Chiron in 7th House

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The study of astrology is essential for giving us information about people and different life circumstances and it cannot be ignored. It gives us information that we could not otherwise discover.

It can also inform us about people’s characters, their interests and goals, their preferences, obstacles they might come across, and the outcomes of different situations in their lives, as well as the outcomes of their relationships, and give us answers about many other topics.

The interpretation in astrology starts with the creation of the natal chart, which represents the image of the planetary positions in the sky at the moment of making the chart.

The chart has 12 houses where the planets are placed. The details of the natal chart give the astrologer answers to all questions.

Planets in houses in individual charts and synastry meaning

The creation of the natal chart is the start of the astrology interpretation. In the past, this was a time-consuming process, which required a lot of knowledge and time, plus the results were often inaccurate.

In time, the process of astrology calculations became more precise, but the true revolution was the making of astrology programs which shortened the time for calculating the birth chart to only seconds.

Now everyone can calculate their natal chat, but not everyone can analyze it. For accurate results and predictions, it is best to consult a professional astrologer.

The 12 houses in the natal chart have specific meanings and areas they rule.

When doing the interpretation of the chart, it is important to consult the planets inside the house (if there are any) as well as the house rulers. They give insight about the matters ruled by the house.

The planets inside the house add their influence and energy to the meaning of the specific house.

The houses with planets are the most significant because they give the astrologer the insight about where the focus of attention is as well as the areas where there is most action. They give additional information about the personality traits and the possible events the person might encounter.

The general interpretation of the natal chart starts with analyzing the meaning of the chart rulers (rulers of the sign on the Ascendant and the Sun sign), the rulers of the houses of the chart (the planets rulers of the signs on the house cusps), the meanings of the planets inside the houses of the natal chart, the meanings of the planets in different signs, the aspects between the planets, etc.

The thoroughness of the analysis and its accuracy depends on how knowledgeable and experienced the astrologer is.

By analyzing the planets inside the houses and the houses of the chart, the astrologer can discover details about someone’s behavior, beliefs, interests, attitude, appearance, their family members and ancestors, parents, children, siblings, neighbors, friends, social circle, enemies, communication skills, coworkers, work, career, profession, education, finances, travel, health and physical condition, etc.

Chiron – Basic Qualities

Chiron combines the traits of an asteroid and comet. This astronomical body was first discovered in 1977, and it was first believed to be an asteroid; later, traits of comet where discovered in Chiron, which makes it a hybrid.

Similar astronomical bodies were later discovered, with similar traits to Chiron and are called centaurs, after the creatures from Greek mythology, which were half human half horse.

Chiron was not an ordinary centaur; his mother was a water nymph and his father was the god Cronus.

Chiron was abandoned by his mother because of its strange appearance, and was adopted by the god Apollo; Apollo was the ruler of music, poetry, prophecy, healing, archery, art, etc.

Chiron learned a lot of these skills from Apollo. He was a teacher and astrologer.

Chiron was not like the other centaurs, because it had human front legs, while the other centaurs had all four horse legs. The tragedy of Chiron is that he was able to save others with his healing ability, but he was not able to do that for himself. This is why he is often called “wounded healer”.

Because of the symbolism linked to Chiron in mythology, in astrology, this astronomical body shows the areas of our life where we carry some wounds and past hurts from the past or often from some past incarnations.

Usually the house where Chiron is placed in the natal chart, shows areas where we often experience disappointments and failure, and we need to put in much more effort to succeed. These are often areas where we feel the sense of shame or guilt.

The main role of Chiron is to bring these issues to our awareness through experiences with Chiron nature.

These experiences help us heal and move on with our lives. The most important is to discover which areas are affected by Chiron wounds and the issues that need to be resolved.

They can be discovered through the house where Chiron is placed or its sign, but they might also be the areas where the person feels insecure or ashamed or experiences some other difficulties.

Chiron healing starts with accepting the issue we have and the fact that we need to resolve it. Often these are areas related to shame and ego, and it is hard for the person to admit they have a problem.

When the shame is confronted, the healing begins. It is important not to ignore Chiron issues and be brave enough to accept that we have a problem we need to deal with.

Until we learn Chiron mistakes, we will keep repeating the same mistakes and experiencing disappointments as a result.

Seventh House Meaning

The 7th house rules our partnerships and relationships; it does not only refer to romantic relationships and marriage, but other committed and long-term relationships in our lives.

This house reveals our ideal long-term partner or spouse. It shows the ideal qualities we look for in a committed partnership and it also describes the nature of our commitments.

The seventh house shows whether we are likely to experience satisfying contacts with others, or they are likely to be filled with quarrels and disagreements. It shows the issues we could encounter in our love life.

Besides being the house of our partners and people we tend to spend our lives with, the seventh is also the house of our enemies. It shows the traits of our enemies and whether we are likely to have many friends and experience issues with them or not.

This house is ruled by Venus and its sign is Libra. The sign on the cusp of the 7th house and its ruler as well as the planets inside this house, if there are any, reveal the details related to our partnerships and the matters of the seventh house.

This house shows whether the person enjoys commitment or prefers a single life. It also shows the level of satisfaction with their committed relationships and marriage.

When there are planets inside the 7th house, they give additional details about the character and appearance of our spouses and long-term romantic partners and reveal the nature of the relationship we might have with them.

The 7th house is considered the house of our first marriage and describes the circumstances related to the first marriage. It shows the astrologer whether this marriage is likely to be a satisfying experience or not.

This house also describes the personal appearance of our spouse, and sometimes the sign on the cusp of the house corresponds to the spouse’s Sun or Ascendant sign.

Often there is a strong connection between one partner’s planets and the other partner’s seventh house and its cusp.

This house is also the house of business partnerships and other kinds of non-romantic relationships. It also describes their nature and quality.

Besides ruling unions, it also rules endings and breakups, and it can reveal whether the person is likely to divorce or marry several times.

The seventh house is also the house of public and describes our relationship with the public.

This house reveals the person’s attitude when they are in a relationship. Malefic planets inside this house are not a good sign and indicate issues and problems related to long-lasting unions.

They point out to possible breakups, endings, divorce, betrayal, violence, quarrel, aggressive partners, etc.

For example, when Uranus is placed inside this house, it is a bad sign relating long-term unions, because indicates separation, betrayal, divorce, and similar issues.

Saturn in this house is often a sign of no marriage, or commitments with older partners, or later in life, or responsibilities regarding the spouse or long-term partner.

When Jupiter is inside this house this could indicate a partner with different cultural background than ours.

Chiron in Seventh House Meaning in Individual Charts

When Chiron is inside our seventh house, it reveals that the person has their deepest wounds in the area of close relationships.

This can indicate divorce of the parents and the person experiencing great disappointment due to that fact. Their parents’ might have affected them deeply and created a problem with commitment.

They do not find it easy to commit to someone; they also experience disappointments when they decide to show their affection.

With Chiron in seventh house, the person cannot easily accept being rejected and has a problem approaching the people they like.

Because Chiron is a healer, the position of Chiron in 7th house indicates that the person has the ability to help others heal their relationships and give them valuable advice to solve their relationship problems.

These people desire and need a strong proof of love from their partners, otherwise they cannot completely relax in their marriage or relationship. They always fear abandonment.

The cure for Chiron in seventh house is acceptance of the possibility of being rejected and the ending of a relationship the consider valuable.

The person needs to accept that it is alright to be alone and it is alright to be rejected. They need to learn to enjoy their company and not be afraid of loneliness. 

Chiron in Seventh House Meaning in Synastry

When Chiron is in the seventh house in synastry, this is often an indication of a partnership with a purpose to heal the partner’s fears and insecurities related to their marriage and long-term partnerships.

The Chiron person in this relationship usually has the role to reveal to the seventh house person the issues and hurt they have regarding the matters of the seventh house and help them confront them so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

The realization of the wound might come to a painful experience the seventh house person goes through with the Chiron person, but the experience doesn’t have to be painful; it might just remind them of some old wounds they need to heal to prevent themselves to go through the same experiences all over again.

Chiron helps us to learn its lessons and heal ourselves.  


Chiron in seventh house is usually a sign of deep wounds regarding the matters of the seventh house.

The person with this placement might experience issues with bonding with someone on a deep level.

They might have a strong fear of commitment because they fear being abandoned, and they also might fear being rejected so they choose not to take any initiative.

Chiron in 7th house teaches this person to accept their fears and insecurities so they can start to heal.

When Chiron is in seventh house in synastry, this is often an indication that the Chiron person is there to help the 7th house person to heal their Chiron issues related to the matters of the seventh house.