Chiron in 9th House

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People often don’t know how many benefits they can have from astrology. Most of them know their Zodiac sign and find that topic very interesting, but that is usually where their knowledge of astrology ends.

Astrology can give us insight about our future, and give us valuable advice about our present, but also our past as well as our past lives.

It can help us understand some things about ourselves that we are not consciously aware of.

Astrology can reveal us details about people, their traits, beliefs, interests, relationships, future events, outcomes of situations, as well as give us answers to many other questions.

Astrology can help us from making the same mistakes and resolving the issues we have.

Planets in houses in individual charts and synastry meaning

Astrology interpretation begins with the creation of the natal chart.

The natal chart represents the picture of the sky in the moment of someone’s birth, or some other moment. It has 12 houses containing the planetary positions for that moment.

The astrologer analyses the rulers of the chart (the ruler of the first house sign or the Ascendant, as well as the ruler of the Sun sign).

Also, it analyzes the rulers of the other 11 houses, as well as the meanings of the planets placed inside the houses, and the aspects between the planets.

This is a basic analysis, but, there are other, more precise techniques which astrologers use for timing events and predicting the future.

The creation of the natal chart is nowadays an easy task. Most astrologers of today use astrological programs for their calculations, and with the help of these programs, anyone can calculate their birth chart. The interpretation is not that easy and it requires knowledge and experience.

Every house has different areas it rules. The houses with planets are the most significant for the astrologer, because they give additional details about the matters of the house where the planets are placed.

The planets give details about personal traits, events, as well as the focus of action and attention. They add their meaning to the houses where they are placed.

Astrology analysis can also be used to determine compatibility between people as well as the outcomes of relationships between them.

Astrology has a technique called synastry which compares two or more natal charts of people to determine how well they can get along, and what can be the possible issues between them.

This technique can reveal whether a relationship will last or not. Houses are important in this analysis as well; the astrologer analyzes the meanings of planets from one chart when placed inside the houses of the other chart.

This is how the astrologer determines the impact of the relationship on the partners.

The houses of the chart have different areas of rulership; they rule our behavior, appearance, attitude, interests, hobbies, health, habits, home, ancestors, partners, parents, children, siblings, enemies, friends, neighbors, coworkers, profession, education, job, social circle, communication skills, finances, travel, etc.

Chiron – Basic Traits

Chiron isn’t a planet, and is not an asteroid either, as it was first considered; this astronomical body is a combination of a comet and an asteroid, which makes it a hybrid body.

Because of this mixture of traits, Chiron and other later discovered astronomical bodies with similar traits are called centaurs, like the mythical hybrid beings from ancient Greek mythology. Mythological centaurs were half human half horse.

Chiron in mythology was the son of a god and a water nymph. His mother abandoned him because of his strange appearance. He was then adopted by the god Apollo, god of music, art, prophesy, healing, archery, and many other disciplines.

Chiron learned many of them from his adopted father. He was a famous healer, and he helped others using his gifts.

Unfortunately, Chiron was not able to save himself using his godly gifts. This is the reason why he is called “wounded healer”.

Chiron in astrology has similar symbolic and meaning. Chiron’s position represents the areas of life where we are wounded and we need healing.

Sometimes these wounds have their roots in our distant past, and sometimes their origin is in another life.

Chiron affects the areas where we feel that no matter how much we try, and regardless of our efforts, nothing seems to be working out for us.

Chiron reveals the areas where we constantly experience disappointments or we feel ashamed or insecure. These are areas where we experience hurt and pain often without realizing why.

The role Chiron has in our lives is to make us aware of these wounds and issues we have and encourage us to look for their cause so we can resolve them. Chiron is asking for our healing so we can be free to move on with our lives, released from the blockages we have.

Usually these blocks we have are preventing us from feeling satisfied in the areas affected by Chiron.

The most important is to discover the Chiron issues, and the easiest way is to analyze the sign as well as the house where it is placed.

Also, additional details can be added by doing some soul-searching and analyzing our own life to discover the situations where we feel lack of confidence and experience failure and disappointments.

It is not easy confronting Chiron issues, because they are often related to sense of shame and guilt.

The first move towards healing is acknowledging the fact that we have a problem and begin confronting the issues. Only when we begin doing that, the healing can start.

Chiron makes us repeat the same mistakes until we finally learn our lessons. 

Ninth House Meaning

The ninth house is considered the house of higher education, religion, philosophy, distant travel, foreigners, foreign cultures, professors, universities, justice, judicial system, courts, judges, church authorities, churches, travel, foreign politics, publishing, writing, transportation, trade, vacations, etc.

This house shows whether the person has interests towards the areas ruled by this house. This usually happens when there are planets inside the 9th house.

In such cases, the person often chooses some of these areas as their profession, or they become highly educated, world traveler, in love with foreign cultures and strangers.

Planets inside the 9th house often indicate the person relocating to a different country during their lifetime, or at least traveling a lot.

People with a full ninth house are philosophers with their unique way of looking at things. These people often have their own philosophy of life, and enjoy explaining it to others. They are often very religious, but they have their own perception of religion.

These people are always looking to expand their horizons and knowledge. They enjoy learning new things.

With planets placed inside the ninth house, especially with Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, or Venus, these people can be very good at writing and often choose writing to be their profession.

They might also choose publishing and be very successful at it. Many people with these placements publish their writings.

They might also incline towards the legal profession and become very successful lawyers or judges. They have a strong sense for right and wrong and often fight for the rights of others.

The ninth house is the house of spirituality, and planets inside can make the person very spiritual. They are often in pursuit of gaining spiritual knowledge and expanding their spirituality.

This house’s ruler is Jupiter and it corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius.

Chiron in Ninth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Chiron in ninth house is usually an indication of issues related to the matters of the night house.

These people have some deep wounding in relation to matters of religion, higher education, travel, etc. They have a powerful desire to be the best in some of many of these areas, yet they often experience setbacks and disappointments which are preventing them to achieve success.

People with Chiron in 9th house can experience many disappointments and issues due to their beliefs and philosophy. They often are not aware of the origins of these beliefs, but they have a strong urge to defend them, until they finally realize that they are their greatest block in expanding their life.

Such realization usually comes as a result of series of circumstances and events that make them realize the need to change them.

Sometimes, people with Chiron in 9th house struggle all their life to because of some inherited religious beliefs, which they don’t feel belong to them, and yet, they are unable to give up on them because of the respect for their tradition.

These people often experience events that will support them in finally releasing themselves from the chains of their tradition, and allowing them to embrace the ideas and beliefs they feel in tune with, rather than being forced to accept them.

With Chiron in ninth house, the person might be called to discover their own philosophy of life, abandoning all their previous concepts. This is usually triggered by events of Chiron nature, which help them to start this journey.

The person with Chiron in 9th house might struggle with getting their higher education or they might experience disappointments while trying to get their diploma.

This can happen due to various circumstances, but through the process the person is learning the lessons of perseverance and endurance.

Sometimes, Chiron in ninth house can be a sign of some great injustice the person has suffered during their life, in relation to 9th house matters, and they learn the gift of forgiveness through the Chiron events life will put them through. 

Chiron in Ninth House Meaning in Synastry

Chiron in ninth house in synastry is often an indication that the Chiron person will have some kind of role in the ninth person’s life in helping them overcome the wounds and hurts in relation to ninth house matters.

The Chiron person might also put them through the necessary experiences which will make them aware of their wounds and the need to heal.

This is a meaningful relationship and it is important for the ninth house person to be open-minded and allow the Chiron person to guide them in their realizations of the wounds they need to heal. 


Chiron in ninth house is a sign of deep wounds related to the ninth house matters.

The issues might be related to some beliefs and ideas which need changing even though the person isn’t aware of that; they might be related to issues with higher education and the need to learn the lessons of patience and endurance, and sometimes they might be related to the need to learn to forgive others for the hurt they’ve caused.

When this position is found in synastry analysis, it is usually a sign that the Chiron person needs to somehow help the ninth house person in overcoming and healing the wounds of their ninth house.