Chiron in 8th House

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Most people consider astrology as a means to discover fun facts about themselves and others, and they don’t realize its true potential; it is sad because it has so much to offer, and can help people in making their life decisions as well as preventing them from making mistakes in their life.

It was developed through time, and is a millennia old study of the influence of the planets on humans and the world around us.

People in the past had great respect for the stars and planets and their importance for our life on Earth, especially of the importance of the Sun and the Moon.

Astrology was a part of their everyday lives and they consulted astrologers in many different situations, from major life events, to ordinary everyday matters.

Astrology can give accurate predictions of the future, but also describe in details our present and our past; of course, this requires skill and knowledge of the astrologer doing the interpretation.

Astrologers give their predictions and interpretations based on the analysis of the interactions between planets in a chosen moment of time, and their positions in the signs of the zodiac as well as the houses of the chart of the sky created for that moment in time.

The natal chart reveals the astrologer answers to any questions we might possibly have. It reveals details about the personality of the person (if it is a birth chart), and details about a certain event or a situation.

By analyzing the chart, the astrologer can discover a lot about a person, their beliefs, interests, appearance, goals, and other traits.

Astrology analysis is also done for relationships to determine their longevity and harmony.

This is done through a technique called synastry, where the astrologer compares the natal charts of two or more people to determine how compatible they are and whether their union is likely to be a lasting one.

Astrology can help us when we are indecisive about some important matter in our life and help us make the right decision.

The simple analysis is done by analyzing the positions of planets in houses, signs, rulers of the chart and the houses, as well as the aspects the planets are making.

Planets in houses in individual charts and synastry meaning

Analyzing the placements of planets in the natal chart is the significant part of an astrology analysis.

The astrologer first creates the natal chart, using the date, time and place for some event they want to analyze, usually someone’s birth.

Nowadays, anyone can calculate their natal chart using one of the many online astrology programs that are now available.

In earlier times, the calculation of the natal chart was a serious business, and required skills and time from the astrologer.

In modern times, this process is simplified, but the interpretation of the chart is still very serious and requires someone who knows astrology and has experience.

The natal chart has 12 houses which rule various areas of life; through analyzing the house, the ruler of the house, and the planets inside if there are any, the astrologer discovers a lot about someone’s personality and their life.

The houses which contain planets are the most significant because they give additional information about the matters ruled by the certain house. They show the focus of attention. They planets influence the areas it rules with their meaning.

The houses give the astrologer information about someone’s personality, focus of attention, interests, beliefs, education, profession, work, career, colleagues, hobbies, talents, ancestors, family members, parents, siblings, children, friends, enemies, social circle, communication skills, group memberships, neighbors, home, health, physical condition, finances, travel, etc.

The houses of the natal chart are also important in synastry analysis. They reveal the astrologer the impact the relationship has over the partner’s lives.

The astrologer analyses the planets from one natal chart placed inside the other natal chart to find out details about this influence.

Chiron – Basic Qualities

Chiron is not a planet, and it isn’t an asteroid either as it was previously believed to be.

In recent times it was discovered that Chiron exhibits traits of both a comet and an asteroid and is therefore a hybrid; hence its name Chiron, like the mythical creature from ancient Greek mythology, which was a combination of human and horse.

Chiron was a centaur; these were beings with half horse and half human traits. Chiron was a well-known centaur among the others; he was a son of a god, Cronus, and a water nymph, which abandoned her son because she couldn’t accept his appearance.

Chiron was fortunately adopted by the god Apollo; he was the god of music, poetry, art, archery, healing, prophecies, etc.

He taught Chiron these gifts; Chiron was a well-known healer and he helped many using his healing powers. Ironically, he was not able to save himself, and is therefore called the “wounded healer”.

Because of the symbolic story of the mythical Chiron, in the birth chart, Chiron reveals the wounds we have and the issues we need to heal. These areas are usually the ones where we experience disappointments and failures, regardless of how much we try.

Chiron shows the lessons we need to learn and it is up to us to discover these areas and issues and confront them.

Chiron wounds are discovered through the sign and the house where it is placed in the natal chart, but also through analyzing our lives and the areas where we tend to feel shame, insecure, disappointed, or we experience failure.

In our natal chart, Chiron shows the wounds we carry from past experiences or lives; it shows the areas of life where we experience disappointments and failures, as well as the ones where we have some lessons to learn.

Chiron shows the areas where we lack confidence or we are insecure, we feel shame or we feel hurt. These feelings are often caused by wounds and experiences we might not be aware of.

Through transits and progressions, Chiron brings experiences in our life that makes us become aware of these areas and wounds. We might become aware of the hidden roots of our issues and that will allow us to begin confronting them, so we can heal.

Chiron always requires healing which will enable us to finally progress in the areas where we feel stagnant or we experience bad fortune.

The most important part with Chiron lessons is to discover in which areas of life we are experiencing issues. The quickest way of doing that is by analyzing the house and the sign where Chiron is placed in our natal chart, as well as all the aspects it makes with the planets.

We also need to observe our life and realize which areas of life make us feel insecure, or we seem to struggle to get what we want, areas where we feel shame, or we lack confidence, and experience a lot of disappointments even though we try so hard.

The Chiron healing starts with finally accepting our issues and the need to resolve them. This requires ignoring the ego and shame related to these issues, and when we manage to overcome them, the healing starts.

Chiron’s issues are often very painful and embarrassing, and we tend to ignore them mainly because of that fact; this in turn causes us lot of problems and damage to our life.

Accepting these issues requires courage and determination.

Until we begin doing that, we usually go through series of mistakes and similar experiences and disappointments, until the lessons are finally learned which represents the conclusion of the healing process.

Eighth House Meaning

The eighth house is usually considered the house of death and being born again, transformation, deep transformative and emotional experiences, physical intimacy, deep emotions, inheritance, other people’s money, investments, money and property of other people, debts, taxes, alimony, bank loans, intuition, secrets, secret knowledge, secret sciences, lawsuits and the outcomes of lawsuits, etc.

The 8th house is the ruler of death and all matters related to death and dying.

It also rules life changing emotional experiences, which are often related to someone’s death, which has a very strong impact on the person, and sometimes completely change their lives and personality.

These are soul transformative events, and after experiencing them the person is a different person.

This is the house of secret matters and secrecy. It reveals the things people want to hide from others. The 8th is also the house of obsessions, and can reveal the person’s obsessive tendencies.

The 8th house is also the ruler of changes that we experience in the areas ruled by this house, and can reveal the transformations we might experience because of these changes.

If there are planets inside the 8th house, they give additional details about the matters of this house adding their meaning and energy to them.

These planets often indicate losses which the person could experience through someone’s death.

People who have a lot of planets inside their 8th house often possess a secretive nature, and have interests in secret matters and knowledge; they often practice them.

These people are often jealous and possessive, obsessive, controlling, dominant, manipulative, prone to hatred, revenge, and experiencing similar feelings and behavior.

This house also rules finances of other people, especially our partner’s finances. It reveals whether our partners are financially well-off, or they struggle with their money and could potentially pose a threat to our own finances.

This house can show whether we will prosper from our partnerships or not. In some cases, our partner’s financial situation can improve our significantly, but in some other cases, they might cause our bankruptcy.

This often depends on the nature and position of the planets inside this house, as well as its ruler.

Beneficial planets inside the 8th house are a good sign, indicating a wealthy partner and fortune and benefits from other people’s money. Malefic planets in this house can be a sign of debts, financial loss through partners, and similar scenarios.

When the person has a lot of beneficial and well-aspected planets inside the 8th house, this is often a sign of their skills to handle other people’s money.

They usually pay off their debts on time and can inherit something. They have financially secured business partners, and experience prosperity through marriage.

Malefic planets in the 8th house are a sign of financial debts and problems with other people’s money.

Chiron in Eighth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Chiron in 8th house is a sign of issues with the matters of 8th house. This is often the case where the person has experienced some traumatic experience in their past, or even their past life, related to the loss of someone close.

These people might fear death and be concerned with the wellbeing of the people they love, fearing their death.

These people might also have a fear of deeply connecting with someone on an intimate level. Chiron in 8th house is often a sign of issues with being physically intimate with someone because of some past hurts which have scared the person completely.

These people have a problem relaxing in such situations and fear being embarrassed because of their inadequacy.

With Chiron in eighth house, there might be a secret related to some horrible physical experience the person has experienced and is hiding it from others.

The experiences which scarred these people might make them powerful healers of others when they finally find the strength to overcome them.

The person needs a lot of courage to go through this process because it requires confronting and dealing with demons from the past.

Sometimes these demons are from a past life. When they finally manage to do that, they become very strong and are able to help others in similar situations overcome their fears and traumas, often related with subjects of physical abuse.

Chiron in Eighth House Meaning in Synastry

Chiron in 8th house in synastry is a sign of the Chiron person helping the eighth house person confront their fears and traumas from the past, usually related to someone’s death, or to some physical trauma and abuse.

The Chiron person can actively help the eighth house person in searching for the cause of their emotional hurt, and in some cases their role can be to illuminate these causes through experiences they go together with the eighth house person. 


Chiron in 8th house is a sign of emotional wounds and traumas which completely transform the person.

The traumas with Chiron in this house are often related to someone close dying, or to some form of physical abuse the person has undergone which has scarred them for life causing fears and insecurity in relation to physical intimacy.

When Chiron is in the eighth house in synastry, the Chiron person helps the 8th house person heal the issues of the 8th house.