feel hurt and insecure and where there may have been negative messages in childhood. To protect us from this insecurity

6th House – Meaning and Symbolism

The 6th House, in the study of Astrology, is associated with work dynamics (organization, performance, bond with colleagues, duties, obligations), personal care and health habits, life routine, service aptitude, interaction with assistants (electricians, bricklayers), and time management.

Likewise, this zone refers to productivity, how is the interaction with subordinate personnel, chronic ailments, propensity to diseases, hygiene, favorable treatments and therapies, the house of the siblings and dealing with suppliers (in the case of business).

Here, we find the relationship with pets, obstacles or incentives when it comes to finding work, taking care of the home (whether exercised by the subject or another), altruism, discipline and teamwork.

The talents studied in House 2 and House 5, are retaken in this location, this time under the concept of how to use them in productive activities, or of an altruistic nature (contribution to third parties).

At this point in the letter, we also talk about integration into work groups, the inner harmony that is reflected on the outside (well-being), the tasks that are done without expecting a reward (or by recognition, in low vibration).

The relationship with the body itself is another of the outstanding aspects of House 6, as well as food, exercises, practical intelligence (logical thinking is linked to House 3), how you take care of yourself, and how you plan your routines.

Linked to the Virgo sign, the Earth element and the planet Mercury, the 6th House follows the 6th House in an anticlockwise direction (against the clock), as part of the segmentation of the astral chart (or natal map) in astrological houses.

Chiron in 6th House – Meaning and Symbolism

You tend to rigidly control your life and your body, or subject them to disciplined exercises and special diets.

Purity and order are important to you, and you may feel the need to constantly organize your thoughts, your life and the lives of others, in an attempt to keep the chaos that always seems to be lurking at bay.

The possibility of contracting serious diseases can induce you to develop certain phobias, and it is also likely that you hate some part of your body or are ashamed of it, or that you have problems with food.

Although your body, on the other hand, can be a source of healing, vitality and a powerful sexuality.

Possibly the most suitable professions for you include caring for other people (doctor, nurse, social worker), teaching and mentoring others.

Taking care of your body, learning its dietary needs, and the signals it sends out will be helpful as emotional issues, sources of stress, and activities that throw you off balance quickly take their physical toll.

If your chosen vocation is a suitable means of expressing your true nature, you will find meaning and a feeling of fulfillment in work and service.

But otherwise, this will be an area of ​​crisis, involving suffering, being difficult for you to surrender to the task at hand, the practical details will escape you and your life will become a mess.

Those who have this location will be original when it comes to creating new therapies related to healing, they will have the skill in their hands.

This location can give a physical problem that is learned or severe pain for greater empathy with others. They can be good in the kitchen, crafts, seamstresses…. Many times this location also makes the body feel uncomfortable … people with great innovation in healing.

Chiron in 6 may have some physical deficiency and can be treated with complementary medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture.

Tendency to a healthy and healthy life, with food, daily hygiene and activities such as yoga and meditation.

At work they will be very skilled with their hands with a tendency to like cooking or sewing. This Chiron can be seen in therapists, masseurs, doctors, farmers, psychologists.

Chiron at home 6. With this location it is possible that the native has problems with his health or his anatomy.

Chiron in house 6 is related to health and work, also with the practice of activities carried out with the hands, this location connects very well with homeopathic medicine and healing with plants.

They will be people who will repeat constant conflicts with the labor issue and with health problems, until this wound is not worked it cannot be overcome, but once they close it they can be great healers.

We often adopt an attitude of superiority, or we pretend such a problem does not exist at all. Chiron represents things that we can do very well for others, but that we are not able to do for ourselves, or qualities that others perceive of us, but that we do not see.

These qualities are the same that we need in order to grow and heal. Our own wound is the one that has the power to heal and transform us.

Chiron is located between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents the form, the established, the tradition, the structures of society and the need to conserve and maintain. Uranus represents the need to change the structures and the established to achieve freedom, progress and individuality.

Chiron represents the union of both energies in a new and creative way. On the one hand it recognizes a social responsibility and on the other hand it is committed to fighting for individual growth.

Chiron can indicate an inheritance that we receive from our parents in the form of trauma or burden, but it also means the opportunity to incorporate those elements into our lives in a constructive and creative way.

The theme of this inheritance is especially strong if it is expected with Saturn, as it can be unconscious and consist of unrealized dreams and hopes of our parents.

The Chiron position by house will often indicate an energy blockage (depending on the element of the sign and house), problems and complexes, but it also opens the possibility of being more creative and expressing our individuality in a more peculiar and innovative way when we make conscious that blockage and we overcome it.

I have seen on many occasions that Chiron is involved in the moments of abortions, sterility, illnesses and great internal crises, mainly when he is in personal houses or in axis VI, XII.


In a natal chart, the house and sign where Chiron is, will be where we will have to transform and learn new paths, but also, we have the ability to help others through teaching, understanding and personal experience.

Chiron in houses of fire will indicate problems and traumas with our identity, self-confidence, image, creativity and knowledge.

Chiron in houses of earth will associate with the body and matter. Natives can have significant health, money, work, or career problems.

Generally they have not been known to value. For example with Chiron in house X it will be difficult for the individual to have confidence in his profession and in his goals, but he will encourage others to be successful.

Chiron in the air houses will represent difficulties in communication, relationships and in projects. Since air houses have to do with relationships, there will be many projections and the native may think that it is others who have the problems.

With Chiron in the houses of water, the wound and difficulties will appear in the feelings and emotions.

These natives will have felt rejected and unloved. Problems will appear in family relationships, sexuality and in achieving a feeling of individuality.